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Champions Of Chaos 2
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97 kommenttia
fjmac65 3. maalis, 2016 10.08 
Any details on Steam keys for Indie Royal Debut 6 Bundle buyers and Greenlight voters?
Slump God 9. tammi, 2016 22.58 
this game should be free
Dialance 26. joulu, 2015 0.11 
Someone know what's happening with the game?
Tapiot Juha ja Kari 19. helmi, 2015 14.07 
I hop its costs like 10 or 15 e
~*!FuRy!*~ Kasator(POLAND)™ 6. helmi, 2015 15.11 
Altair 29. tammi, 2015 14.42 
Eldrock 19. tammi, 2015 14.37 
I want the robot :D
Tapiot Juha ja Kari 6. tammi, 2015 6.15 
im ready to pay this game 10e
essefroes 29. joulu, 2014 22.03 
Jesus 22. joulu, 2014 19.36 
xSMWHOREx 27. marras, 2014 12.10 
yasu-yasu83 31. loka, 2014 3.17 
Looks good!!
Firebunny 14. loka, 2014 17.06 
This game isn't up to par for hte turn based genre and really isn't worth having on steam. The developers defended "making the bosses immune to all status effects" as a good balancing mechanic. Really this just removes any semblance of strategy that could be employed.
Chapullon 20. syys, 2014 17.31 
Nekochyan 10. heinä, 2014 8.50 
Сделайте третью часть с хорошей графикой и мультиплеером
ionutudor2012 22. touko, 2014 11.49 
uNIKuE 19. huhti, 2014 2.12 
Epic grindfest and begging to do a favor for developers. No way I will ever vote for it.
Seph 28. maalis, 2014 16.16 
It's a good game, but certainly does not deserve to be on steam.
Spartan 17. maalis, 2014 18.45 
Finished it on kongregate just epic !
Wallabee Champ 10. maalis, 2014 13.30 
I'm playing it on Kong and I really enjoy it. I thought about buying the Premium version, but I want to see what the Steam version is like. Either way, it's a great game.
JohnnyArcade 9. maalis, 2014 21.46 
Este es un juego apto para páginas como Kongregate pero no para Steam, hay que realizar muchos cambios si quieren ser publicados en esta plataforma.
El juego tiene una historia con pocos giros, actuación de voces pobre, diálogo mal escrito, gameplay repetitivo, y poco o nada de replay value.
Creo que la parte culminante del producto es lo mínimo que se parece a lo que refleja el arte conceptual.
RadioactiveManu 9. maalis, 2014 13.00 
I'm playing iton kong and it seems great
[FR] SPY FLAVOR! 4. maalis, 2014 3.26 
the video is kinda really crappy, but the game is great.
deranderer 17. helmi, 2014 0.26 
Qwiz 13. helmi, 2014 14.32 
Epic :D
The015 12. tammi, 2014 19.54 
I'm in freaking love with the game!!!...well maybe not THAT much X3 but i tried the demo and i realy like it, if the game comes out it will be on my list :D
Krossas 10. tammi, 2014 6.42 
I started to play the 1, and I complete the game with all characters. I feel bad not being able to do it with the 2. It´s a nice game and funny. I like the cheerleaders :3
K7Wi 3. tammi, 2014 15.59 
Nickinator89 2. tammi, 2014 1.56 
looks very nice
AyeC 1. tammi, 2014 19.45 
Interesting game, would be a good game to waste more of your time :D
Raem 29. joulu, 2013 10.27 
Nice one!
fakelenfried 16. joulu, 2013 3.28 
Played it on Kong. Really good but not good enough to be my fave. I would still pay for this though.
DanyPisto 18. marras, 2013 16.12 
really nice game! i played it on kongregate and it's a good way to waste my time XD
Epic LLama Hernan  [tekijä] 12. marras, 2013 4.57 
Thanks a lot for the cheering :D
x2Madda 11. marras, 2013 17.06 
This game is a lot of fun! I hope you get it greenlit but it has been waiting to go for quite a few months now so I do worry if it will make the cut or not. Keep trying though!
KrissyRawrz ღ Lee 10. marras, 2013 5.25 
Only single-player?
NRFBToyStore 9. marras, 2013 18.19 
Yes...it is a flash game... That's like screaming Final Fantasy 1 sucked because it was on NES... This is a fun little game, I got enjoyment based off the $ paid, if you don't like the style, move on.
Red_Cloud 7. marras, 2013 17.45 
YEESSSS finally the second part of this amazing game! i love epic llama's team! i play all of your games and i'm really exiting to see you try to put your games in Steam! i want to see this in steam! so, good luck dudes! you can do it!!
yashir 1. marras, 2013 10.01 
This game is GREAT!
BaltaKid 30. loka, 2013 13.55 
you shoul invest your time in another engine, or put the game cheaper
AvatarOfWar 28. loka, 2013 17.34 
... a flash game? Seriously? I know Steam will let on anything and everything that will earn them a buck but, Seriously?? If I were to rate a game on a 10-point scale, this would get rated as "but its a FLASH game".

Where will it end? NEXT UP ON GREENLIGHT: "Punch the Monkey and Win Prizes!"
Clane 28. loka, 2013 15.39 
Yeah, it is a flash game.
Albertino 27. loka, 2013 11.21 
you impazir fight
Albertino 27. loka, 2013 11.20 
Darkanine 21. loka, 2013 14.47 
It looks like a flash game,granted a good flash game,but still has a low budget feel.Up voting though.
Toimu 14. loka, 2013 13.30 
I'm not a business major, but it seems like you could get 5+ people to pay $2 easier than 1+ person to pay $10. Good luck though, I enjoined the first one and I'm enjoin this demo.
Wojdaz [PL] 9. loka, 2013 0.58 
its great but 10 dollars is bad cost of the game great cost is 2 -5 dollars
Chronic Complainer Reviews 8. loka, 2013 17.20 
I tried the game out for 30 minutes. Overall not worth $10 to me. Its to similar to many flash based games already out such as "Swords & Sandals" or "Adventure Quest" both of which are free.
Greill 7. loka, 2013 19.36 
Me gusta, he probado la Demo y es un RPG a la vieja escuela, lo compraria sin dudarlo :)
LuckyLasagne 7. loka, 2013 13.53 
...weird voice acting nice artwork althoug i like asian style more.... nice woman setting.... but it looks overall so weird