Jules' Artwork Mod
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Baby Rainbow Dash <3 2014年5月27日上午5:18 
those are awsome!
Jules  [作者] 2014年4月19日上午4:21 
That's going to be fixed asap, the frames will only cycle every 5 minutes or so. It was an attempt to display more art, but seeing the frames change messes up immersion. I'll be removing all bus stop images too.
Ernie Hemingway 2014年4月19日上午4:10 
Really nice mod, too bad that the frames cycle through art instead of being static.
Jules  [作者] 2014年2月14日下午1:17 
No prob, I'll take it off today.
Dr. Steve Brule 2014年2月14日上午6:14 
@Montiblanc I agree, remove the bus stops on this mod... they don't make much sense and I want to use another mod along with this.
Jules  [作者] 2014年1月22日下午4:34 
nah but I do need to adjust this so that the frames change a lot less often. I'll try to get that done asap
Lunatix 2014年1月22日上午11:54 
Is it possible to disable animated frames while you're in-game and randomize it each time you load a campaign ?
The Gamer Eagle 2014年1月12日上午4:07 
Dat video
Montiblanc 2013年12月30日下午6:51 
this is awesome! but im wondering if u can skip out on replacing bus stop ads coz im trying to use this http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=201910709
Specals 2013年12月30日上午12:47 
Please make HD safe room door skin
TFKnight 2013年12月27日上午7:50 
tell him he should
Jules  [作者] 2013年12月27日上午2:48 
That was something a friend of mine was working on at the time, I think it was some sort of Berretta custom skin / animation. Alas he never put it out, but it is nice
TFKnight 2013年11月28日下午7:47 
whats that pistol/deagle mod?
Cormac McCarthy[4²º] 2013年9月16日上午11:40 
This is fantastic thank you so much!
Jules  [作者] 2013年9月9日下午9:07 
Update, Dark Carnival hotel rooms. A dozen paintings added. The art of 60's concert posters :)
Rom and Ram (White Sisters) 2013年9月9日下午2:17 
I want a kitty one <3 good job +!
Still Freeman 2013年8月30日上午6:08 
Proper touch of class. Everyone should get hold of it.
Mission Cat 2013年8月21日下午7:00 
fantastic choces, nice one
Jules  [作者] 2013年8月16日下午6:33 
I'll work on this one over the weekend, it shall be a very good update indeed.
|rB| BeasT 2013年8月16日下午6:25 
Sweet :) Thanks for the great work Jules! Can't wait to see the new update
[S$] Lolshoot 2013年8月12日下午2:59 
๖Ƙᶏø 2013年8月11日下午8:29 
Virginia 2013年8月9日上午11:55 
I see some TOOL artwork there. Great :D
TheMinilittleguy 2013年8月9日上午9:31 
I like this mod because it has naked ladys.
Saint "The Rock" Peter 2013年8月7日下午10:09 
The Pig picture in Dead Air 1 is already a masterpiece.
MarurabaATX 2013年8月7日下午9:11 
sorry!!!! my bad, great mod then, rated and sub'd
Jules  [作者] 2013年8月7日下午7:59 
The glowing paintings are just for the preview pictures, they don't glow. I updated this several days ago.
MarurabaATX 2013年8月7日下午7:44 
i like the idea but the glow in dark rooms kinda ruins it for me but maybe could you please make a non glow version or alter this mod keep up the awesome work
Jules  [作者] 2013年8月7日下午1:49 
The workshop is giving us all "error -16" when we try to upload files larger than 20 mb or so, so no M16.
DeliriousDevil 2013年8月7日下午1:12 
your m16
Jules  [作者] 2013年8月7日下午1:09 
2Core what that gun you talkin bout
Jules  [作者] 2013年8月7日下午1:08 
Collateral, yes there are some art files that are used in specific campaigns, there could be art packages for specific maps. But I haven't seen any other mods like this in the workshop.
DeliriousDevil 2013年8月7日上午9:18 
what that gun
Collateral Damage 2013年8月7日上午6:43 
Excelent mod!
Are the images in L4D used in spisific ways or groups? I was wondering so that smaller art packages could be created and difrent packs could be mixed togther.
Jules  [作者] 2013年8月6日下午10:15 
Stannis did nothing wrong 2013年8月6日下午9:10 
The Last Supper I may not be catholic but that doesn't mean that it isn't a masterpeice in my eyes.
=[T$CElite]= Sketch 2013年8月6日下午8:34 
Absolutely brilliant! Adds a great deal of realism to the game.
Jules  [作者] 2013年8月6日下午7:31 
Better not be Mona Lisa either.
Jules  [作者] 2013年8月6日下午7:29 
OH SHIT. How did I forget Leo? You pick an artwork, I'll put it in.
Stannis did nothing wrong 2013年8月6日下午7:24 
No Leonardo Da Vinci? WELL FUCK YOU THEN
Purple Trickster | "@_ 2013年8月6日下午4:23 
Finally a decent painting mod!
❤Elle❤ 2013年8月6日上午9:40 
Great job Jules! <3
Brilliant Trading Knife 2013年8月5日下午8:07 
add mona lisa
Brilliant Trading Knife 2013年8月5日下午8:07 
[ZKA!] Alucard 2013年8月4日上午1:07 
Thank you
Jules  [作者] 2013年8月4日上午12:33 
[ZKA!] Alucard 2013年8月3日下午11:51 
These paintings almost seem like they glow in the dark, any way to make them less vibrant in darker areas?
Jules  [作者] 2013年8月2日上午2:23 
Yes indeed it's Marilyn
QueenDakali 2013年8月2日上午2:19 
So that is Marylin Monroe? Thought it was Jane Russel. Anyway, I dig the concept, will grab this when I get home....