A Little Something
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[Houston]Slade X-Caliber[Bruh] 24. Aug. um 14:41 Uhr 
very very clever, nice!
Petutski 1. Juli um 15:44 Uhr 
Nice map but I am confused. With very little effort I did not use the laser or the light bridges. Is this right?
BUG 13. Mai um 14:31 Uhr 
MrBuu91 14. Apr. um 13:05 Uhr 
really good.
jam.lab1 4. Apr. um 16:39 Uhr 
jeffus 24. Aug. 2013 um 11:37 Uhr 
A well balanced chamber. top marks
«[ČĻĻ]» pino 11. Aug. 2013 um 9:47 Uhr 
Nice map, thanks!
Sir, that's my toast. 9. Aug. 2013 um 9:56 Uhr 
This was a really fun map. Nice job!
SIG Berial 8. Aug. 2013 um 23:44 Uhr 
please play my chamber. IT IS Very hard
Pro100'W'alk'M'an 8. Aug. 2013 um 21:33 Uhr 
gogettergrrl 8. Aug. 2013 um 18:40 Uhr 
Nice test chamber I felt it was well thought out it took me a few. Funny I felt dumb though because my kids helped me solve it.
VicariouslyDead 8. Aug. 2013 um 17:38 Uhr 
Unless you're supposed to be able to shoot through the door in the middle ledge, I'm pretty sure this map is broken
stormsend 8. Aug. 2013 um 17:35 Uhr 
Very nice. Everything worked together real well. Enjoyed playing. You'll enjoy this one.
Cacafrutti 8. Aug. 2013 um 11:19 Uhr 
nice work ;)
NaS | Fistro 8. Aug. 2013 um 10:06 Uhr 
Good game!
kiko 8. Aug. 2013 um 9:50 Uhr 
nice ;)
ZAEROS 8. Aug. 2013 um 7:15 Uhr 
Missed the white panel to enable exit for some time,Must start checking what everything does.Was good fun,\thank you.
안나튀김 8. Aug. 2013 um 4:05 Uhr 
this is simple but funny
shandromand 8. Aug. 2013 um 0:44 Uhr 
Kudos for making me actually take the time to think it through. :)
TemaseK 7. Aug. 2013 um 23:56 Uhr 
wiliedynamite30 7. Aug. 2013 um 23:27 Uhr 
Very Nice..Great job.
AngelicLizard 7. Aug. 2013 um 18:25 Uhr 
Pretty cool, I died a few times mis-flinging myself but that just made me more determined to beat it. Good multi step puzzle.
Kill Arctic Fox 7. Aug. 2013 um 9:48 Uhr 
very nice map.
Your Partner 7. Aug. 2013 um 9:40 Uhr 
Mr Doom 7. Aug. 2013 um 8:51 Uhr 
Nice map!
Too bad my maps don't get as much downloads.
If you want to help me: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=167493669
Cyberal 7. Aug. 2013 um 5:56 Uhr 
how u guys get the portals??
Richard Spectre 7. Aug. 2013 um 4:35 Uhr 
Waiting for the Portal 2 for Linux!
xoppet 7. Aug. 2013 um 3:28 Uhr 
llcooljoy 6. Aug. 2013 um 21:06 Uhr 
Very nice well balanced and fun jumps.
Portalized 6. Aug. 2013 um 18:21 Uhr 
Very clever - well done.
{DAT} zeaky 6. Aug. 2013 um 17:39 Uhr 
It's a nice map indeed! Rated up, I enjoyed it a lot. :)
David Slaughter OBE 6. Aug. 2013 um 15:57 Uhr 
A good map. Would have found it far more fun if I didn't have to re-do the whole map after dying at the very end though. Once I've done it once I've shown I can do it and shouldn't have to do it again. I think it's bad to break that principle.
Creed Handler 6. Aug. 2013 um 15:19 Uhr 
"Subscribe to download A Little Something"
Solaire Of Astora 6. Aug. 2013 um 14:08 Uhr 
@mikesdragon52 click subscribe and it'll start downloading
Microsoft Outlook 6. Aug. 2013 um 13:53 Uhr 
how do i download!!!!!!1
mma 6. Aug. 2013 um 11:28 Uhr 
Sweepstake 6. Aug. 2013 um 10:20 Uhr 
Nice Chamber. Keep it up!
Brezlon 6. Aug. 2013 um 8:07 Uhr 
Not bad. Haven't played in a while so it was a good refresher. The last step got me, but didn't know about 'that thing'. Had a weird shifting CC on one of the buttons; wouldn't easily stay in place.
The One Tau 9 6. Aug. 2013 um 6:38 Uhr 
Very Fun test all and all
totallycarbon 6. Aug. 2013 um 4:13 Uhr 
this is realy great. also I have made a maze map, you can get realy lost. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=167171254
Earthboy 5. Aug. 2013 um 12:52 Uhr 
Easy but fun. I did not need to use the middle button that raised the platform.
TheDust 5. Aug. 2013 um 12:43 Uhr 
Very good, lots of fun!
MacTyson 5. Aug. 2013 um 2:31 Uhr 
any body wants to try my test chamber ? :)

denzeezot 5. Aug. 2013 um 1:22 Uhr 
its real fun and not to hard
McAnigans  [Autor] 4. Aug. 2013 um 19:46 Uhr 
Glad you guys are enjoying the map. Its the first one i've ever done, but who knows if enough people like i may do more!
ñEketeke(CR) 4. Aug. 2013 um 19:30 Uhr 
nice work!!!
Mullenix 4. Aug. 2013 um 16:23 Uhr 
Good map.
xReTry 4. Aug. 2013 um 16:08 Uhr 
Nice build. Pretty easy.
Mullenix 4. Aug. 2013 um 15:39 Uhr 
Check out my map and leave a comment on your thoughts :). http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=161155034