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Will To Survive
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[]Lets Kenny 30 giu, ore 15:16 
looks boring
UnknownMnky 24 mag, ore 12:51 
This game should be around the wasteland 2 price becuz they put so much hard work into this game and they deserve more money
Bilgato 13 feb, ore 1:30 
looks good.
huntergod 9 feb, ore 8:33 
i want it now!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gr1zZl1 18 gen, ore 0:50 
yes ands like a some suck
Caine VanScythe 11 gen, ore 1:42 
This game shouldn't be free to play, anyway. Considering all the hard work put into it without help from public funding. Most devs kick the dirt and give up when they don't get the funding they need, but this project is still being worked on. Kudos to the Firing Pin Games devs! Can't wait for the release!
nightcrawler9001 6 gen, ore 17:40 
wow guys look he responded to me :O
Liquidoodle  [autore] 6 gen, ore 7:33 
@jjy2111 & @nightcrawler9001 - Early-access is almost a definite but we won't be making it as a free to play. Pricing is still up in the air at the moment until we are further along.

@OukaHikari - The release date of September 2014 was originally intended to be for the final game. Seeing as the kickstarter was not funded that date is now more of a rough estimate for when the early-access version may arrive but we are currently looking into whether we can bring the early-access release forwards. Watch this space!

@dbeckham94 - You can spell it either way, it's just preference.
nightcrawler9001 2 gen, ore 14:42 
@jjy211 he has to make sum money but $5 is good i think
jjy2111 31 dic 2013, ore 16:33 
make it a free to play and prerelease it :> PLZ <:
Raven 21 dic 2013, ore 1:13 
OukaHikari 15 dic 2013, ore 7:08 
Will the release date (september 2014) be the date of the first alpha versions or of the final game? If the latter, will we be able to 'early-access' the game?
DOCTORHOMICIDE 13 dic 2013, ore 16:02 
like project zomboid with aliens and a few other things
dbeckham94 29 nov 2013, ore 16:05 
LMAO i thought you spell organize(like this) not organise(like this). Nice job though, looks like it'd kill some time.
FluffyGuy™ 14 nov 2013, ore 16:47 
Liquidoodle accept me i want to ask u a few questions
Kubimek 9 nov 2013, ore 10:26 
Fallout 2 :D
BiggestRandSyndrome 6 nov 2013, ore 1:47 
Looks really cool!!!
Zombie 5 nov 2013, ore 17:16 
Looks nice
Eggs, Huh? 30 ott 2013, ore 8:20 
i like that there's a survival game without a focus on zombies
lestat2150 29 ott 2013, ore 15:33 
Great news Liquid. Cant wait to check it out.
Liquidoodle  [autore] 29 ott 2013, ore 15:11 
Please ignore gugis, that site does not provide early access to the game.
LaughingMan 29 ott 2013, ore 10:21 
I like the idea, but there needs to be a setting for putting the flow of time on hold (maybe dis-incentivize this option by making the stuff/rewards/xp you get for surviving while away from the game pretty nice to have). I don't want my game to end horribly because I couldn't get back to it for a few days.
lestat2150 29 ott 2013, ore 2:25 
If this game goes for more than 7-8 bucks i'm not buying it.
AvatarOfWar 28 ott 2013, ore 17:13 
Sounds interesting, but that whole "24/7" angle is a show-stopper. Do I want a game that continues to "play" when I am sleeping or at work? Not really.
Kurraak 28 ott 2013, ore 6:55 
Looks like it could be fun
bil 27 ott 2013, ore 6:43 
get an artist to do your closeups, seriously
MISG 25 ott 2013, ore 10:19 
So so so glad it's not a zombie survival game. looks interesting I'll keep an eye out for this coming out.
Steroid 24 ott 2013, ore 1:56 
HFxRegret 23 ott 2013, ore 5:42 
Game looks very interesting, would love to be able to get my hands on a beta copy and help the development.
BigBlock 22 ott 2013, ore 11:24 
Looks awesome!
Waffles 21 ott 2013, ore 17:33 
Looks like a great idea, I like that its constantly going and having it syncable between platforms would definately have me checking on will between home and away
Hecks88 21 ott 2013, ore 11:08 
I would probably play this on my Mobile.
Shiftab 20 ott 2013, ore 12:11 
Very interesting concept. Although I'm generally not a fan of 24/7's as a rule I like the fact that you're intending on shipping to mobile WITH cross platform saves. I'll be keeping an eye on this.
-=AM/PM=-Koo-Blu Penguin 18 ott 2013, ore 22:34 
Other than the character design of the hero, I like it
♥1111can♥ 18 ott 2013, ore 12:35 
Can i have the PRICE>
Mr Meuble 18 ott 2013, ore 4:38 
looks nice,but i really dont like character design of the hero
°•Panda™•°~Dota_Trade~ 18 ott 2013, ore 4:17 
hunned 17 ott 2013, ore 10:41 
Holla if you need a Translator : English -> German
Knoll111 14 ott 2013, ore 10:06 
Liquidoodle  [autore] 13 ott 2013, ore 9:24 
Cheers for the positive comments everyone, I should be posting another update this week.

@shaytan [40k] - The screen battle type combat is getting scrapped for something far more in-depth and fun to play. We're just finishing up on the collision, path finding and new skeletal art system we're using then we will be looking at revamping the combat so stay tuned for news. I've been getting to grips with Spine to create new artwork which will really benefit the improved combat too.
shaytan [40k] 13 ott 2013, ore 6:28 
Looks great so far! One question remains - will the combat be more in-depth, or will it be a static screen battle?
DOCTORHOMICIDE 12 ott 2013, ore 9:25 
i wish it would come out sooner
Knoll111 10 ott 2013, ore 5:10 
It is the best survival game ive seen sence don't starve hope i gets on steam so i can get it
Vhax 9 ott 2013, ore 3:57 
Looks good. Would like to se it on Steam for sure.
Thums 8 ott 2013, ore 12:22 
An ingenious take on a game - Good job, and good luck
Zardoz 7 ott 2013, ore 3:29 
looks good but the alien design could be a bit less cartoony tho
seeded 6 ott 2013, ore 11:33 
This should be kickstarted... I'd back it hard.
Golden Apple 5 ott 2013, ore 19:15 
This looks and sounds amazing. This is going to great, I think.
Johnny Strapony 3 ott 2013, ore 14:57 
drawing graphs,nice
El Cazador 29 set 2013, ore 11:20 
Me gustan los survivals