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Gordon Freeman + HEV suit
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Takahashi 5月29日下午8:58 
What happened to the gmod one? ;-;
Luke 3月2日下午3:10 
looks great thanks
Smirn 2月29日上午10:08 
is there a helmet?
doblij 2月28日上午9:45 
but where is the gmod one?
nobody2345 2月21日下午7:09 
Thanks for the model m8.
Barney Calhoun -HL:BS- 2月19日下午9:38 
can you make a black mesa version of the hev suit pls?
HashtagMC [DE / EN] 2015年12月29日上午5:37 
I don't know how hard or easy that is, but could you add phonemes / flexes, so I can use "Extract Phonemes" with WAV files instead of trying to lip-sync it myself?
whynotll82 2015年12月8日上午8:37 
make a gorden w/o a hev suit plz
Mercury 2015年10月31日上午2:50 
would you mind if I used his suit for a gmod project I have? (although I have already uploaded the addon with another suit, I just thought it might be nice to have a better looking suit) I'd be sure to give you credit.
Fishslayer JD 2015年10月23日上午8:14 
I don't know how big the difference betwen the models is, but can we get a version with the HEV-model from "black mesa"? (with helmet)
Casper 2015年10月22日下午4:17 

How did he manage to get past all of Gmod's garbage? I can't even get Porky's reskin for DP's Gordon Freeman to work without Gmod falling apart. Same goes for the hi-res skins for the rest of the Half-Life 2 cast. G-Man-s texture worked fine until suddenly all of his idle animations stopped working and his eyes stopped tracking me properly.
T-braze  [作者] 2015年10月19日下午1:07 
Great movie
Casper 2015年10月18日下午8:23 
Did AntoineDelak head swap DP's Gordon Freeman model with this suit model in "Gorgeous Freeman"?
SuperRobotos 2015年10月16日下午10:43 
Half Life Threeeeheeeheeheheee
Pug Boss "Puggish Snake" 2015年10月8日下午9:41 
bar none, best ever Gordan Freeman.
Dude... Get this guy into GMOD as a playermodel.
T-braze  [作者] 2015年9月14日上午12:40 
water guy 2015年9月13日下午3:21 
Can I use this for my Saxxy Awards 2015 entry? I'd give you credit.
DoorCloser 2015年8月29日下午3:17 
His face is...very...very different from HL2
Pug Boss "Puggish Snake" 2015年7月31日下午3:48 
Hands Down... the best gordon Freeman model i have ever seen
Heinrich5 2015年3月24日下午12:57 
Anyone notice how if you take the glasses off him he looks like Robert Downey Jr.?
Mercury 2014年12月29日下午5:55 
Can you please port this to Garry's Mod? Its absolutely epic compared to those other Gordon Freemans.
tyggz 2014年12月26日上午8:11 
could you do a version of him with his helmet if its not to much to ask?
Rin 2014年11月15日下午10:49 
I agree with The Trolldier. While I do not pretend to comprehend how hard modeling is I would adore a labcoat freeman ^^
The Trolldier 2014年9月27日上午11:09 
Could you make a lab coat & civilian uniform version? I'm working on a big project and I need those two things.
T-braze  [作者] 2014年8月13日上午3:18 
Prismu 2014年8月12日上午10:48 
I'm trying to attach the glasses onto a scout model, but I can't get it onto his face. Do you have any tips on how to do this?
Kungfubellydancer♥RIP Nick 2014年8月9日上午1:35 
Hi, I would like to talk to you about this model if you can accept my friend request; I am an SFM animator.
AlphaCore 2014年8月7日下午11:16 
Colum 2014年7月25日上午1:19 
@T-braze Alright, thanks, just wanted to be sure. It's an amazing model and i didn't want to risk plagarizing you by using it in a saxxy entry. I will add some credits for you at the end.
T-braze  [作者] 2014年7月25日上午1:06 
@Siesan, this item has a public status, which means everyone can use it for any purposes and needs. Use it, if you want. Just leave some credits in the end titles, as usual.
Colum 2014年7月25日上午12:53 
Just a quick question, hope to get a reply soon,

what is your policy with this specific model and the 2014 saxxys? how would one get permissions to use it / what would you require if used? (If you would allow it in the first place)

thanks in advance
T-braze  [作者] 2014年7月1日上午11:11 
@Porky-da-Corgi ok. Good luck with HWM.
Porky-da-Corgi 2014年7月1日上午10:39 
I absolutely love that HEV suit model! Best out there!

Which uh, leads me to a question...would you consider letting me use the HEV suit model you made for a Gordon of my own? I've been working on a concept-accurate Gordon head which I hope to do HWM flexes on. You would get full credit of course, and creator credits in the bar for your awesome work.
CrazyHackGUT 2014年3月16日上午12:21 
Brilliantly! Question: Gordon wear glasses overlaying model or what?
[DFS] Kamui4232 (bday on 20 jan) 2014年3月2日上午10:32 
john freeman + gordon = wepon madness on the combines
Nanoxia {kayden} 2014年2月8日下午9:06 
Can you make a HVM version so i can use lipsync
T-braze  [作者] 2014年1月30日上午7:14 
Megadeth9811 2014年1月30日上午5:39 
May I use this for a Left 4 Dead 2 Survivor?
Jewish Dude 2014年1月28日上午10:14 
He looks EXACTLY like walter white
Claude 2014年1月25日下午2:48 
you could make the HEV suit helmet too
Claude 2014年1月25日下午2:45 
really good job bro, this Gordon is really great, and dont look too old like the other HD model
Shogun Melon 2014年1月9日下午9:16 
YAY, I can use this for my 4 HOUR LONG Black Mesa movie.
Jim Jimson 2013年11月14日上午11:24 
@T-braze Thanks, I appreciate it
T-braze  [作者] 2013年11月14日上午7:13 
@Aimless AJ,
head - 3d-coat, suit mesh - Softimage,
additional fixes and rigging - Blender, textures - Photoshop, Xnormal.
Jim Jimson 2013年11月13日下午12:58 
Could you telll me what program you used to create this model?
T-braze  [作者] 2013年11月5日上午11:29 
@Ironside Wheatley [Fool]

Yes, standart hl2 flexes.

NieOrginalny™ 2013年11月5日上午9:55 
Does it have lip-sync?
Dat Commie Boi 2013年11月3日上午10:34 
Where do I find the materials for this so I can re-skin it?