SeeEnchantments v4.8
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The Main Villain 2015년 2월 27일 오후 4시 53분 
Great mod, m8, looking forward to seeing the armor ench update
Artic 2015년 2월 2일 오전 11시 00분 
A Mod Made from a skyrim modder living in his basement ;) Mod is 2 gud
Wezzychan182 2015년 1월 31일 오후 3시 58분 
Could you make a mod that removes the glow of enchantments from weapons entirely, but keeps the enchantment, please?
OBLOOD 2015년 1월 10일 오후 10시 08분 
will your mod work if i have a mod that allows me to have multiple enchantments on my weapon? say 5.
ryanpstephenson 2015년 1월 4일 오전 8시 35분 
any idea what mods would cancel this out? for some reason, i cant see the enchantments like this anymore. i have no other weapon mods besides Better Skyforge Steel, and the Insanity Sorrow's unique Uniques
M'aiq The Liar 2014년 12월 2일 오후 6시 14분 
@MadWolf144 Windshear doesn't really need an effect, its enchantment is just a knockdown effect. If you want a unique kind of look to it, try InsanitySorrow's Unique Uniques, it makes it look pretty good.
MadWolf144 2014년 11월 26일 오후 6시 55분 
For an armor edition for fire resist you could make the armor look covered in frost, vice versa for frost resist, and for lighting resist make the armor look as if made of earth.
Just a thought :)
MadWolf144 2014년 11월 26일 오후 6시 52분 
Could you make a mod that gives Windshear an effect? It is enchanted but doesn't give an effect.
Balthias 2014년 11월 9일 오전 6시 37분 
Ok so what happens if my weapon has two or three enchantments on it? How will it show up on the weapon and will this cause issues for the visuals on the weapon?
Bash 'em 2014년 11월 3일 오후 3시 59분 
can u make it so the weapon actually catches fire?
Hyro 2014년 10월 23일 오전 2시 33분 
Navy Seal 2014년 10월 17일 오후 7시 07분 
Nah it slowed it down a good amount. I can run the game relatively well at 40-50 fps, with a few settings down. The mod does make a difference though. Still pretty nifty. Once I upgrade my pc I'll definitely use it.
AC3C  [작성자] 2014년 10월 17일 오후 6시 43분 
No frame rate impact at all. If your computer can power Skyrim it wont have a problem with this.
Navy Seal 2014년 10월 16일 오후 1시 22분 
Should I assume this would effect my framerate? My computer's a wuss
Howl_of_Cal 2014년 10월 16일 오전 1시 25분 
I always wondered why "molten" weapons that deal 30 or so damage looked just as weak as my first pathetic fire enchantment.
This mod changes that, now every enchanted weapon looks badarse!
dragonsoul345 2014년 9월 9일 오후 5시 38분 
Does it work for 1h swords also?
jkletellier 2014년 8월 29일 오후 8시 31분 
rharris91 - make sure it says subscribed and is listed under subscribed mods in the Skyrim workshop. To get there go to your library, select Skyrim, click workshop, then select subscribed mods from the list on the right. Then open the skyrim launcher and wait for it to download and apply the mod. Then click on data files on the laucher and make sure the mod is listed and checked. Alternatively, you can get the mod through the Skyrim Nexus as listed in the author's description. You would want to use the Nexus Mod Manager if you went that route.

BTW, love the mod. I cannot imagine Skyrim without it anymore.
rharris91 2014년 8월 27일 오전 7시 10분 
I really want to subscribe to this, but when I do, it doesn't apply to my game. Is there something I'm missing? (I'm not terribly tech savvy, so please use small words)
timgilliland20 2014년 8월 10일 오후 12시 54분 
just wanted to know if im missing on anything but i cant get it to work..? any help?
MrNinjaDrBrian 2014년 6월 24일 오후 10시 09분 
Sooo, I subscribe then delete all the .esp files in my skyrim program folder?
KBz | Ghost Nappa 2014년 6월 17일 오후 7시 30분 
Does this work for skse?
Lucian SaDiablo 2014년 6월 16일 오후 4시 40분 
I have nothing but time mate. Make 'er perfect as possible. :)
AC3C  [작성자] 2014년 6월 16일 오후 3시 58분 
may be awhile for update.
Lucian SaDiablo 2014년 6월 16일 오후 2시 20분 
Liked, faved, but will wait until updated. :)
Door Kn00b 2014년 6월 15일 오후 8시 07분 
I've got a problem where the frost enchantment sound never stops, despite reloading saves and destroying the original sword.
B Site 2014년 5월 23일 오후 3시 12분 
Yes, i've always hated that there are just lines but now it looks like the nchanting powders in Dark Souls. Thank you!
Anarchy 2014년 5월 9일 오전 5시 17분 
I found this from gamespot i love this mod thank you!
Corrupted 2014년 5월 8일 오전 2시 40분 
Still enjoying this mod.

But... is it possible to make it so that the last enchantment added on the weapon has the visual effect?

Whenever I try for a drain magicka/ Fire damage weapon enchantment, unless I drop the potency of the magicka enchantment to about 66-75% full power, the fire enchantment doesn't show up.

Obviously, you might be working on "dual" enchantments for this (where both show up), but I'd just like to know if making the "second" enchantment added to the weapon being the visible enchantment is possible. Great mod, since vanilla enchantments look pretty poor XD
Hermes 2014년 5월 5일 오전 12시 47분 
dont worry i got it workin now
AC3C  [작성자] 2014년 5월 4일 오후 5시 00분 
everything is listed in the description.
randy.smith.ks 2014년 5월 4일 오전 10시 43분 
any requirments to install?
Hermes 2014년 5월 4일 오전 1시 18분 
how do i uninstall it help
Dark Nightmare 2014년 4월 29일 오전 4시 19분 
Is that 1.09 mod works ??
signladybc 2014년 4월 20일 오전 7시 40분 
Does this effect special weapons such as the Dawnbreaker?
AC3C  [작성자] 2014년 4월 1일 오후 2시 31분 
U high? lol. In your Skyrim data folder there will be the SeeEnchs.esp and .bsa files just delete them if you no longer need them.
HeadCutter 2014년 4월 1일 오전 4시 08분 
Uninstall: (Completely)
Delete the .esp files
Delete the .bsa files

what exectly files ???
esmb.dan 2014년 3월 28일 오후 12시 27분 
Okay, take your time. Just wanted to know if something had went wrong when I downloaded the mod. On a side note, curved meshes to fit different types of swords would be nice too.
AC3C  [작성자] 2014년 3월 27일 오후 7시 30분 
all effects fix were made to fit on swords, im working on the different size meshes to fit on the other weapons.
esmb.dan 2014년 3월 27일 오후 2시 38분 
Is this just me? The animations for dagger enchants extend away from the dagger, out to the length of the default steel sword. Is something wrong?
AC3C  [작성자] 2014년 3월 26일 오후 4시 14분 
MikePlaysIt 2014년 3월 26일 오전 2시 39분 
I had a really, really good idea for the Absorb Health effect. Well, I personally think it's a good idea, but I can't speak for others.... How about, instead of it being an intense, bright red effect, you create it as something with a less intense, dark red effect? Because a lot of the Daedric Absorb Health weapons I've seen have been called, for example, "Daedric Sword of the Vampire", which implies sucking blood, and being that blood is the essence of life, there you go.. It would make sense that the effect would be a subtle to moderate dark red. Something like a cloudy version of the Shock Damage, only dark red? That would be interesting.
MikePlaysIt 2014년 3월 26일 오전 2시 36분 
Any update on being able to simmer down the Fire Damage and Absorb Health effects? Just curious. Absorb health isn't something I NEED as I didn't use it a lot anyway, but I do like the Fire Damage. Though I have noticed that on SOME weapons, fire damage doesn't look as bad. The heavy flame effect was still there, but the actual flames that cast off of the weapon weren't as intense. This was most evident when a Mace, Warhammer, or Battleaxe was enchanted with Fire Damage, as it looked like there was a torch attatched to the top of the weapon, with the small bit of flames that seems to condence and cast off the very tip more than the rest of the blade.
Forever Elevator 2014년 3월 25일 오후 4시 51분 
Like Slingdong, I was wondering if you could make the absorb health and fire enchantments slighty more subtle, like just enough so that I can actually see my weapon's texture a little.
Other than those enchantments, I'm loving the mod :D 2014년 3월 25일 오전 11시 11분 
I use multi-enchant mode, working this mode with 10+ enchant on 1 normal swor?
Drunken_Woodsman 2014년 3월 23일 오후 2시 43분 
i watch gamespot and your mod looks amazing . . . also gamespot said good things about it so therefore im going to download :)
Ravynwynd 2014년 3월 21일 오후 5시 29분 
Great mod. Effects look fantastic. Thank you. Voted.
MikePlaysIt 2014년 3월 13일 오전 5시 58분 
Mod Developer, is there a chance that in the future, the Absorb Health and Fire Damage effects might be slightly adjusted? Maybe even add an interface into the mod that would allow us to control the intensity of the effects ourselves? Maybe a type of menu that you can access via a special function of the Enchanting Tables?
MikePlaysIt 2014년 3월 13일 오전 5시 57분 
Great mod.. Though, some of the effects are, well, very intense.. For example, the Absorb Health and Fire Damage effect.. The Absorb Health effect looks as if the weapon had been left in the forge over night at it's brightest, but, when it's at it's dimmest, it looks utterly amazing with the red mist coming off of it. The Fire Damage effect really reminds me of those realistic flame paint jobs people were putting on their cars a few years or so back, only animated, and in my opinion, it just looks a bit gaudy.

THOUGH, a few, I am in LOVE with.. First being the Paralyze effect, it's nice, subtle, and amazing. The second being the Frost Damage effect.. It's a bit bright but it's fine because it's a white effect and actually looks as if it's frozen..
metaldinner 2014년 3월 9일 오전 5시 26분 
I really like this mod, but the one ench I don't really care for is Absorb Health, how it makes the entire weapon all red. Especially when using the Ebony Blade, it's really annoying. Could you make this ench more glower-like, like most other enchs?
A Person 2014년 3월 8일 오후 10시 31분 
all so, the glow effects on the weapon it self should only apply to the blade or head part