Companion Cart: Follower's Edition!
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(SSA)CosmicSpaceShark před 1 hodinou 
I think this khajiit is deaf i he wont talk at all
simbolt96 18. dub. v 5.11 dop. 
where is the cart to begin with?
ham1086wow 17. dub. v 9.57 odp. 
Played it loved it, keeping it in the maybe mod pile though :P
ham1086wow 16. dub. v 9.06 odp. 
Łȭŗđ Ƒλřƫλɭǫƫ™ 15. dub. v 7.25 dop. 
When I try to talk to J'zzir, he doesn't even speak nor opens a voice menu!
Please fix this.
mindpankake 13. dub. v 10.22 odp. 
that video...
Pandorica 10. dub. v 5.36 odp. 
/ \
Lester Applewood Roquefort 5. dub. v 10.38 odp. 
Nope. Cat no talky.
spartan5of9 29. bře. v 9.55 dop. 
☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
/▌ all over the workshop
/ \ so he can take over
Cameon57 10. bře. v 12.57 odp. 
Ok I think this is a great mod very functional, but the card is all over the place when u hit a
bump, this is a really good mod (I also think the cart is over priced :( 20,000 gold).
So any way this is a great mod
logedgore 7. bře. v 12.12 dop. 
☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
/▌ all over the workshop
/ \ so he can take over
FCC_ŽǡɔḥƋǒĝǥ 5. bře. v 8.39 odp. 
cat don't talk
kashawnman 5. bře. v 8.21 odp. 
awsome idea
hansnicolaim2 1. bře. v 2.49 odp. 
You just gotta love the thumbnail and video :D
hansnicolaim2 1. bře. v 2.42 odp. 
Sounds like a cool mod, the comments makes me kinda not press the subscribe button....
Well, gotta test it out first :P
Playtheist 28. úno. v 11.22 odp. 
Great vid, I come back every now and then just to watch.

There's no evidence this mod ever worked, even the modder's own comments sound fatal. And it's now a patch or two behind the times. Clearly abandonware.
Alpha And Omega 22. úno. v 11.49 odp. 
the cat wont talk to me too!!!
lyszczyk 15. úno. v 2.25 odp. 
the cat wont talk to me
General Grimaas 13. úno. v 8.50 dop. 
can you ride the cart
mikeshaw911 12. úno. v 5.25 odp. 
Ya I can't get the damn Cat to talk to me either!
To bad too, this looks like a really cool mod, or would be!
I could REALLY use this mod to add a few bonus scenes to my project!
Oh well, on to the next - untill a fix for this bug comes along - (hint hint, wink wink)!!
Captain 1. úno. v 7.33 odp. 
Doesn't work. unless working means horse runs off your stuck on the cart and then the cart starts fliping around rapidly in the air and game crashes.... Then in that case it works fine! I am disapointed that it didn't work. but might i say it was fucking helariouse how it almost went into orbit and then my companion was just sitting there like nothing was happening
deliamai 25. led. v 10.47 dop. 
Is it possible to make it so your follower doesn't lose health while in the cart? Whenever I get in the cart and it does the glitchy thing my follower loses a good bit of health. Also, could you make this compatible with multi-follower mods, so like four followers could be sitting in your cart at once? Just suggestions, not to be pushy!
Mr.Shaggnificent 19. led. v 6.59 odp. 
This looks like it would be very handy for all the extra gear needed with Frostfall.
=WFC= Slim Jim 19. led. v 10.41 dop. 
i got killed in the cart, and now im stuck at riverwood, not able to move or look left or right. i tried loading a previous save but it wont work. please help
myownterms66 14. led. v 5.36 dop. 
the dude and the cart show up but i cant talk to him what do i do
the blu pie 12. led. v 7.56 odp. 
same he wont talk
adoringfan12 4. led. v 12.23 odp. 
i cant talk to the guy anyone know how to fix that
warhawk 4. led. v 9.10 dop. 
is this sheogorath approved
=B0BL0= 3. led. v 4.11 odp. 
should put lantern on for night that be cool
dustindaven 3. led. v 12.05 dop. 
The guy wont talk to me either! what do i do? i really want this mod to work!
Chieftan Charlie 30. pro. 2013 v 11.38 dop. 
the cart wont follow the horse for me
James Bush 11. pro. 2013 v 10.23 odp. 
The video rocks.
[FX] Stormcloak. 4. pro. 2013 v 3.41 odp. 
Great mod :) i really like it now.
Got it to work after some time :)
(Y) Thumbs up.
Lord Herobrine 2. pro. 2013 v 12.37 dop. 
please help jokul13 on his mod if you two worked together you will make a great mod hes created a cart mod and cant get it to move pleaase
katiesealey 27. lis. 2013 v 3.18 dop. 
He won't talk to me :/
That One Gurl 22. lis. 2013 v 8.30 odp. 
I've tried using this with multiple followers, but only the first follower I had follow me will get in. The others follow outside of the cart and I've accidentally killed some of them with the cart bouncing around on them lol.
I love this mod, but would love it even more if I could transport all my followers (well, probably only three or four because of the size of the cart) with it. Great work anyway!
Ethan_LaDuke 26. říj. 2013 v 9.40 dop. 
he wont talk to me
blueterraria 26. říj. 2013 v 8.36 dop. 
Bhawk10 25. říj. 2013 v 2.14 odp. 
now i want a khajiit character.
but i wont.
Projangam 10. říj. 2013 v 4.38 odp. 
and multiple followers
Projangam 10. říj. 2013 v 4.38 odp. 
does this work with amazing follower tweaks
Projangam 30. zář. 2013 v 11.55 dop. 
does this need any dlc
ᅚᅚ 16. zář. 2013 v 3.27 odp. 
gcny1 8. zář. 2013 v 12.56 odp. 
I like the idea of the horse trying to fight.
HaloBoyvsMinecraft 6. zář. 2013 v 3.36 dop. 
Companion Cart
HoundofLove 4. zář. 2013 v 9.15 dop. 
party deadra in the house tonight,
everybody just have a mad time.
Lusafen 2. zář. 2013 v 10.01 dop. 
i lerv it!
PUNCAKE 28. srp. 2013 v 8.30 dop. 
it would not let me talk to the khajiit
(D|L)zombie waldo 18. srp. 2013 v 8.49 odp. 
i cant find him anywhere i watched a video showing me but nope not there HELP
=B0BL0= 31. čvc. 2013 v 1.25 odp. 
i got it to take to him but it wont move olny the horse dos