Balimund's Smelter
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「 」 13 януари в 6:29след. 
Uhhhh, the smelter is submerged in the ground.
icanisbeme  [автор] 7 август 2013 в 7:45сут. 
@[LP] GuBByFishY ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Agreed
GuBByFishY™ 7 август 2013 в 1:52сут. 
A simple addition to the best town in Skyrim. Riften is simply the best.
icanisbeme  [автор] 1 август 2013 в 5:42след. 
@Iron Disciple thanks :)
Iron Disciple 1 август 2013 в 4:19след. 
Thank you for this. I am not sure why you don't have more subscriptions already. I'm subscribing now.
Exiled Zombie Slayer 26 юли 2013 в 5:08след. 
THAT'S it. sorry, haven't played the game in a while.
icanisbeme  [автор] 26 юли 2013 в 5:07след. 
do you mean the windhelm home?
Exiled Zombie Slayer 26 юли 2013 в 5:07след. 
Fair 'nuff. Personally, I prefer the Winterhold player home...assuming I had to choose a vanilla home. Lots of weapon cases and armor manequins, once you bought them.
icanisbeme  [автор] 26 юли 2013 в 5:03след. 
@The Bane of Zombies Riften is probably my favorite city in the game, and I did not like having to go other places in order to smelt down my ore. Also, Honeyside is one of my favorite player homes.
Exiled Zombie Slayer 26 юли 2013 в 4:17след. 
I gotta ask, did you plan on 'settling down' in Riften? Because you seem to be obsessing over the smelter in the description...kinda like Golum/Smeagol did the One Ring.
Eclipse Vortex 25 юли 2013 в 8:00след. 
nice mod no problem's works with other mods well the ones im using overall its a pretty sweet mod u did a nice job
icanisbeme  [автор] 25 юли 2013 в 5:04след. 
@The Fallen Thanks!
Eclipse Vortex 25 юли 2013 в 1:56след. 
First comment i will try out your mod and give a feed back