Portal 2
Giant Companion Coaster #5
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Petutski 30 grudnia 2015 o 20:48 
Lots of fun!
dven1 13 września 2015 o 16:56 
I too missed that faith-plate and had to step onto it but all in all it was quite a trip. Good job.
Peyj 14 grudnia 2014 o 4:31 
TYXB360  [autor] 23 listopada 2013 o 10:29 
thanks bro
ProfDave3d 15 sierpnia 2013 o 20:30 
Another nice one! A great no-brainer, for when you're not in the mood to solve any puzzles.

Reading the last comment, I hope you don't need BeeMod to play a particular map. Hard to believe that every other downloaded happened to have BeeMod.

On this level, I thought I would see if I could drop the cubes on the first faithplate and then get on right after them really quick, in case you were intending us to ride together like passengers on a long rollercoaster, but they disappeared almost immediately.

Tiny glitch, I think: When I was dropped from the funnel, I didn't quite land on the faithplate. No biggie; I could see which one to step onto.

If you'd like to check out one of mine, you might have some fun with Franken-Logic Puzzle

It's pretty short (just one room). Thanks.
TYXB360  [autor] 28 lipca 2013 o 10:38 
I think you need the BEEMOD installed
jukmifgguggh 28 lipca 2013 o 6:20 
How do I play it? I subscribed, but there's no 'play' button! Oh and btw i LOVE roller coaster maps.
Drettraz Csgo-skins.com 28 lipca 2013 o 2:51 
good job
WaterTiger 28 lipca 2013 o 1:43 
EPIC! E... P... I... C!
TYXB360  [autor] 27 lipca 2013 o 15:26 
Glad you liked it.
TYXB360  [autor] 27 lipca 2013 o 15:26 
It was not coeded in, I came across this technique simply by placing the goo dispenser on the ceiling and having the goo drop directly onto the faith plates.
°Core° 26 lipca 2013 o 23:55 
Uh...do paint bombs normally launch on faith plates or did you somehow code that in?
RPDak 25 lipca 2013 o 17:33 
That...was so much fun.
Nerylian 25 lipca 2013 o 9:14 
That was awesome!