The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Faster Magic Leveling
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Cryo - Commend? :)  [автор] 22 юли в 12:21 следобед 
It does, it might just not be super noticable :) but trust me, its increasing
Tomoxx 22 юли в 11:06 сутринта 
I don't feel the magic leveling more faster ?
Cryo - Commend? :)  [автор] 22 юни в 8:12 следобед 
hi! 22 юни в 8:03 следобед 
Cryo - Commend? :)  [автор] 1 юни в 9:18 сутринта 
@Viking Lord I know right! Which is why I made this :P
Viking Lord 1 юни в 9:18 сутринта 
Thanks in my opinion destruction levels WAAAY slower than it should.
Cryo - Commend? :)  [автор] 17 ноември 2014 в 6:16 следобед 
It might be a problem with your load order. Try adjusting the order of mods and see if that helps
colinpyc 17 ноември 2014 в 5:46 следобед 
i have used skyrim mods multipule times it just crashes my game
Cryo - Commend? :)  [автор] 4 ноември 2014 в 2:12 следобед 
@colinpyc just hit subscribe and launch skyrim, then make sure that the .esp is ticked in the data files
colinpyc 4 ноември 2014 в 12:43 следобед 
how do i use it
BandGeek6 3 ноември 2014 в 6:39 следобед 
This is a great mod. I got really irratated trying to get destruction to one hundred for the ritual spell so thanks, this helped a lot
Cryo - Commend? :)  [автор] 23 август 2014 в 11:48 сутринта 
Yes i used this mod when I used a bound weapons character and had no problems like that. I dont know what might be causing it in your game, but for me it was fine
tsunayoshi5478 23 август 2014 в 11:40 сутринта 
ok, thanks for the reply. Do you know if it's working for you though?
Cryo - Commend? :)  [автор] 22 август 2014 в 12:41 следобед 
I don't know what to tell you honestly
tsunayoshi5478 22 август 2014 в 12:01 следобед 
tsunayoshi5478 20 август 2014 в 8:14 сутринта 
it works when i turn the mod off
Cryo - Commend? :)  [автор] 19 август 2014 в 6:19 следобед 
I doubt it is related to this mod, check the rest of your load order.
tsunayoshi5478 19 август 2014 в 2:40 следобед 
my game is crashing when i try to cast bound sword
Cryo - Commend? :)  [автор] 9 юни 2014 в 1:21 следобед 
@Some Laura Haha thanks!
Sparrow 9 юни 2014 в 7:47 сутринта 
God, I love that pic XD
samuelyoung2000 6 май 2014 в 7:19 сутринта 
I think x2 is a little too mutch. x1.5 would be much better
Zaku II (laggy addon collector) 7 април 2014 в 5:19 следобед 
@william.m Never knew that. Everyone took it as a literal thing, thus the meme.
Cryo - Commend? :)  [автор] 29 март 2014 в 5:53 следобед 
Vsnake 29 март 2014 в 2:27 следобед 
I was having an extremely hard time leveling up my destruction skill. Then I found this mod.
Cryo - Commend? :)  [автор] 30 декември 2013 в 7:26 сутринта 
@ShoutsWillEcho Yes it is compatible, the effects will just stack.
ShoutsWillEcho 29 декември 2013 в 9:18 следобед 
Is this compatible with other mods that affects skill XP gain?
I'm using the Lover Stone enhancer mod (150% skill increse instead of 15%).
william.m 2 декември 2013 в 4:26 следобед 
FYI about that picture, saying " i took an arrow to the knee" is an old Nordic saying meaning i got married
Cryo - Commend? :)  [автор] 18 ноември 2013 в 5:10 следобед 
@Hatchet Harry Yeah its pretty funny XD
[FX] Harlingen. ƝSƸ 17 ноември 2013 в 9:46 следобед 
Whahaha!! :D THAT PICTURE!!! :D Good god i am laughing my ass off here! :P
NECRODANCER 9 октомври 2013 в 8:43 следобед 
I needed this for Destruction, with the Lover Stone being changed to 500% by "I want to be 81!" mod, I'll level rediculously fast.
Cryo - Commend? :)  [автор] 24 август 2013 в 6:38 следобед 
@GoldenBloodLust No problem, glad to hear that!
Waffles 24 август 2013 в 6:17 следобед 
Thanks it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cryo - Commend? :)  [автор] 24 август 2013 в 3:41 следобед 
@GoldenBloodLust you could try putting the driud perks at the bottom of your load order. no promises though :/
Waffles 24 август 2013 в 1:00 следобед 
Dang I was downloading about a billion mods to become the perfect druid... the last comment almost made me cry! I NEEDED A WAY TO LEVEL MAGIC FAST!!!! And now that my core mod conflicts with it... lets just say im sad. And too lazy to make my own mod lol
smokey9000 6 август 2013 в 3:13 сутринта 
so i was just using this and found out that with this one subscribed at the same time as druidism skill tree it gets rid of the druidism skill tree pretty much making that one a worthless mod...
Cryo - Commend? :)  [автор] 3 август 2013 в 7:01 сутринта 
@blogan16 Thanks!
Zed Pane 2 август 2013 в 11:01 следобед 
Cryo - Commend? :)  [автор] 2 август 2013 в 1:43 следобед 
@rowdydogdan Thanks!
Zohydro 2 август 2013 в 11:22 сутринта 
Great Mod!!
Cryo - Commend? :)  [автор] 1 август 2013 в 4:58 сутринта 
@super_hobo yes i know, and thanks :)
Don't manfight a windginger 31 юли 2013 в 10:30 следобед 
BTW great mod
Don't manfight a windginger 31 юли 2013 в 10:29 следобед 
i hope you know the phrase "I used to be an adventurer like you, then i took an arrow in the knee" means that they got married
nick3574 31 юли 2013 в 10:44 сутринта 
i used to be an adventurer like you, then i took an arrow in the knee
Cryo - Commend? :)  [автор] 30 юли 2013 в 3:12 следобед 
@bbatmanso5 haha thanks!
bbatmanso5 30 юли 2013 в 12:21 следобед 
love the pic for this addon
Infer 29 юли 2013 в 11:16 следобед 
seems kinda like a cheat but then again if i dont like it i dont have to download it :D but i think i wil cuase im lazy XD
Cryo - Commend? :)  [автор] 29 юли 2013 в 5:07 следобед 
if you skill grind....
Cog Monocle 29 юли 2013 в 2:59 следобед 
good, now conjuration and illusion only take 3 hours to get to level 100!
Cryo - Commend? :)  [автор] 29 юли 2013 в 2:18 следобед 
Mantis3451 29 юли 2013 в 11:43 сутринта 
this won't cause any problems with the guardian stones... correct