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christopherrobin077 21 Nis @ 12:16am 
By all the Ascended of Morrow why have I only just found out about this and when will it be open to non-backers!?
Pixel Killer 12 Nis @ 1:56pm 
Looked slick at PAX East
kreeded29 9 Nis @ 8:20pm 
Lol...sure "Doc". Warhammer's for people that wanna pay twice as much for models with half the detail to play a game with one tenth the tactics. Not having to spend 2k for what ultimately comes to around $20 worth of plastic city structures is also kinda nice as well. I love the effort this game is getting and i'll buy it day 1 no matter what. I appreciate all Privateerpress does for its people, i'll support it based on that alone.
Doctor Mcpoopcock 30 Mar @ 7:43pm 
warhammer 40k table top is WAY BETTER
Samurninsai 25 Mar @ 9:39pm 
Awesome, I missed the Kickstarter, total bummer I know. So how can I get in on it now? I see the steam early access post. When? I would like to support, so you guys can make this game grow. The more the better?
CrisisCry 18 Mar @ 3:18pm 
is it free to play or not?
kamillo55855 (GameMiner) 17 Mar @ 1:23pm 
shifter_dragoon 16 Mar @ 8:16pm 
so looking forwards to this
InVASIAN 11 Mar @ 10:41pm 
Take my money please? I am not even sure if I can even run this game :(
Namgoose 11 Mar @ 3:49pm 
Is there any plan for Early Access? I would definitely pay!
seanpow5 10 Mar @ 9:19am 
does it include horde armies as well. Circle orboros in paticular
Mortal Wombat 5 Mar @ 6:30am 
so great :D
The New Manda'lor 3 Mar @ 9:39am 
@SrednaX Amen. But I do support taking their time in order to make a topnotch game.
SrednaX 2 Mar @ 2:28pm 
This game can't be released fast enough for me ^^
AddleTwintone 2 Mar @ 1:40am 
I remember when the Kickstarter was still going on and it got me hooked because it looks way better than 40k.
Gipsy Jaeger 28 Şub @ 12:54pm 
Warmachine is extremely unique in setting and gameplay. Honestly a farcry (and a refreshing one) to 40k, trust me, I've played 40k from 5 years old to about 19..then got bored ;)
grenn {O.A.G} 24 Şub @ 2:03pm 
do we actualy have a release date for this yet? i dont get to play table top anymore, my poor Kahdor army, about 1500 dolars worth just sort of sitting aorund. i cant wait for a digitasl version....i hope we dont have to buy individual digital figs...
warfteiner 22 Şub @ 4:22pm 
VERY excited to see this coming out!
O'Zuruso 18 Şub @ 10:30pm 
Still no Backer Update #4 in Steam :/ Does you gonne leave steam community without update?
Saligia 15 Şub @ 4:23pm 
Seems great!!
ArchAngelz 12 Şub @ 1:04am 
Proeza 11 Şub @ 2:16pm 
The New Manda'lor 10 Şub @ 6:49pm 
So... I'll take Cygnar and Khador are the main factions, and all other factions are going to be dlc.
nazdr3g 9 Şub @ 10:55pm 
People who compare this to warhammer must not have actually tried warmachine. It's not a clone by any stretch of the imagination. The rules set for Privateer press has the advantage of being concise and comes with a constantly updated errata unlike the mess games workshop makes of its game. To see whitemoon making a pc version of an incredible tactical game is really awesome I can't wait to see the retribution on the field!
WhiteMoon Dreams  [yaratıcı] 9 Şub @ 6:01pm 
@Manda'lor: That's correct! We LOVED XCom and thought that this would be a great way to bring both worlds together.
WhiteMoon Dreams  [yaratıcı] 9 Şub @ 6:00pm 
@Brock: Yep, we were greenlit within a month! Nice chatting with you today, BTW!
WhiteMoon Dreams  [yaratıcı] 9 Şub @ 5:59pm 
@jamie_old: of course! Check our latest backer video to see their models!
Did you guys end up getting greanlighted? And when is the beta out for us donators!?
The New Manda'lor 7 Şub @ 5:53pm 
Just from the trailers, the playing mechanics look like Xcom. Is that somewhat right?
Trip 23 Oca @ 3:03pm 
if this had a like option i would like that whitemoon...more importantly as a Menoth player does this game have the choir??
WhiteMoon Dreams  [yaratıcı] 23 Oca @ 2:30pm 
we will!
Trip 23 Oca @ 11:23am 
this game looks awesome!! i hope they follow the miniatures and we get all the cool stuff!!
Kenmure 20 Oca @ 9:13pm 
its so mush better
Osmosis 20 Oca @ 3:41pm 
It looks like steampunk Warhammer 40k.
Deagoth 19 Oca @ 12:57pm 
A voir, c'est peut être un très bon jeu, a tester! :)
Tenno 18 Oca @ 4:16am 
i want... <3
pooledn141 13 Oca @ 5:59am 
coole game i wud like to see this
Haxfromhell 3 Oca @ 2:02pm 
Choo Choo! All aboard the Hype Train!
Stafie 3 Oca @ 1:24am 
Looks good; I want it!
M4NYF4CE 19 Ara 2013 @ 2:57pm 
awesome game ... Cant wait for It
axel__84 17 Ara 2013 @ 2:27pm 
Great Game
(TFC 5)Aquatan 17 Ara 2013 @ 2:02pm 
Simply awesome.
TeXnOLoG 11 Ara 2013 @ 10:39pm 
Blagger 10 Ara 2013 @ 6:08pm 
I want! I want! Love the Table top game!
|UbDC|Play3rFTW 9 Ara 2013 @ 11:53am 
William Diables 8 Ara 2013 @ 8:55am 
Its looking good! WAAAARMACHINE!!!!!!!
telentheus 7 Ara 2013 @ 6:50pm 
Looking good, great to see another tabletop game make it to computer
SirArtix-[ITA]- 4 Ara 2013 @ 4:37pm 
Fantastic. Non vedo l'ora che venga pubblicato.
[Ṩ&Ṩ]•MΔYҚΛ-☆•♥ 3 Ara 2013 @ 11:23am 
Increible saga
God Tomato 23 Kas 2013 @ 9:43am 
tack your time so that you wont meack faille