Sydney Noire
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FuZ 21 април в 10:21сут. 
Best hat ever!!!!
Gamble.TF | enstage #AwayTillSun 19 април в 6:36след. 
I want this so bad!
Buck 29 юли 2013 в 9:28след. 
What's the status? The man was mauled by a koala and eating by an croc... the only thing remaining is a mustache and his beer mug.
me hoy minoy 29 юли 2013 в 3:52след. 
Like Zoinks Scoob! 29 юли 2013 в 3:01след. 
It kinda looks similar to the Spy hatjust a different texture
Graham Crackers 23 юли 2013 в 10:08сут. 
This is...awesome! R+
AaronTheLuigi 19 юли 2013 в 7:22след. 
It was at that moment that I realized he was Canadian.
User With No Name 18 юли 2013 в 8:01сут. 
A fedora for Sniper? Cool!