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perry 2014. márc. 2., du. 10:31 
bloody.albatross 2014. febr. 22., du. 6:20 
I hate it when I have a vague idea, don't do anything with it and one or two years later someone else actually successfully made a game out of it.
LaserHater 2014. jan. 9., de. 7:17 
sperm trying to reach somewhere?
ILIKESERIAL 2014. jan. 4., du. 10:51 
The thumbnail is a bit misleading but the game looks cool
------ 2013. dec. 30., du. 12:19 
Stylo(Malloy) 2013. dec. 24., de. 11:31 
Standin Marlboro Red 2013. dec. 23., du. 7:05 
V good
ploq 2013. nov. 13., du. 3:10 
Uploaded a review of this video, please watch and like! great job creating the game! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ev6H2HKDfDU
LexieTanium: 2013. nov. 3., du. 8:36 
Full breakdown review of Particulars:

An eyegasmic, explosive, physics inspired, puzzle game

Link: http://wp.me/p3tkgy-kl
BOLMoney 2013. okt. 30., du. 6:10 
Do I get a Steam key when its released if I have it on Desura?
Mongolian Car 2013. okt. 29., du. 10:34 
Congrats, looking forward to playing this one!
Sordh 2013. okt. 29., du. 6:58 
Congrats ^^
Hene 2013. okt. 27., de. 3:04 
Lachie McCree 2013. okt. 21., du. 10:13 
This is revolutionary!
Gamphar 2013. okt. 20., du. 1:55 
... meh, next, wait, watch video, ok, .... up
swistak7171 2013. okt. 19., du. 3:37 
| GWS | Rainkore 2013. okt. 10., du. 8:59 
The game is phenominal. Very interesting gameplay. Super addicting. This needs to be Greenlit.
Salmon 2013. okt. 9., du. 7:34 
Played this game at EB Expo 2013 and it was great. Could have sat there all day playing it!
Bucket 2013. okt. 7., de. 1:29 
Tried this game out at the EB Expo yesterday. Has a lot of potential and I would love to see it on the Steam Store.
Good luck, guys!
Sunny Skies 2013. okt. 6., du. 8:22 
Played at EBX great game!
Moses 2013. okt. 6., de. 4:56 
Played the game at EBX, while talking to the Dev who created the story! I think it is a fantastic game!
Chinnigan 2013. okt. 5., du. 7:54 
Played this game at EBX, it was really good to talk to the devs and the minds behind this game. Really great game, your going places :)
Thri11Ki11 2013. okt. 5., du. 4:00 
Played the demo. Thanks for Mac & Linux support.
First time I've ever played a puzzle game that had a story that wasn't written for a small child.
The gameplay ebbed and flowed with a wonder elasticity.
Got my vote and my dollars on the Notonsteam Sale.
Great work
TheSneak 2013. okt. 4., du. 10:38 
Very nice. I always liked games with gravity effect and anti responsive control type games. A nice soundtrack will go a long way for the game. A little more radient color too, but for the most part I like it.
Bear 2013. okt. 4., du. 2:57 
Jorah the Explorer 2013. okt. 4., de. 7:15 
weird but good I reckon... Check them out at Sydney EBExpo,
Pink Guy 2013. okt. 4., de. 5:51 
Saw this at Aus EBX, very impressive :D
Jimby 2013. okt. 1., de. 12:58 
Two things to never do in a trailer:

1) Include nothing but CGI imaginings and swooshing graphical overlays.
2) Include actual gameplay, but talk over the whole thing.
Explosive Monkey 2013. szept. 30., de. 9:19 
Any game that you play as a down quark gets my vote. Ohhhh up, down, strange, charm, top, bottom if you don't know what a quark is it don't matter you still got 'em...
Flik 2013. szept. 26., de. 8:41 
I got asked to take a look at this game for a first look video, anyone interested can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofD_UlS4lMw
Transcendendal Infinities 2013. szept. 24., du. 3:23 
Yayyy subatomic physics!!!!
Stingly 2013. szept. 23., de. 3:34 
Voted. Looks like a really interesting and different game!
The Hitcher  [készítő] 2013. szept. 18., du. 11:54 
@Dafina: Thanks for coming to our defence! many hundreds of man(and woman)-hours have gone into making this game, and it's nice that some people appreciate that.
Dafini 2013. szept. 18., du. 8:04 
Best of luck you guys! Voted and spreading it.

@Lesbillionaire: Well, whats the price for your products then? For your hard work? Do you even know the price for a "Minigame" or what strictly defines a "Minigame"? I would be happy to pay for $10 for this game due to its appeal, fun factor, as well as polish.

Don't just take it for granted. Greenlight isn't about freebies mind you.
The Hitcher  [készítő] 2013. szept. 18., du. 5:30 
@Biscuit: Definitely wasn't intentionally ripped off. I don't think any of us have seen that movie!

@Lesbillionaire: Consider it whatever you like. Lots of people have paid more than five bucks.
Z3noN 2013. szept. 18., de. 8:50 
Lesbillionaire 2013. szept. 17., de. 8:25 
5 DOLARS ARE YOU KIDDING?! I consider this a minigame.
fug4life 2013. szept. 17., de. 4:12 
Voted, G'luck
a good boy 2013. szept. 16., de. 2:58 
i like how that the first sentence sounds ripped off from the movie "Now You See Me". not that i care, it was a terrible movie
Shoto 2013. szept. 14., de. 7:19 
nice to have a fun normal game for a change
Toost Inc. 2013. szept. 11., du. 4:44 
Bought this on Groupees and voted, thanks for supporting Linux!
pdyxs  [készítő] 2013. szept. 9., du. 3:09 
Matinski - the key you got is for Desura, not for Steam (we can't give you a Steam key as we're not on Steam yet - hence the Greenlight campaign!). If the Desura key doesn't work, however, we really need to know (it's something we can totally fix).

Thorgi - Yes! As Saul's said in the past - If we get Greenlit, Steam Keys will rain from the sky!
The Hitcher  [készítő] 2013. szept. 9., du. 3:06 
@Matinski: Please email me and we'll make sure we sort out your problem: saul at seethroughstudios dot com
KinG_oF_KluBz 2013. szept. 9., de. 4:31 
Saw this on giantbomb.com. The story elements look really cool. Can't wait to see more!
JigxorAndy 2013. szept. 9., de. 2:46 
Looking fantastic! I hope this one gets Greenlit!
Korriban 2013. szept. 8., du. 5:21 
I saw this game on Patrick Klepek's Worth Playing. It looks like a very neat game, and I'm looking forward to its arrival on Steam.
Jen (@jbu3) 2013. szept. 8., de. 5:12 
If we buy it from your site/Desura, will we get a Steam key if it gets Greenlit?
Spooky Scary Skeletons 2013. szept. 8., de. 1:21 
good game
The Hitcher  [készítő] 2013. szept. 7., du. 5:06 
I've sent you a friend invite so we can discuss the issue.
The Hitcher  [készítő] 2013. szept. 7., du. 5:00 
@Crumbum: Haven't seen that happen before. Will look into it!