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Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut
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2,755 commenti
💢YamyyYamyy🗡 28 feb 2017, ore 22:55 
Hope fo Sequel.
Nero Evans 24 dic 2014, ore 2:09 
This game looks realy good
Zev 29 apr 2014, ore 22:09 
Это дерьмовоя гра и этим все сказано!
Dante 11 apr 2014, ore 8:46 
Are you all mental? When i played this i thought i was having a mental breakdown!? why do people think this game is good? Genuine question?
Be2maru248 22 feb 2014, ore 2:08 
I am a Japanese. Please support Japanese.
pablozeton 21 feb 2014, ore 7:17 
Ricardo (AC) 4 feb 2014, ore 8:54 
should be good
Emperor Meme Cat 2 feb 2014, ore 6:45 
look bloody amazing
remind me of Slient Hill
....give me the creep....hoping to see it in action anytime soon !
SirSkulls (Imbrogliox) 24 gen 2014, ore 3:02 
looking at the pictures made me think of silent hill, why?
LexotaN ® 28 dic 2013, ore 13:52 
Ethaninja 3 dic 2013, ore 19:58 
Why exactly is this called a Directors Cut? You can't just slap Directors Cut on a title and make it so. Great game though ;)
Sabbersaft 28 nov 2013, ore 6:21 
really nice!
erichjung100 24 nov 2013, ore 7:41 
gitavist 20 nov 2013, ore 7:47 
i think good game =)
Stalinger 31 ott 2013, ore 2:57 This link shows xbox key mapping, so you can set same mapping on x-padder and play with ur pad, huh?
Scrotus 21 ott 2013, ore 11:35 
Game is great
vovin 14 ott 2013, ore 15:45 
PatrickChan 14 ott 2013, ore 14:30 
Unable to express happiness ;u;
Stevey 14 ott 2013, ore 11:41 
where's the store page gone?
Ri 12 ott 2013, ore 13:49 
Looks awesome!
RanisAthrys 10 ott 2013, ore 12:24 
Loved this game first time round, glad to see it Greenlit, best of luck guys.
Satsujinki 10 ott 2013, ore 4:21 
My body is ready!
marv 9 ott 2013, ore 18:02 
It's 3 weeks until the 31st. Can I please buy the game now?
Syringa 9 ott 2013, ore 13:59 
omgomgomg yes
vovin 8 ott 2013, ore 7:20 
bring it out already
Mirko 7 ott 2013, ore 21:04 
I'm so ready <3
Slagga 6 ott 2013, ore 23:37 
Это хорошо
Yami 5 ott 2013, ore 2:11 
oh my god this game lol
Johnny!! 4 ott 2013, ore 19:25 
So, why does this game release on Halloween? That's like decorating for Christmas on Christmas... I feel like the game should come out like 3-5 days before Halloween to get us exicted for the "holiday".
kaplan007 4 ott 2013, ore 18:54 
con subtitulos en castellano o español, por favor!!!!!!!!!!!
. •.°•RoMiiNA•.☆.•° 4 ott 2013, ore 8:53 
Metal 2 ott 2013, ore 10:30 
Dikson 1 ott 2013, ore 5:05 
Игра которая имеет свое лицо и атмосферу с прекрасным сюжетом ессли добавить в релиз русскую локализацию интерфейса и субтитров в России её приобретет очень много народа наследятся в полной мере этой игрой!
Off the Map 30 set 2013, ore 4:25 
Les Duncan 28 set 2013, ore 18:11 
How about a Deadly Premonition Modding Tool Kit Kickstarter Project?
Hey Rising Star Games, would you consider making a Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut modding tool kit Kickstarter Project? I'm sure many fans (including myself) would support it. Modders would finally be able to polish up this great game.

"Nothing to discuss yet on mod support." Doesn't sound like good news to me. If RSG needs help with this, I'll do what I can.
Kusabi 27 set 2013, ore 15:13 
One of the best examples of a game having an amazing story with mediocre gameplay. I will say that even if the gameplay isn't up to snuff, the game has a very cool story- for the story, think "Twin Peaks" and "Se7en" had a baby and the godmother was "Silent Hill".
Tiddledink 26 set 2013, ore 9:56 
Anyone that just saw someone made a video saying "This sucks" They're idiotic because the game is really fun to see its flaws... It's actually pretty awesome to see how stupid it gets at points with the weird movie references and Twin Peak references and also how York never shuts up about movies.

Best game ever
Panopticon 24 set 2013, ore 7:42 
Being a huge Twin Peaks fan I can't see how I can dislike this. I have a feeling I'll be one of those who gave it an 8-10 grade.
mong 2 21 set 2013, ore 11:34 
fits perfectly!
aimtraning 17 set 2013, ore 13:29 
aimtraning 17 set 2013, ore 13:29 
cazh me awt zide 15 set 2013, ore 7:11 
Deddshot 14 set 2013, ore 14:55 
This game has really dumb characters, a plot that makes almost zero sense, terrible fighting, boring driving, (and also impossible to control driving) dumb side missions, weird animations, and really bad graphics.

That being said, I'm buying this as soon as I can.
☢ Mariohyper® ☢ 14 set 2013, ore 8:42 
Roflcub 13 set 2013, ore 20:10 
10/10... is that right
nessie 12 set 2013, ore 15:58 
Brilliant game my favorite in XBOX360 and I've been defending it in all forums. A game with an incredible personality. But, PLEASE, MODIFY the MAP and the car control, but above all the map, please!!!
WR 11 set 2013, ore 20:10 
I don't now...
The Tragicomic 11 set 2013, ore 12:36 
proxy 11 set 2013, ore 5:10 
Game is already greanlighted, Tito:happymeat:
Working Dead 11 set 2013, ore 0:12 
how to vote pls tell me