Lords of Shadow 2 Chaos Claws(Dragonborn)
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Knight-PaladinDarion 18 tuntia sitten 
PLZ make a non-required dragonborn plz or make a dawnguard one PLZ
Pedobeer 8. marras 12.47 
Search on google Farengar ID! Player.placeatme ********* 1 or resurrect and click on farengar dead body! Woala
Xeno Tyrant 8. maalis 14.11 
i did help chaos and i cnt find the alws can someone tell me there id so i can spawn them plz?
-Y. 24. heinä, 2013 13.23 
@robin816, if you killed him, resurrect him?
buttkraken 15. heinä, 2013 15.31 
Lord Dracula  [tekijä] 15. heinä, 2013 15.30 
open console
help chaos
buttkraken 15. heinä, 2013 15.02 
I mean I killed the person who sells it to you.
Lord Dracula  [tekijä] 15. heinä, 2013 12.34 
he sells it to you
buttkraken 15. heinä, 2013 12.18 
I killed Farengar. What do i do?