Portal 2
Area 10 - A Short Horror Game Experience [V.2]
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Anachronistic ALLOS  [作者] 2017年6月24日下午6:56 
Sure. I'd be interested to see what you could do, given that this was partially a failure during development. You can even pop a link here when it's done, and I'll take a look.
SpahgettiLord21 2017年6月24日下午6:23 
Great map! Could I remake this with more details? I'd give you credit in the description.
TyronCJS 2017年6月7日上午4:02 
Laughing cat #smokeweedeveryday 2017年3月19日上午6:57 
this is soooo scary for me so i watched thewonderspud's playtrough, but good job making this! the keycard collecting is fun and where you have to put the keycards in the locks
Anachronistic ALLOS  [作者] 2016年12月4日下午6:47 
Highly pointless, so, no. One of this map's mechanics also depend on there being just one player.

Also because my publishing tool is broken, so I can't work on my already-existing Portal 2 workshop maps. If you'd looked at my last-released map, you would have known that.
Yetidude 2016年12月4日上午9:45 
can you make a co-op version?
Yetidude 2016年12月2日下午8:15 
oh, its still cool,
Anachronistic ALLOS  [作者] 2016年12月2日下午8:04 
It's not really a custom weapon, because of two reasons;

1) That lamp model is actually in Portal 2 by default
2) It's not a weapon, I actually just (figuratively) duct-tape it to the player.
Yetidude 2016年12月2日下午5:13 
Nice custom weapon! :O
help 2016年10月16日下午5:37 
That was the derpiest thing that has scared me since spooky's jumpscare mansion.
cochetmichel49 2016年9月17日上午9:00 
Simple, but funny, thanks
Anachronistic ALLOS  [作者] 2016年9月7日下午2:58 
This map wasn't aimed towards being great, anyways. I just made it for a little bit of fun.

The naked human models are from the co-op campaign ending, being the stasis human models.
Sp3cial1st 2016年9月7日下午12:28 
i have played the office prank but thats a different story. I'm just giving you some feedback. The map looked really sweet and so i expected a grand chase scene when i was running away from the monster (who is that anyways? i've seen that ant guy and also that white naked guy before but idk who it is) i love horror maps, definetly portal 2 as its not originally made to be a horror game, and so when people exploit the music soundtrack and the mecanics, it just gets really creepy and i love that. Continue doing gods work, you only get better the more you create until you come upon a masterpiece.
Anachronistic ALLOS  [作者] 2016年9月4日下午3:49 
If you want a great ending, go play The Office Prank, by Camben. That's a legit horror; this map was just an offset idea.
Sp3cial1st 2016年9月4日下午3:01 
Expected a maybe more further chase scene, where da monster would get closer and closer until a scene where maybe the other monsters would block you off and you would have to do a quick puzzle. Or a leap of faith moment where you exit the last door and have the choice between getting caught by him or jumping (into fire/water/off a cliff). That's some endings.
Anachronistic ALLOS  [作者] 2016年9月4日下午2:57 
Well, what were you expecting? The ending of The Evil Within?
Sp3cial1st 2016年9月4日下午2:50 
The most anti climatic ending.
Anachronistic ALLOS  [作者] 2016年6月15日下午7:48 
re:Escape From Aperture Part 4: Goodbye, Sir.
LOLsuchMGsuchLOL 2016年6月15日下午7:45 
Which map did you use the voice in?
Anachronistic ALLOS  [作者] 2016年6月15日下午7:44 
I think it actually really only happens in Portal 1, but there's quite a bit of remaining content from Portal existent in Portal 2. In Portal 2's files, you can even find the voice clip for the Party Escort Bot, which I have used in a map before.
LOLsuchMGsuchLOL 2016年6月15日下午7:42 
Really? I never knew blood splattered when you are shot by a turret in portal 2.
Anachronistic ALLOS  [作者] 2016年6月15日下午5:10 

Those are in Portal 2 by default. Used when the player is shot by a Turret. The blood decals are more prominently seen in Portal 1.
LOLsuchMGsuchLOL 2016年6月15日下午4:18 
oh. where did you get the blud models?
Anachronistic ALLOS  [作者] 2016年6月15日下午4:17 
Those are the stasis human models from the end of the co-op campaign.
LOLsuchMGsuchLOL 2016年6月15日下午4:16 
ok where did you get the figure models?
Anachronistic ALLOS  [作者] 2016年6月15日下午4:09 
The rambling voice sound? That's from Portal 2, in the Ratman dens.
LOLsuchMGsuchLOL 2016年6月15日下午4:08 
too scary! i had to stop in the middle! how did you make that wierd voice?
siluskhusro 2016年5月29日下午12:03 
Spear180 2016年5月21日下午3:51 
That update made map A LOT creepier!
Duma 2016年4月17日下午12:57 
Decent, I guess.
ℳadeye 2015年7月13日下午1:43 
weatherman115 2015年6月15日下午1:47 
As I played
*moves camera to singing*
Cave Johnson is Gman confirmed.
Where IS that room and why is there another person in there?
And who's the tall guy with the ti- aaaah.
Did I just hear breathing?
And in the end it was all a hallucination.
Maybe one of them will teleport to me. Or leave the room. One of the two.
AAAHA! Damn.
Now that I think of it, Mike Schmidt would LOVE this job.
Suddenly, P-Body!
A SPY checking his watch. OK.
Hello *insert core name here*!
Suddenly, Atlas!
Did Rattmann just cough?
The moment of truth. Here we go.
*lights shut off* NOPE
Why you little...
Second time's a charm! Yes!
I hate that guy x2.
Adam Holland 2015年4月26日下午3:37 
Cool map, man. I thought I was playing "Amnesia" for a second. No weapons, no chance to defend myself, no hope. Great job.
Y.B. 2015年3月25日上午9:05 
Thankyou so much! :p2aperture:
Anachronistic ALLOS  [作者] 2015年3月24日下午2:46 
Oh hey! You're the first person to ever actually link their video playthrough in the comments, as I always suggest! You deserve an award of some sort.

..all I can really do at the moment is link your video in the description, but it's something!
Bargriff 2015年3月14日上午1:31 
really good! :)
Anachronistic ALLOS  [作者] 2015年3月7日下午2:17 
A mediocre attempt at horror, at most.
Partially based on the indie horror Curse of Blackwater, but then I think I pretty much lost devotion to detail halfway through.
Petutski 2015年3月7日上午5:16 
Well, unique map, but relies on persistance rather than brains. Not my favorite.
Anachronistic ALLOS  [作者] 2015年2月17日下午8:30 
Please, no OCs of any sort in the comments section. Not only is this not a roleplay forum, the concept of a Slenderman-based OC is ridiculous.
minestardan 2015年2月17日下午7:19 
Anyway he is about the size of slenderman.
minestardan 2015年2月17日下午7:17 
YOU BETTER NOT DIE!!! Anyway has any of you seen my Slender creature Cujo? He might be in your map and he has rabies,so I suggest you step away from your computor like right now.Just kidding ,:) (But I'm serious, this is no joke,he will make a very dangerous virus and scare you to hell)
Capt Blackwood 2015年1月28日上午8:43 
I love the new version, it makes the whole level scarier
Anachronistic ALLOS  [作者] 2014年12月25日下午12:37 
No, because this was a pitiful excuse for a horror map anyways.

It was actually inspired by Markiplier's playthrough of the horror game Curse of Blackwater, which can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3tRBEVW0hiCQmnLYV2ONDqjOKWKpCP9q
Mortar Moron 2014年12月25日上午1:29 
Alrighty, I suppose I'll say it's a nice map then. Does it have any story or chance of a sequel though? I'm pretty curious.
Anachronistic ALLOS  [作者] 2014年12月24日下午5:14 
I am not the first to make a non-Portal map in Portal, nor am I the first to make a 'horror' map of any caliber. The blame is not on me, my friend.

Heck, there's a high-caliber (but incomplete) make of the original Slender: The Eight Pages floating about on ThinkingWithPortals. A few Minecraft maps here and there. And just some maps that are just flat-out not puzzle-y in any way.

If you still have gripes about this sort of map when such maps have been in existence for a while, then please leave. A creator may make whatever they want, and whether the result may be good or bad, it was still their decision to make it, not the community's decision.

A map may still be taken down after its posting if enough good reason has been given in general consensus, but if only one person (such as you) gripes about it, then such words mean nothing.


It's my map, my rules. Deal with it.[/b]
tu7650x 2014年12月24日下午4:56 
It's not a mod indeed, it's not even Portal. Portal is supposed to about using a portal gun and techno-gadgetry to solve physical puzzles, this is nothing more than a boring goose chase to find pointless keys.
Anachronistic ALLOS  [作者] 2014年10月30日下午5:33 
It's not a mod. Why do people call these that? The custom maps on the workshop are not mods. Thinking with Time Machine is a mod. Aperture Tag is a mod. This is not a mod.
No Antennas 2014年10月12日下午9:22 
Very nice map. *clap* *clap*
Anonymister 2014年10月4日上午11:38 
Ok, is it just me, or does anyone else think the Cave Johnson portrait in room 08 looks a lot like the G-Man? When the lights go off that is.