Portal 2
GloomShine #31(Have Mercy)
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mood3rd 2016. ápr. 13., du. 3:51 
you have mercy, where timers are concerned.
& aproaching stairs from the side, on timer.
but did it after attempt, where stairs I was on flaterned. practice run :)
was confused at where I ended up, untill I noticed 1 difference :)
puzzle good. timer not to my liking.
but got satisfaction on beating it.
turret solution good.
good map / fun.
ruberad 2015. okt. 3., du. 5:08 
Excellent level! Creative puzzles to figure out
Petutski 2014. ápr. 26., du. 1:45 
Yes Mercy! In the third room, run, jump against the clock. Well, I made it... so I won't whine. Excellent map.
metadavid 2013. júl. 15., du. 4:14 
Very cool. Thanks.
metadavid 2013. júl. 14., du. 6:20 
Oh, nice opening moves!! Auto turret annihilation!