Skyrim Boss Hunts
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spiket31 Apr 17 @ 12:01am 
if you just want them gone try using insta kill spells or console commands
spiket31 Apr 17 @ 12:00am 
the dwarf dragons do die, when they land they run though. i really hope they don't respawn...
chocolateunicornyay Mar 21 @ 11:34am 
lord crab
edpdubois Jan 6 @ 12:39am 
So the two dwarf dragons near whiterun.... 1) They never attacked me 2) It was practically impossible to even hit them because of their unending fly mechanic 3) They never left, no matter how long I waited for guards to kill them, or something.
So I had an unending dragon roar sound every single time near whiterun, is there a fix for this?
bluebell Dec 13, 2014 @ 1:23pm 
is the crab buged
StonedTotodile#420 Nov 15, 2014 @ 9:59am 
Oh thanks!
Just found him :)
Alien Infiltrator Sep 16, 2014 @ 6:56am 
Do the leagend scales differany from the regular slaghter fish scales???
The Magic Rope Sep 2, 2014 @ 7:12pm 
woah that troll
Seargent Safe Aug 31, 2014 @ 3:38pm 
i cannot find the crab, im at the place and was searching for 20 minutes. help?
ohsnap6 Aug 31, 2014 @ 2:54pm 
if you instal here be monsters you can find legend of the deep ner the boy at the location of th laviathon use the shout that shows the location of living creatures and then pick of targets untill you kill legend of the seep. with the ebony bow and ebony arrows you can one hit him.its a bitt sad how he goes down so easy but to get to his slow rising corpse you have to swing down and get chased by dozens of fish :D
nashgill Aug 16, 2014 @ 10:11am 
nashgill Aug 16, 2014 @ 10:11am 
@heckerdoodle Yeh, So true!
Kimera Jul 24, 2014 @ 11:46am 
aight then, good enough for me I guess lol
The Red Glow  [author] Jul 24, 2014 @ 7:03am 
Thats for you to figure out my friend.
Kimera Jul 23, 2014 @ 6:04pm 
I was just thinking as I was about to hit subsribe, how do you even hurt the fish? You can't even attack underwater.
D3th10rd Jul 2, 2014 @ 11:17pm 
Ok, not sure if this is in the mod or what because it was pretty difficult but Enrich the Awful is something in my game world. He hunted me down in Dawnstar and I tried to kill him but he is an essential. -_- can someone help me out? I don't want to deactivate his essential status because he might be part of the dawnguard dlc because he has the dawnguard shield and armor, but he keeps killing me and is ultra difficult. Is this part of the mod??
aduyl5052 Jun 29, 2014 @ 6:22pm 
@snacks maybe english isnt his first language? dont be so hoity toity
leafsnacks Jun 26, 2014 @ 8:23pm 
Jesus fix the grammar on the titles then I'd download it
Stárkiller246 Jun 22, 2014 @ 1:16pm 
Love the ones like this more bosses animals and bad guys
Sweatpleasure Jun 19, 2014 @ 10:04pm 
also also dat1panda its near a wide river that has a lout of mudcrabys
Sweatpleasure Jun 19, 2014 @ 9:46pm 
also the arogonian tribes hatchling dont die and are kinda really frekin creepy with there voice in all.
Sweatpleasure Jun 19, 2014 @ 9:43pm 
ok i cant find the legend of the deep can anybody help me or but a link to like a youtube video or something? plz help but i did come across thiss forgotten sanctuary place but it needs a key for the door.
ps.couldtn find the key
Timesplitter Jun 5, 2014 @ 11:33pm 
Skyrim Ultimate RPG Experience: All Expansions thanks you for your mod/mods made that have been implemented into the collection. It does require all the Skyrim expansions, but is composed of all the most promising mods ever made for Steam. Make sure to check it out at and don't forget to rate it.
HerebeDragons May 21, 2014 @ 3:18pm 
That Daedric horse scared the crap out of me when I first saw it.
Dat1Panda May 3, 2014 @ 7:48pm 
is bleakwind basin the place of the dreaded Achilles? Because I found four tinny dead mudcraps there
G20 Apr 4, 2014 @ 11:25am 
Yo, I noticed your mod in this nice little collection:
Rated collection, rated you ;)
ketchaval Feb 20, 2014 @ 11:56am 
In two save games Clyzeus the Wolf was killed by other spawning creatures, first by some Redguards then in the reload by a Conjurer : /
The Red Glow  [author] Dec 2, 2013 @ 6:54am 
hahah yea
Asp Dec 1, 2013 @ 9:06pm 
So, this mod added two "Dwarf Dragons" at the watchtower outside of Whiterun, and they had really bizarre mechanics -- flying sideways and backwards, never attacking, and if they ever did land, they clipped through walls and hillsides at really high speeds. Anyone else get that?
jimbobstan Dec 1, 2013 @ 9:49am 
Lol I must just be lucky then :) It was pretty awesome but I kinda hope it never happens again! :)
The Red Glow  [author] Dec 1, 2013 @ 8:18am 
that seems to be a very rare glitch :)
jimbobstan Dec 1, 2013 @ 6:02am 
Awesome creatures in this mod! One thing though, I came across the Titan Wood when i was walking outside Dawnstar, and had to leg it, my new character was mince. Then as I got away, I fast travelled to Dawnstar, and entered the Quicksilver mine. I chat to a miner, and then I hear massive growls. I thought it was just a sound effecdt (just installed Sounds of Skyrim). Then I turn to walk out, and 6 or 7 Titan Bears have spawned near the entrance, and are bouncing about, because they couldn't really fit in the Little mine shaft. I manage to perch on a ledge and it took ages to killed them all using 120 steel Arrows! Allthough it was a really cool experience, (but lagged the heck out of my game), I wonder if this is a rare glitch or if it happens often with this mod?
Its Never Ogre Nov 18, 2013 @ 4:11am 
the book disepeared from my inventory
The Red Glow  [author] Nov 8, 2013 @ 7:21pm 
im working on a sequel to this mod, its called Boss Hunts: travels
Seibyo Azurin Nov 8, 2013 @ 2:58pm 
When i saw this mod i only read to the part were the book is located so i didn't know about the location of the fish so in the end of the companions questline i swam and i saw a red dot on the compass and a giant fish came out and almost killed me
[TWS] Kany™ Nov 4, 2013 @ 10:11am 
ok thanks !
Timesplitter Nov 3, 2013 @ 6:21pm 
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The Red Glow  [author] Nov 3, 2013 @ 11:42am 
click on their name, then drag it into your render window, as you would with any other object
[TWS] Kany™ Nov 3, 2013 @ 9:28am 
yes please give me this secret
The Red Glow  [author] Nov 3, 2013 @ 9:25am 
in creation kit?
[TWS] Kany™ Nov 3, 2013 @ 3:00am 
how do you place these creatures ? example: how dow you place the plains troll around Whiterun ?
The Red Glow  [author] Oct 23, 2013 @ 4:17pm 
thanks man :D
crush5104 Oct 23, 2013 @ 11:20am 
Yeah sorry about that. I would like to amend my post below, and say that I was able to best the bears using archery and high terrain to my advantage; plus I had Serana by my side. It took forever, but it was fun. Now I see that it's not impossible it's just extremley overwhelming. I think a lot of my problems stemmed from the fact that there is a Giants' camp right there also. So not only do u have to fight the bears, but you have to pay attention to the mamoths and giants who will fight the bears , but also crush you adding even more incredibly hard enemies on legendart difficulty, but that is why they call it "lengendary". Thanks for taking the time to develope this fun mod!!!
The Red Glow  [author] Oct 22, 2013 @ 5:11pm 
that would be the titan forest my friend
crush5104 Oct 20, 2013 @ 11:08pm 
I'm sorry if u have mentioned this b4, but I just got jumped by atleast 10 Titan bears all at once [No exaggeration]. I can "bearley" handle 1 on my own at lvl 20 (legendary dificulty) and 10 it's "foget about it". Is this suppose 2 happen becuz u can't run fast enuf from them. 2 good swats and I'm officially destined to become Bear !@#$. I am afraid to unsubscribe becuz I already picked up the armor and book so I can't be certain what will happen. I don't want to unsubscribe anyway its a good time but Is there anyway u can put a limit on how many of these monstrosities can spawn in 1 area!!!
The Red Glow  [author] Oct 5, 2013 @ 2:04pm 
not the legends but the animals
inoshikacho3 Oct 4, 2013 @ 5:28am 
do they respawn??
carloss53 Sep 22, 2013 @ 2:13pm 
nice but kind of dissapointed with legend of the deep i killed him in one shot which wasnt such a great fight
carloss53 Sep 22, 2013 @ 1:00pm 
I cant find the crab
carloss53 Sep 22, 2013 @ 11:36am 
thanks man this is great