Dit spel heeft groen licht gekregen van de community!

De community heeft haar interesse getoond voor dit spel. Valve heeft de ontwikkelaars benaderd om de release op Steam in gang te zetten.

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ヤンデレ 30 mei om 7:58nm 
All I want is this game without cheaters and pay to win, and I'm happy.
I played this a lot before, was fun but cheaters and pay for better gear ruined it for me once you got to that level.
shox 30 mei om 12:53vm 
que bien
DarkOrlanD 15 mei om 11:57nm 
soy un poco ignorante, ya se puede descargar?
Airmax.# 8 mei om 8:53vm 
Rakion: Return of Heroes, Will probably come out faster than this on steam
Raziel 5 mei om 9:49vm 
Recomendado, pase horas de ocio en este peruanisimo juego, aunque la verdad sus años de oro ya pasaron al olvido entre 2008 y 2011 fueron sus momentos dorados, ahora ya es poco visitado y demaciado trillado.
Nike|Sup{LAMI}! 5 mei om 3:02vm 
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░ Valve Add This ░░░█
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Please! ░░░░░█
PitayaBiceps 1 mei om 11:27vm 
its will be great ?
Ƿ Ȝ ϟ Ҭ Ʀ θƴ ƹ Ʀ 29 apr om 4:15vm 
lcduong6992 26 apr om 10:12nm 
Want it on steam?? make the game like before... i know it's impossible.. but try to make it like before when u release the game... this game is ruined by hackers , cashers ...
I'm still waiting for Rakion 2... which is better than the old version..
Thank You .
ღCat-Boy-Senketsuღ 23 apr om 9:25nm 
Playing this game almost every day... i always get this add to click the green button I WANT THIS ON STEAM
Jesse 22 apr om 2:17nm 
any news ?
LukasCoady 18 apr om 1:34vm 
Log! 17 apr om 9:25vm 
Lag everywhere, piece of shit game
Danaie 11 apr om 9:23nm 
peruvian people :/
ネットサオサ 11 apr om 2:10vm 
hurry the fuck up i want this shit
3xPaladin 10 apr om 4:08nm 
its now 2015..lol
Hazelynn 7 apr om 9:53nm 
Probably the best strategic pvp game released. People should give it a shot.
LordKrein 7 apr om 4:47nm 
Please bring back this game. Ive literally been trying to install it for about a week and their downloading files seem extremely crappy. If steam can put time into this game, it would be awesome
BuhTrayper 4 apr om 10:39vm 
Make this game how it was 8 years ago and I'd be excited. Right now this game is a POS. Pay to win creatures is basically what every battle consists of.
visor595 3 apr om 7:19vm 
add it already
it is the best game i ever played
Nike|Sup{LAMI}! 1 apr om 4:04nm 
Add this game balanced it and make it the best game on steam.
Mr.frank 29 mrt om 3:53vm 
(Im a Brony) Crossderpingor 28 mrt om 10:23nm 
Death][God 23 mrt om 11:58vm 
si estaria bueno que rakion este en STEAM el modo de juego seria mejor
ya no habria hakers ni desventajas de otros jugadores
lo malo seria si tendriamos q comprar el juego para poder jugarlo
Rias Gremory 17 mrt om 5:44nm 
Black Blade 15 mrt om 3:07nm 
I do hope these will get on Steam all ready, really want to play it again
(D2N) "™KneeGrows™" 11 mrt om 4:35vm 
This would be very great!!! Hope it will happen soon!!
Lone Wolf 9 mrt om 9:12nm 
Oh god, Valve, don't bother, this is a pay2win game.
Juliuszeks 9 mrt om 7:35vm 
if it would finnaly work fine on windows 8 x64 then yes it should be on steam
Reyy 5 mrt om 7:04nm 
This will be a great game if they will gonna remove OP items, creatures and also the hack

Rambo 3 mrt om 7:41nm 
steam ppor favor hasta cuando tendremos que esperar
Piderman 1 mrt om 10:54vm 
Two things must be done, in order to get this game going on steam.
There are too many hackers all the time. It must be recoded into a newer engine.
And then remove the fucking pay-to-win cash shit. I promise you, Softnyx if you do this, your game will be so popular!
Piderman 1 mrt om 10:49vm 
This game was so awesome five years ago. Remove all the fucked up cash-products and this game will be so popular, you can't even imagine. Best game I've ever played, before they ruined it with cash.
dangvunam 22 feb om 10:53vm 
please add it to steam asap thanks :)
MDC Dropout See Am Eye 17 feb om 4:43vm 
almost a year and no fking update
MDC Dropout See Am Eye 17 feb om 4:43vm 
update us already wtf
PikaPandita 16 feb om 1:47nm 
Este Juego Es Full Hack Ponganlo en Steam
Rambo 11 feb om 11:56nm 
ya vamos esperando casi mas de 2 años
creo q ya es mucha espera todo el mundo quiere jugarlo yo incluso pagaria
ya qur aqui es 0 hacks
asdas 11 feb om 3:57vm 
i miss this game please add it to steam asap thanks :)
FrozenWhirl 8 feb om 3:03vm 
Come on I cant wait to play :)
Infranure. 29 jan om 9:55nm 
El mejor juego de todos
Znavot 29 jan om 2:38nm 
Best Game Ever !
ff 29 jan om 12:42vm 
best pvp game ever
DruiXter 27 jan om 8:46vm 
Best game of PVP ACTION, So much skill in this game, i really like 1v1.
llDOBERMANll 27 jan om 6:19vm 
Pleeeeeeeease get this game in Steam please im begging you :( its a great game and if it got popular more it will be soo awesome!! just look at it how its fun to play
please put it in steam :( i will be happy to see that.
[SU]Saicox45 26 jan om 10:51nm 
digo que si entre a Steam pero que comienze todo de nuevo ya por las plagas de los hacks aunque muchos obtenieron en sus cuentas de rakion softnyx los items por hacks , rakion entra a Steam pero comenzando todo de 0 , un nuevo comienzo para todos , y digan lo que digan todos alguna vez usaron hacks en rakion e.e
Daanikyoldrog 26 jan om 7:44nm 
Is good. Please add.
[ZERGIO] 23 jan om 8:10vm 
hace uño que lo estoy esperando y no pasa nada,por favor ponganlo este juego es muy entretenido para varias edades xD
Armando Mequetrefe :v 20 jan om 11:57vm 
LordGaben para cuando el juego? que entre a la comunidad... u.u
MastAJM12 19 jan om 7:10nm 
porfabor el rakion hace como un año que aparece que valve comenzo los tramites con softonyx y nada