Helm of Ylgar
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=LCAF= Gothel 28 mai 2014 à 19h38 
Always wanted a crown of thorns.
Ylgar of Atmora 4 oct 2013 à 23h57 
Ulfric (and probably winterholds jarl, korir) are the only Pure descendants of Ysgramor, more a less ysgramors son, ylgar. as Ysgramor died two years after the conquering of the snow elves.
Arrow Albert 9 sept 2013 à 13h53 
Do the normal nord helmets stay the same?
Thargs 14 juil 2013 à 14h13 
@RJinthematrix, Ulfric is not his direct son, but Ysgramor are is direct ancestor, since one of the lore loading screen say it: from all nordic King to this day descend(sorry for my awefully bad english)but great idea
RJinthematrix  [créateur] 14 juil 2013 à 13h28 
@smetherling nope, he definitely isn't
SmetherPocket 14 juil 2013 à 9h52 
you now ulfric is his son
RJinthematrix  [créateur] 14 juil 2013 à 8h14 
An unenchanted version can now be crafted after the completion of the Companions questline
Aizakku 14 juil 2013 à 4h25 
Same as Hickory, these antlered helms are much cooler than the male ones which are too similar to the iron helm. Awesome!
HickoryFist 10 juil 2013 à 19h56 
This is brilliant. I've been waiting for an antlered version for males- tried to do it myself to no avail. Any chance for a un-enchanted version?
kinomedia 9 juil 2013 à 21h20 
A 25% resistence to magic and increases health by 50 points. As for where to hide it? On his remains near the word wall in the Forgotten Vale. Make up some stuff about him having tracked the last Snow Elves to there and getting killed by a Falmeri Paladin.
OuTpLaYeD 9 juil 2013 à 13h03 
Thank you this is awesome :)
I'mma plant me a dumbass tree 8 juil 2013 à 11h49 
Or it could just be made more difficult to obtain? Placed in a logical location, like a nordic crypt of some importance. In all fairness, the Helm of Yngol wasn't hard to get either. How about at the end of Ygramors tomb? laying in front of his father's coffin? It's tough because you need to go through the entire companions questline to obtain it.
Seewhyseeoh 8 juil 2013 à 11h27 
I hear what both of you are saying, 'It should be more powerful due to its legacy' and 'not too powerfull as its easy to obtain'...so why not make 2 versions? One with a slightly OP enchantment (maybe 15% resistance to Magic, Fire, Shock & Frost?) and another with none for us to enchant as we see fit. Everyone's happy!!
RJinthematrix  [créateur] 8 juil 2013 à 10h08 
considering how easy it is to obtain, I don't think it should be a very powerful item
I'mma plant me a dumbass tree 8 juil 2013 à 9h50 
I think it needs a better enchantment than that. 30% magic or shock resistance maybe? Since the helm of Yngol had frost resistance(30% i'm pretty sure), and the ancient helm of the unburned already has 40% fire resistance.