Wheatley's Punishment 03 (Finale)
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Fluttershy 4. tammi 11.26 
This is really good for a beginner. You should see how bad my levels are, and Iv'e been making them for over a year now! :3
AsinoEsel 15. elo, 2013 10.10 
Wait... What the?
Sorry, this sucked.
pupbear2 11. elo, 2013 16.13 
I seriously think a beginner could make a better map than this, these are not tests, they're just plain rooms. Sorry to say it, but your map, all 3 sucks, and the title isnt correct, put a better title, make somthing that's interesting to the player. The door, doesnt have a proper frame, you need to see tutorials on how you can make proper maps.
Nova iz Derpy 10. elo, 2013 18.08 
the hell was this?
Desogran 2. elo, 2013 14.41 
The chamber brings up an error saying it wont download.
Gavyn 21. heinä, 2013 21.11 
Now I gotta go do stuff with my phone, giggity
Saturn #RANDOMAVATAR  [tekijä] 20. heinä, 2013 14.05 
Remember, I'm a beginner at hammer!
Monochaos 20. heinä, 2013 13.10 
These hardly qualify as tests.
megatiger78 11. heinä, 2013 7.03 
the tests are SUPER EASY
R_Ëye 10. heinä, 2013 18.52 
Sorry, but this sucks. all 3 do. . I was looking forward to it but......
Discount Wizard 9. heinä, 2013 22.55 
No pics, No Clicks

Use a picture from ingame pelase.