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BuildVille - World Creator
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Danilo 22. Juli um 19:02 Uhr 
█░░█ ░█ ░▀▀█▀▀ ░█▀█ ░░█▀█
█░░█ ░█ ░░░█ ░░░█▀▄ ░█▀▀█
▀▀▀▀ ░▀▀▀ ░▀ ░░░▀░ ▀ ░▀░░▀
░█▀▀ ░█▀█ ░█ ░█▀▀
░█▀▀ ░█▀▀ ░█ ░█
░▀▀▀ ░▀ ░░░▀ ░▀▀▀
▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Valve ░░░█
▓▓▓▓▓█░░░ Add This ░░█
▓▓▓▓▓█░░░ NOW!! ░░░█
Metafree 10. Juli um 8:13 Uhr 
yes addit
Toon Link 7. Juli um 18:52 Uhr 
this alpha recieves my approval!
also the texture making idea looks brilliant
Maris 22. Juni um 20:00 Uhr 
Youth! Full Power!! 9. Juni um 7:55 Uhr 
I'm expecting this game. Good luck greenlight. Cheer up~! :D
Chao the Presidental FaceSquid 4. Juni um 16:56 Uhr 
Just installed the game, it's great! :D
Carrot Cake 1. Juni um 11:49 Uhr 
looks awesome!
bannas in jars 28. Mai um 19:32 Uhr 
this game is sick just you might want to change the skin and help on the first leavel not tut
Chao the Presidental FaceSquid 27. Mai um 2:14 Uhr 
How much money will it be, if any? Just asking; I mean, you guys do have a download on the site. Nothing like I'm gonna not get it if it costs money, I will if it does or not.
BachBreaker 25. Mai um 19:37 Uhr 
Looks good!
ionutudor2012 25. Mai um 3:13 Uhr 
Missingnope. 11. Mai um 16:52 Uhr 
I just love how kids are shunning sandbox games like this game, Buildville, for being a "rip-off" of Minecraft. It's like saying that Swiss Cheese is a "knock off" of Cheddar. Minecraft is a good game but I don't like how the community is just being mean to survival games like Don't Starve and/or sandbox games like Buildville just for "copying Minecraft." Sure they do have similar ideas like building whatever you want or trying to survive but the game devs just add things to try and prevent people from saying it's a "rip-off" which is good when assholes don't compare.
Consumer of Souls 5. Mai um 1:54 Uhr 
So-- This is just minecraft with in-game customization features? Lame and unoriginal. It seems that this game is being developed only for the .
Dozenbeer 4. Mai um 10:06 Uhr 
try the game at http://www.madpuppet.net/buildville its awesome! Love the new cars :)
Kylerb888 7. März um 21:24 Uhr 
This game looks so cool. I think some shader improvements would make this game look great.
superblade1889 24. Feb. um 7:13 Uhr 
yo get this on his website
ϟϟ 9. Feb. um 0:06 Uhr 
superblade1889 28. Jan. um 10:03 Uhr 
this looks cool
BluLizardHero 25. Dez. 2013 um 8:04 Uhr 
This is fun
initi[A]tor( v )( ;,,; )( v ) 12. Dez. 2013 um 9:55 Uhr 
it reminds me of mindcraft
Sharky mcOmNom 26. Nov. 2013 um 13:34 Uhr 
so you can make your own blocks, monsters, quests, and stories?! AWESOME
adup 17. Nov. 2013 um 23:04 Uhr 
it reminds me of mindcraft
Shot846 13. Nov. 2013 um 13:12 Uhr 
Actually, This is amazing!
Jambon 11. Nov. 2013 um 15:26 Uhr 
@MaDPuPPeT You make some good points, I completely agree about how clunky MC modding is and the fact it's a java game doesn't help either.

Keep at it, I'm going to keep an eye on progress. It would be nice to see MC get some solid competition.
MaDPuPPeT  [Autor] 11. Nov. 2013 um 15:08 Uhr 
I'm not trying to compete with Minecraft head on. I have some specific directions are want to take Buildville in. I was probably a year or so early with the Steam greenlight. Fez took 5 years to make, so I'll keep plodding along with Buildville in the background and you'll hear more from it the coming year. Still looking to get Multiplayer update out by christmas which is a hybrid peer-to-peer / server solution so you can just jump in anyones game at any time (assuming your machines are reachable frome ach other). Play iOS with Windows with Mac. Play 4 players splitscreen on your PC and have 1 player join in on an iPad. Stuff you won't be able to do in a minecraft mod.

I've not tried to push anything yet because I think I'm still at least 6 months from having a marketable product. I'll do a lot more informative videos when I feel I'm closer to having a real game than just the current building sandbox.
MaDPuPPeT  [Autor] 11. Nov. 2013 um 15:07 Uhr 
Thanks for the long comments Jambon.
I'll be pressing ahead regardless of Steam. Minecraft is a terrible base for modding - slow and messy java codebase, constantly having to fix mods when Mojang updates, not crossplatform (no iOS or Android or consoles on same codebase), server based networking, all your work profits Mojang - who pays for mods?

As my own engne, I can spin of games for iOS to make money, while keeping buildville as a core creative experience. The code base is optimised multithreaded C++ and I have complete control over what features I want to add and when and what platforms I want to support.
Jambon 10. Nov. 2013 um 18:28 Uhr 
Here is my suggestion though...

Look into making this as a mod for MC. Not sure how much of it would be possible with the MC modding support but you could contact notch and see if he would be interested in working with you to allow any additional modding support you need. He's usually pretty supportive of projects like this.

Then if the modding looks to be possible why not create a kickstarter for the idea of creating a MC mod that does exactly what you show in your demo video. Post this video and tell people this is a sample you created using your own engine to show the functionality you want to add to minecraft to allow people more control over their worlds. That way you could at least get some funding to help fund the additional work you would need to put in to making this a MC mod. You would probably get some decent backing too by the MILLIONS of minecraft fans that would love to have more control over the textures, creatures...etc.

Just a thought anyways...

Best of luck!
Jambon 10. Nov. 2013 um 18:28 Uhr 
Alot like minecraft but with MUCH more accessible control over modding the behavior of the game which is great.

A) I'd imagine you'd make more money and be much better received if you were selling this as a minecraft mod instead since there's already of huge # of people in the MC community that would pay for something like this. Going to be a LOT harder to get people to walk away from their MC creations to start fresh in a brand new alpha game.

B) If you're going to complete head on with MC you've got your work cut out for you to catchup to the features and player base MC has.It will be a LONG, TOUGH road.

I can appreciate all the hard work you've put in a this point. But I think I'll have to vote no because even if I do vote yes and you get in I've got a feeling you will NOT be received very well by critics and your sales won't be very good and in the end you'll probably want to walk away rather than suppor tthe game and all the people that DID buy will be upset. No one wins.

Deadkiler 6. Nov. 2013 um 13:17 Uhr 
Its would be like Minecraft in version Elite
imabannana 25. Okt. 2013 um 15:16 Uhr 
Shawnc why would he release it as a mc mod
Gabriel 21. Okt. 2013 um 20:52 Uhr 
Not something I would play, but it looks pretty interesting. Voted up for others to enjoy.
alemismun 16. Okt. 2013 um 11:48 Uhr 
i like this game!
Super_Sonic_Audio 14. Okt. 2013 um 1:03 Uhr 
people just had to copy minecraft -_- but the game still loooks worth it i guess?
Purple Fiction 13. Okt. 2013 um 3:25 Uhr 
This looks very promising, and I hope you get it on here. It would be amazing to have all the possible games created with this engine on the steam workshop. You're offering people an accessible way to create the games they want to play and share with the community. The people who are talking about it being a minecraft clone probably haven't even taken the time to watch the showcase videos otherwise it would be obvious to them how this is different. The people telling you to make it into a minecraft mod are simply pathetic and are basically trying to bully you into giving them free content for a game they already own. This has more possibilites than minecraft offers even with mods, especially if this is modded. Good luck to you!
Shawnc292 22. Sep. 2013 um 9:32 Uhr 
imo its impressive what you made but to me its still just a minecraft clone with a really good editor i think you should just release this as a mc mod but right now you havent shown what makes it differnt at all gl
Dozenbeer 12. Sep. 2013 um 23:57 Uhr 
watch a live interview on Friday 13th at 10pm US central time with the developer MadPuppet on twitch.tv/dozenbeer and get a chance to win a free IOS copy!
Stop by and ask your own questions live ;)
MaDPuPPeT  [Autor] 4. Sep. 2013 um 23:50 Uhr 
I've uploaded a small interrum update to my madpuppet.net/buildville that introduces Trees and Mountain Tops, while the Multiplayer release is still a couple of weeks away. There is, of course, split screen local multiplayer in there at the moment if you have an x360 joystick plugged in, though I haven't done a QA pass on that for a couple of weeks now.
Cloud 4. Sep. 2013 um 11:25 Uhr 
ahhhh been waiting for what seems ages for the multiplayer i just can't wait :) :)
Fast Ghost ® 30. Aug. 2013 um 17:42 Uhr 
se ve interesante.
MaDPuPPeT  [Autor] 27. Aug. 2013 um 2:45 Uhr 
Thanks guys. I'll be posting new videos and uploading new demo builds once I get the multiplayer working. I've spent the last couple of weeks optimising and bug fixing for an iOS release and that has been submitted now so I'm back on doing the multiplayer code.

Once multiplayer is in I'm keen to get back to the 'game creation' side and add all the event stuff so people can hook up puzzles and win-conditions to their levels.
♨Flip Me Pyro Penguin™♨ 26. Aug. 2013 um 19:49 Uhr 
I voted it up and put it on my favorites. Good Luck getting the game on steam. :3
sporeaddict9 26. Aug. 2013 um 17:18 Uhr 
Anyone who says that this is a Minecraft clone seems to be incapable of watching an entire video. This looks great, upvoted.
Kill_Me 26. Aug. 2013 um 1:35 Uhr 
Mincraft für arme
Mr.Zephy 25. Aug. 2013 um 18:11 Uhr 
This has is a real godd game for not being realesed. Love the idea! :]
sds 25. Aug. 2013 um 10:13 Uhr 
Real cool) I am Russian))
Cloud 23. Aug. 2013 um 12:14 Uhr 
Just another quick question will this game be free?
Mcshmevin 21. Aug. 2013 um 16:25 Uhr 
untextured minecraft
Evilheadshot #Boss 19. Aug. 2013 um 14:01 Uhr 
will it be free?
[PTRM] Shadow Spectre 16. Aug. 2013 um 4:42 Uhr 
This seems good but develop multiplayer into it and it'll be better!
Русский пенёк 15. Aug. 2013 um 7:29 Uhr 
Thisis nice!