Portal 2
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jandlml 26 OCT 2017 a las 15:49 
whoops i meant i didnt think i would solve it
Libbybapa 25 OCT 2017 a las 23:59 
Here's how I did it: https://youtu.be/nPdYyLzVKtw
jandlml 25 OCT 2017 a las 22:49 
haha bullfrog you and i are on the same wavelenghth. i really didnt think i would solve this . then all of a sudden it just came to me. excellent map. i hope i did it the intended way
bullfrog 30 ABR 2017 a las 1:07 
Brilliant puzzle – pure genius! I almost gave up, read the comments and thought: ”they must be using a cheat mode so they move faster and/or the map must be broken!” I would have looked at a walkthrough, if there was one, but I’m so glad there weren’t any, as solving this one has made my day. I can’t believe there are so few ratings and only one person as ‘favourited’ this map – well, big thumbs up and definite favourite; thank you.
dire.fcs 21 OCT 2016 a las 1:38 
I don't use reverse funnel, so it's unintended.
batman 25 ENE 2015 a las 12:30 
damn...It took one hour. I feel stupid)) Fantastic test chamber!
quaternary 25 OCT 2014 a las 16:40 
fun & quirky :) I haven't seen these tricks before
Mutt 3 MAY 2014 a las 18:48 
This one I got. I don't feel quit so stupid anymore.
Requiemsoul 20 ABR 2014 a las 16:24 
It´s weird.... I didn´t have played this fantastic (and not easy) puzzle xD. And I have the same question that cyhborg xD.
Mangus Toyl 28 DIC 2013 a las 16:00 
ouch... this one made head feel dumb dumb
goat  [autor] 6 JUL 2013 a las 5:30 
BAHHHH!!! Stahp amking me feel stupid for overlooking things XD
cyhborg 6 JUL 2013 a las 5:18 
Great puzzle. But I'm not sure why the fizzler needs to be turned off.