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The Void Walker
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Pizza_Duck 27 вер о 3:52 
can you please make a mod that only adds the stop time spell that's in here? only that one spell, with nothing else. It would be very usefull.
Plus, this mod is AMAZING! Thankes!
VoidWaIker 24 вер о 12:55 
Can I claim copyright for this mods name

lol jk
madarapa 14 вер о 18:38 
@ A|_EX, I use live another life and it works with this. You have to have this mod before the Live Another Life Alternate Start mod in the load order.
A|_EX-웃 31 сер о 18:52 
Hana 14 сер о 1:53 
I use Void leap constantly, def my favorite spell in the list.
Cthuluhoop on 1 vs 100 11 сер о 12:43 
hey do I get the armor in picutre
Shadow 11 сер о 11:45 
I cant see the house.
Outragedfist 23 лип о 21:41 
THIS MOD IS AWESOME! Sux you can only possess people for 10 seconds though, you should prob change that, people can be possessed for more then 2-5 minutes, a dragon can be possessed for about 10-30 seconds, animals (Lesser animals can be possessed for a while considering their not very powerful) (Greater animals can be possessed for bout 1-3 minutes) But eh, very good! I applaud the maker of this mod!! 10/10 stars i'd rate!
jeffreyli57 26 чер о 11:43 
where do you get void leap
francescoarcuri28 23 чер о 10:24 
Nameless Outsider 16 чер о 4:28 
Slothkiller 1 чер о 3:52 
Is the slow time a toggle spell?
poopscoot 28 тра о 16:20 
But Sithis is the Void! D:
Taco Cat.j2 24 тра о 5:31 
I like the concept of the mod, but it seems to have quite a few big flaws with the spells. When you use the Infestation spell most of the rats stay stationary, and the detect enemy spell doesn't work on the Void Gaze spell. Also the Possession spell is flawed; you can possess enemies easily, but you can't harm them. Not to mention the Tempest spell is a bit overpowered, allowing you to perpetually pin an enemy to the wall instead of just sending out one big gust like in Dishonored. The only spell that seems to work as advertised is the Void Leap, but even that is not saying much, since you can glitch through door or fall out of the map. Is there any way you can update this mod? It'd be very appreciated.
TheCrimsonHunter 25 кві о 9:28 
question. i want to use the other version of this, but i already have most of the spells for this. do i have to make a new character or can i just uninstall this and be fine. will it break the game if i uninstall this?
TheReciprocator 24 кві о 18:49 
Great Mod, especially love combining Tempest with Timeshift, launch people into orbit, one issue though, it looks like you have an extra Nord and Breton race in the files, if they aren't being used, either delete them or remove them from the Character Creation list, as they have no bodies. Other than that, SUPER HOT!!!!!
Dante, the Mysterious Gamer 23 кві о 18:29 
Amazingly well voiced. My compliments to whomever was behind the outsider's voice.
CloverHugo 17 кві о 14:35 
how do you get the symble on your hand
nawdew 1 кві о 13:40 
I just ran LOOT and it gave me this message concerning your mod: •Warning: This file contains 2 deleted NavMesh record(s) that TES5Edit cannot repair automatically and it may cause problems with your game. NavMesh deletions should be reported to the mod author. A guide to repairing NavMesh deletions with TES5Edit is located here.
My Name´s Jeff 25 бер о 8:12 
Nice Mod, everything works fine but found this on BOSS

the void walker.esp Active

Warning: This file contains 2 deleted NavMesh record(s) that TES5Edit cannot repair automatically and it may cause problems with your game. NavMesh deletions should be reported to the mod author. A guide to repairing NavMesh deletions with TES5Edit is located here.
GreyRoseOfHope 13 бер о 20:00 
Oh. My. God.
The Outsider is my favorite character from Dishonored. And you've just placed him in my favorite game.
Words cannot express how grateful I am for this mod. Thank you.
Modlio 5 бер о 13:03 
cool! this-is-AWESOME!!!! gonna do some super stealth kills! *glares at Ulfric Stormcloak*
dud u fergut void blink.....JK i know that you get it from the void.
Gflow 31 січ о 21:27 
I've been looking for this house for around 15 minutes and I just cant find it, will I have to restart my game?
Ganjalf guardate il mio profilo 23 січ о 15:07 
Where is Artorias?
Raven 19 січ о 1:52 
XDDDDD Such a dsihonoured themed mod
Aelfric 6 січ о 16:53 
The void Dog 3 січ о 13:04 
what is the cheat way to get the spells?
skinnytecboy 1 січ о 11:48 
Great Mod. I don't use magic mods generally, but this is my favorite. Well done.
Black Father 31 гру 2014 о 15:57 
SW_Gh0sT 24 гру 2014 о 10:04 
Jason_c_o, i don't think it matters, since this was just a rename due to copyright problems! But probably this one, since it's newer :)
SW_Gh0sT 24 гру 2014 о 9:53 
Does it have the heart that tells you where the runes are? If it doesn't you should add that ;)
egaro 19 гру 2014 о 20:05 
l)ark l)ruid-> 16 гру 2014 о 2:40 
this was a waste of time to me. Sorry.
12 гру 2014 о 3:08 
My Comp couldnt handle the fact that i was arrested while possesing someone XD
Jason_c_o 10 гру 2014 о 6:30 
Which version should I install? This, or Gifts of the Outsider? Both are still on the Workshop.
Paulie 11 лис 2014 о 0:39 
the directions need to be adjusted for Time Shift, that's north west, not north east.
The Devils Cheeze666 27 жов 2014 о 17:49 
The outsider is crepy as shit
Ivy 3 жов 2014 о 17:29 
This looks awesome!
JigglyPuffSmokingPandaWeed 1 жов 2014 о 18:04 
DISHONERED lol love that game
Chaos Maker 23 вер 2014 о 16:27 
does it have corvos armor?
springtrap 7 вер 2014 о 10:21 
@YAGS lol i wouldent have noticed if you hadent ev pointed it out i noticed it afterwords cuz i play dishonered but not alot
Da Punkace of Deth 26 сер 2014 о 19:25 
i fucking get to bring two of my favorite bethesda games into one LOVE IT!!!!!!!
Fredrick Longshaft 22 сер 2014 о 15:51 
OHOHOHOHOH i see what u did u copyer of dishonerd spells sneaky sneaky
UnKn0wn 21 сер 2014 о 12:21 
This is the same mod as the "gifts from the outsider." The creator had to change the name of the mod due to copyright issues. So to clear it up this is the same mod people :)
viciouspen 5 сер 2014 о 7:02 
isn't this literally a rip off of "gifts of the outsider"? it's the same screenshots and everything.
kdakmmt 31 лип 2014 о 20:48 
I love timeshift, it allows my vampire to be like vampires are supposed to be, really friggin' fast....
Π-Krana 29 лип 2014 о 8:39 
AMAZING work. I love it!!!

Just a problem, the Void Gaze sometimes doesn't work, and I cannot see the enemies trhu the walls.
snipars 20 лип 2014 о 10:56 
This is awesome, i love Dishonored and i love skyrim. So the both of them combined = Amazing.
Shank 12 лип 2014 о 19:41 
wait a minute. Isn't the Outsider from Dishonored?!