The Void Walker
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juniper5334 7. syys 10.21 
@YAGS lol i wouldent have noticed if you hadent ev pointed it out i noticed it afterwords cuz i play dishonered but not alot
The_Deadmans_Gamble 26. elo 19.25 
i fucking get to bring two of my favorite bethesda games into one LOVE IT!!!!!!!
mr waffels 22. elo 15.51 
OHOHOHOHOH i see what u did u copyer of dishonerd spells sneaky sneaky
UnKn0wn. WE 21. elo 12.21 
This is the same mod as the "gifts from the outsider." The creator had to change the name of the mod due to copyright issues. So to clear it up this is the same mod people :)
viciouspen 5. elo 7.02 
isn't this literally a rip off of "gifts of the outsider"? it's the same screenshots and everything.
kdakmmt 31. heinä 20.48 
I love timeshift, it allows my vampire to be like vampires are supposed to be, really friggin' fast....
Plkrana 29. heinä 8.39 
AMAZING work. I love it!!!

Just a problem, the Void Gaze sometimes doesn't work, and I cannot see the enemies trhu the walls.
Crystal 20. heinä 10.56 
This is awesome, i love Dishonored and i love skyrim. So the both of them combined = Amazing.
Shank 12. heinä 19.41 
wait a minute. Isn't the Outsider from Dishonored?!
★Respekt`ʛɵɳɵɾɑʟ★ 11. heinä 23.45 
I know you said you dont claim ownership of Dishonored's Ideas, but I loved Dishonored and I thought the game was too fast - Thank you for making this mod!
[BG] Javalin197 6. heinä 21.13 
where can i find the tempest rune??? plz help
jwadland 3. heinä 11.45 
Isnt there another mod with the exact same screenshots called gifts of the outsider? Sorry for my ineptitude if it says in the description
fawcettp_2000 2. heinä 1.03 
loved it since i first played it :) recommend it for everyone to try out
That_BAD-A$$_THO 1. heinä 15.34 
i cant talk to the outside in the begining
MinosLycan 29. kesä 13.04 
This mod so much fun and like a few people already mention it's just like Dishonored but for Skyrim :)
Shadow Crow 28. kesä 14.38 
Can you add runes that add the passive powers like in Dishonored? Extra Health, extra speed(Could be extra stamina), Shadow Kill(Make corpses turn into ashes, like you killed them after they were ressurected) and even the Berzerk Rage, I think that's the name, that would add a power that can be used once a day, like the Orc's power, it would be useful because Orcs could use it twice a day. :)
Shadow Crow 27. kesä 17.15 
One of the best mods I've ever seen, the way you just did the magics make the exact same thing that they do in Dishonored is amazing! The Possession is so fun to do :3
luluco250 25. kesä 3.11 
Hi I'd like to report that your mod contains 2 deleted NavMesh records that can causa problems with the game specially with other mods, so I hope I've helped.
icur2ys 10. kesä 17.52 
The void leap is exceptional. Saves me much effort, thanks.
jeffywolfkings 7. kesä 14.24 
can anyone say dishonored =p
swatt121097 7. kesä 13.41 
uh, ive got a mod called gifts of the outsider and this one looks almost EXACTLY the same. which one is better?
Bronzy Wonzy 16. touko 22.50 
I installed this mod, and I'm having trouble with the book disappering. I started the quest with out knowing it, so I had to load my last save. Now the book isn't there.
hell yeah man 21. huhti 17.55 
Neat powers. Good add on quest.
天使Lynus' Kouhai天使 20. huhti 8.24 
So this is pretty much just the Dishonored powers. Nice!
Sithis__Worshiper 19. huhti 7.51 
what branch of magic?
mstkjin 14. huhti 16.30 
Thank you for this Mod! well done and the spells are Great!
Cayote101 30. maalis 3.39 

First of i have to say this is an awsome mod and amazing gameplay.
But there is something i would love to see in this mod: Corvo's crossbow or better yet his gun!
Remember I still like this mod but i would love to see those things added.

Mr Mercer 22. maalis 23.33 
make corvo's armour then you could get the real dishonored experience
Predato457 15. maalis 15.38 
never mind found it
Predato457 15. maalis 15.24 
where is it
SnickersThePony 2. maalis 14.28 
Absolutly Fantastic! Love Dishonored; love this mod!
derpy pootis hoovy bears 26. helmi 14.07 
umm the abandoned house deosn,t appear on the map even if i type in tmm 200000
Sheogorath Ruler of Madness 21. helmi 21.39 
How do I reset the quest where you get the first rune? I found the Outsider before I grabbed the rune and now I can't find the rest of the runes. I go to thier locations, but they aren't there.
woker123 16. helmi 9.28 
wellcome to dishonored xD
StabbyStabs >.< 11. helmi 21.44 
Am i the only one who was reminded of Doctor Who after reading the description O_0
dixietmimi 11. helmi 15.34 
omg I was actully looking for a dishonored mod thank a lot!
Metroidaron 8. helmi 14.21 
You should make dual casting these spells (especially void step) double their range or duration... :D
just nap 18. tammi 12.49 
if you read the nexus mod page, the author cites it as a direct crossover. Even if it wasn't he has the right to make a mod with dishonoured based stuff if he likes that game and wants it in skyrim.
Drilby 12. tammi 13.15 
That straight steal from Dishonored lol gj though man
Jonathan4178 11. tammi 23.25 
any way to extend the reach of the blink?
Magnus Octavian 6. tammi 2.17 
The posses spell isent there ive found a table but its nowhere to be found
letrixbd 4. tammi 10.09 
VVVV never mind I remembered I played dishonored and beat the game like 6 times (I just forgot) I know how it works
letrixbd 4. tammi 10.05 
ow do I get Void Leap?
PROMETHEUS 2. tammi 5.54 
Before beginning this adventure I used B.O.S.S. and this came up "Warning: This file contains 2 deleted NavMesh record(s) that TES5Edit cannot repair automatically and it may cause problems with your game. NavMesh deletions should be reported to the mod author" has there been a fix for this.TRhank you
The Conga Katt 2. tammi 1.33 
this looks exactly like gifts of the outsider
TheHeroApe 1. tammi 20.50 
Having trouble downing this, looks awsome but cant use it, Error is .... Unableto download Subscribed file!Steam Error 2.
electricSkeleton 31. joulu, 2013 0.03 
Have you thought of adding shadow kill
Zag274, The Killer of Kings 30. joulu, 2013 12.43 
this is a sweet mod i love doing quest with it to move fast with the void leap
The_Pb_Farmer 24. marras, 2013 11.14 
Where exactly is this abandoned house by riften?
Paradox Doctor 24. marras, 2013 5.16 
This is the exact same as the 'Gifts of the Outside: Dishonored mod'.
The only difference I can find, is that you renamed the powers.