The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

"Dovahkiin" By Lindsey Stirling for the main menu
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Aleksa | 7月24日上午1:03 
Mendys(CZ) 7月20日上午2:11 
AMAZING!!! 7月18日下午4:46 
My gawd, she's so fucking stupid.
middleearther2015 7月7日下午2:57 
Lindsey Stirling #1 fan 6月29日上午3:43 
I must click the like :D
Vengeance46 6月21日下午11:12 
i would consider it if it was only lindsey stirling no need for the guy to sing dova
GRAV 6月16日上午11:09 
Awesome opening XD
Wolfy  [作者] 6月9日下午1:58 
v They are too dank for us
/>/ 6月8日下午9:19 
well, everything Skyrim related should make you cringe these days.
The community is infested with HAHA LE 9GAG ARROWINTHEKNEE #GAMRGURLLZZXXDD people.
Wolfy  [作者] 6月8日下午9:01 
v The video makes me cringe these days.
/>/ 6月8日下午7:00 
It is autistic though, yes.
Well done;
but autistic.
/>/ 6月8日下午7:00 
The music video was fucking good, Xephos, what is wrong with you?
Although why the fuck was she fighting with a violin string, and also, the video would have done better without the first person parts.
Otherwise, the video was breddy gud.
End of the world 5月18日下午12:46 
Very good.
Wolfy  [作者] 4月28日下午8:37 
v Cringeworthy material.
confirm("Regal"); 4月28日下午2:23 
Music: great
Music video: wtf.
Partytimeninja4 4月27日上午10:56 
Kitt Vessca 4月18日下午5:48 
All I ept thinking is live action SAO
Toor Skoboviik 4月10日上午12:24 
Great acting and filming!
Dr. Zull (Dr. Love) 4月4日下午4:21 
Your version of the song is so epic!
Grey - BDAY! 3月31日上午3:50 
The video made the hairs on my neck prick up. I never want to see that video again or i will get level 9 autism
Ghost 3月29日上午11:40 
Doesn't work, unsubb'd
keyboardfool 3月25日下午11:05 
Love it! Works great...rated up.
Aerekplus 3月11日下午7:39 
For some reason it's still playing the same old music, I feel like All my mods aren't there like some are missing
music4life33 2月21日下午9:07 
love this i could listen to this for hours
Anatoly Wasserman 2月19日下午4:07 
Всем советую.
AbadopolGrimspree 2月12日下午4:36 
Much respect for the mod"Love it."
LoXnEs4udo 2月9日下午9:41 
Dimak_Games 2月9日上午3:25 
БОЖЕСТВЕННО! 2月4日下午10:37 
>Literally listening to it whilst searching for skyrim mods
>finds this Oh my God yes
J3RaLD 2月4日上午8:06 
Very good) 10/11.
Eva 38 1月27日上午9:51 
I LOVE IT 100/100 %100 I love your song
Sir Davide Raya 1月26日上午2:23 
dwight.bedwell 1月25日下午6:30 
I love it! 'Absolutely love it... It takes great love of something to honor it with song. Well done.
Greshnyk 1月12日上午8:38 
Просто прикольно
centrion 2014年12月18日上午11:34 
she's so epic she fights with a violin wand
Bisu 2014年11月18日下午4:38 
I love Lindsey but to be honest one does not simply change the original intro.
Still would recommend it =)
Nailus Hunter 2014年11月11日下午6:54 
i have a problem, it crash when y start the game
Giraffe_ :^) 2014年11月7日下午5:39 
Dovahkiin, dovahkiin, naal ok zin los vahriin
Frost 2014年11月6日上午11:05 
UndeadUprise 2014年11月2日上午10:14 
Sounds like the cast of Glee got their hands on it.
Crimson - Arctic Ops 2014年11月1日下午5:15 
A non-voices version?
Spiffy Buttons 2014年11月1日下午2:26 
I don't think I'll add this to my game, but it was an amazing song. Peter's voice is wow.
MakkaraVanukas#AsmSummer2015 2014年10月23日上午7:22 
sounds gay and shit
Ralphie™ 2014年10月22日上午2:53 
I love how Lindsey is "Master Bard", haha.
Fivesyounger 2014年10月6日上午1:08 
I can understand the original pretty well. Plus, as sad as it may be, I have learnt most of it.
jmoriartycriminalconsultant 2014年9月30日下午4:23 
The best part is that you can actually sort of understand at least a few syllables of what they're saying, whereas in the original it's just "Da dadada da dadadadada" the whole time, and you can hardly understand a single syllable they're saying. In this, that isn't a problem!
SamiiSweetheart 2014年9月29日下午10:14 
THIS IS MY FAVORITE. They did so good and as a chorus nerd his voice is just...aaaagh! <3
Taco Bell induced diarrhea 2014年9月22日下午1:39 
SUBBED! Love me some Lindsey Stirling!
jinsung10000 2014年9月21日上午8:38 
layton2012 2014年9月19日上午9:31 
she does ac3 as well