The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

"Dovahkiin" By Lindsey Stirling for the main menu
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tyler77 19. joulu, 2016 22.28 
Dredd 14. marras, 2016 23.03 
i wish i was as badass as these two, they prob have great sex
Kevin_Strider 4. marras, 2016 4.56 
Outstanding video. Love the violin, singing, magic effects, the emotion, the acting, the choreography and the setting. Brilliant!
The Mimic 5. loka, 2016 16.38 
that video is just packed full of talent
Arthur Pendragon 1. syys, 2016 6.45 
This is amazing. She is a great and beautiful! Thank you.
Mr.Sweeps 26. elo, 2016 13.37 
It's a really amazing cover but at first I didn't want it. Rated and favorited anyway bc Lindsey Sterling is so god damn adorable. Watched the video and ya know, it's only on the menu, why not? lmao. great job
End Me 21. elo, 2016 17.51 
loe thum thum remindes me og the game of thrones theme lol
Vranir 6. elo, 2016 12.23 
very great replacer, epic atmospare,good work wolfy!
Nathaniel.Ea.Games 1. heinä, 2016 19.00 
hey i was wondering if yopu could do joydreamerjourneys version of this song, heres the link (just in case)
Mautty 30. kesä, 2016 19.51 
Hey I was just wondering, would you be willing/able to do the same with Peter Hollens's version of this song?
Wyrn 26. kesä, 2016 18.25 
Wolfy  [tekijä] 23. kesä, 2016 18.14 
Wolfy  [tekijä] 23. kesä, 2016 18.10 
Yes, in a while, Creation Kit is fucking things ups atm,I'm trying to upload it.
TheTrueDovahkiin 23. kesä, 2016 17.12 
@Wolfy, then will The DragonBorn comes be out?
Sneaky Hobbitses 23. kesä, 2016 11.45 
Many thanks!
Wolfy  [tekijä] 23. kesä, 2016 11.29 
v Sure thing,I was thinking about it. On it.
Sneaky Hobbitses 23. kesä, 2016 9.59 
Hey @Wolfy, could you do me a huge favour please? Would it be possible to replace the title music with this cover of "The Dragonborn Comes" by Christina Grimmie in a new mod?
Link here: for a short version, or for a longer version although this version has a weird part at 4:17 where it jumps, so you may want to mute that bit!

If you do choose to do this feel free to choose whichever is easiest to use for you! Many thanks.
Johnny Mielony 20. kesä, 2016 6.24 
TheTrueDovahkiin 4. kesä, 2016 11.35 
This is on YouTube and stuff.
Wolfy  [tekijä] 22. touko, 2016 11.32 
You don't need any other mods.

Check the order of the mods,just in case.
Evil Twin 22. touko, 2016 11.25 
need some mods for this mod?
Evil Twin 22. touko, 2016 11.23 
no just vanilla soundtrack for main menu
Wolfy  [tekijä] 22. touko, 2016 11.20 
Might be, did you download any soundtrack mods that replace the main menu music?
Evil Twin 22. touko, 2016 11.19 
just subscribe and could listen this music?
I subscribed this mod and just banilla music turned on...

*i'm using modmanager is that a problem?
Wolfy  [tekijä] 22. touko, 2016 10.12 
Yeah, I had to convert it to flac in the process and the audio file lost some quality
cubbyzeeman 21. touko, 2016 21.07 
love your mod mate. i had a question about the quality of the music.
i noticed it wasnt as good as the video above. is this because it's a flac file in skyrim?
Gawr 21. touko, 2016 16.26 
А понял,спасибо)
Wolfy  [tekijä] 21. touko, 2016 15.15 
v This theme replaces the main menu music.
Gawr 21. touko, 2016 13.57 
Это типа к игре саундтрек?
Wolfy  [tekijä] 16. touko, 2016 21.42 
100.000 visits and 21.000 downloads,thanks!
cubbyzeeman 18. huhti, 2016 10.25 
finally this exists as a mod.
thank you very much!!
camerontinz 26. maalis, 2016 15.54 
One of the most amazing things ever brought to my ear! Her skill with the volin is fantastic and his skill with whatever you'd call that is outstanding! Thanks for makeing me want to start learning the violin a more solid thought
KAPPA 23. maalis, 2016 1.47 
Best song ever
MA 6. maalis, 2016 4.59 
CodenameComlink 23. tammi, 2016 4.51 

no i have not been finding random mods and asking for easter eggs..!
dilbert alves 14. tammi, 2016 3.24 
muito daora :D
CptLAN 7. tammi, 2016 3.46 
Олег 26. joulu, 2015 23.59 
AWESOME,Thanks !!
Blade12775 18. joulu, 2015 1.16 
This is really awesome. I really enjoyed it. Really glad that someone finely made a mod for the this for the game. Thanks!
De|L1ne// 17. joulu, 2015 6.24 
gg wp, awesome
uj Rob: jeff 26. marras, 2015 8.10 
gg, better than the original one tbh
slayer116 25. marras, 2015 11.20 
cool idea is if you can infuse the main theme song from zelda of zelda and the skyrims main theme into one
Tennokin 18. loka, 2015 19.24 
i dont mind lindsey, but peter sucked when doing the voice over, ruined the whole bad ass feel and made it sound like a 9 year old stepped into class and started singing for no reason.
Jimdjet 13. loka, 2015 22.52 
This has been my alarm song for a long time now, I may literally love you eternally for this override.
fukurmama 5. loka, 2015 21.42 
Sir Not Appearing in game 28. elo, 2015 15.57 
just a tip dont run into battle with a bow for a violin they break
RedDiamond444 27. elo, 2015 15.28 
WatG 17. elo, 2015 1.41 
oh my god. it's beautiful.
떼껄룩 4. elo, 2015 3.42 
Pus Ro Da!
Aleksa 24. heinä, 2015 1.03