"Dovahkiin" By Lindsey Stirling for the main menu
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Armando Junior 27. aug kl. 11:36am 
Muito bom!!!
Wolfy  [ophavsmand] 26. aug kl. 7:16am 
dasdsdsa ^^
/-tuccio/ 26. aug kl. 7:12am 
jimmy_roberts2001 24. aug kl. 8:02pm 
Video is wayyy 2 cool!
ZokesPro 22. aug kl. 5:48pm 
This mod is too good to be true, so don't pinch me, I want to listen tofor ever! Why is it free? That can't be right, and why didn't I subscribe ealier? Just wow, amazing, and here I thought the original was good.
lam_nguyen53 22. aug kl. 10:38am 
The music is Awesome! Can't stop listening to it! (because I see it everyday in Skyrim's main menu) :3 but the music is mezmorizing! :D
mayingan 17. aug kl. 6:17pm 
Very good visuals! The music is enchanting.
Memento V1tae 14. aug kl. 1:53am 
Revan 8. aug kl. 7:00am 
it's.... AWESOME :)
Dr.Steel # THE BUTT STABBER 4. aug kl. 6:03pm 
I like the "armor" they are wearing, reminds me when i was noobie
sromshek 2. aug kl. 3:07pm 
good mod,but who spends that much time in main menu.need it ingame...
Yurij[SvK] 2. aug kl. 9:00am 
VillVamz 2. aug kl. 2:52am 
This is great! everytime I play Skyrim, I wait at the home menu just because of THIS MOD! Its great.
MillionMinds 1. aug kl. 7:24am 
amazing music video so cool
/ST/ Bitch Is My Name 28. jul kl. 9:49am 
So fucking coool !"
Ghost 22. jul kl. 9:06am 
Ender_Dylan_ 12. jul kl. 3:21pm 
yeah! Lindsey Stirling is the best!
DuplexMajestic 12. jul kl. 11:54am 
Lindsey Stirling is one of my favorite violinists. :D
GameFighter 10. jul kl. 9:53pm 
This is awsome but like the TayZonday one better

not sure if I spelled his username right
Loveless 5. jul kl. 11:42pm 
I almost cried. So gorgeous ;~;
Ultron1231 3. jul kl. 8:11am 
Prefect menu music!!!!
clonebus 3. jul kl. 4:23am 
Dang it! Now I can't leave the menu! :D
Sidewinder.M 2. jul kl. 7:16pm 
CourtesyFlush47 obviously doesn't have any fucking clue who Lindsey Stirling is or what she's about. What a fail comment. Nice add, btw!
VampiricHitman 26. jun kl. 9:00am 
She looks like sweet dee from Its Always Sunny In Phili
CourtesyFlush47 25. jun kl. 2:07pm 
Not that you made this video, but its fucking stupid that theyre acting this shit out.
puNDuKE 24. jun kl. 1:07am 
@sparky_chao hehe now that you mention it she does kinda resemble Jodie Foster a little bit... This added music was a must! Big fan of Lindsey Stirling, though, her work can begin to sound repetative depending on the song she is amazingly talented and the mix with violen/dubstep that she does is beautiful.
sparky_chao 12. jun kl. 10:08pm 
anyone else think she belongs in a movie with that kinda smile?
Squidley 11. jun kl. 7:58pm 
10/10 would 10/10 again.
AliceWhite 8. jun kl. 10:29pm 
Nearly brought a tear to my eye.
AliceWhite 8. jun kl. 10:05pm 
I was sold after 30 seconds of that vid!
정니니 8. jun kl. 2:17am 
The Rev 6. jun kl. 5:06pm 
she. is. amazing. THANK YOU.
kkk457445 5. jun kl. 7:49pm 
I can't believe this masterpeice exist....
KainAbyss 31. maj kl. 8:57pm 
awesome, thanks!
Snowroad 13. maj kl. 5:40am 
How nice~
Chocolate Muffin 10. maj kl. 8:22pm 
y u do dis?? I don't know which of your mods to get. I love them all ;-;
Wolfy  [ophavsmand] 5. maj kl. 5:12pm 
v No. Get out.
Just kidding I'm just too lazy lol
coldfoxxjoe 5. maj kl. 4:27pm 
this is pretty sweet, yet somehow I think you need to make Lindsey a follower that can play the song for you in game!! haha or at least be able to marry her ;D
AngeNoirXXX °0° 5. maj kl. 8:54am 
OMG ! TY guys ! im a big lindsey's fan and i love skyrim too then ty vm :))
SoRry FOr PArty rOCkinG 3. maj kl. 2:56am 
ryanrexroat 2. maj kl. 9:09pm 
this is awesome I MEAN AWESOME i love lindsey and her work you made my skyrim better
Nocturnal Merryboy 30. apr kl. 8:29am 
I love Linsey Stirling! THANK U SO MCH!
Banana_man 24. apr kl. 8:14pm 
JUST THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Optickillerxxx 18. apr kl. 3:51pm 
not piracy just f off code phox
Wolfy  [ophavsmand] 14. apr kl. 5:02pm 
v What's the problem? There are other modders that do the same.
Code Phox 14. apr kl. 4:46pm 
Just curious.. Is this piracy? Is the modder distributing an audio file that costs $1.99 in most places to anyone that subscribes for free? hmmm.
The opposite of a smurf. :( 14. apr kl. 12:49pm 
It feels so much more skyrimy, with the violin. She's brilliant. I've subscribed to it.
S1lb3rdorn 13. apr kl. 10:44am 
Thanks for this. She´s great. =D
Ravynwynd 7. apr kl. 10:05pm 
Awesome music.Thanks for sharing.I love her music.Thumps up.
TylerGames 29. mar kl. 6:35pm 
hell of a good vid, clearly put tons of effort into it!