"Dovahkiin" By Lindsey Stirling for the main menu
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middleearther2015 před 5 hodinami 
Lindsey Stirling #1 fan 29. čvn. v 3.43 dop. 
I must click the like :D
Vengeance46 21. čvn. v 11.12 odp. 
i would consider it if it was only lindsey stirling no need for the guy to sing dova
GRAV_was_jesse 16. čvn. v 11.09 dop. 
Awesome opening XD
Wolfy  [autor] 9. čvn. v 1.58 odp. 
v They are too dank for us
G O L F W A N G 8. čvn. v 9.19 odp. 
well, everything Skyrim related should make you cringe these days.
The community is infested with HAHA LE 9GAG ARROWINTHEKNEE #GAMRGURLLZZXXDD people.
Wolfy  [autor] 8. čvn. v 9.01 odp. 
v The video makes me cringe these days.
G O L F W A N G 8. čvn. v 7.00 odp. 
It is autistic though, yes.
Well done;
but autistic.
G O L F W A N G 8. čvn. v 7.00 odp. 
The music video was fucking good, Xephos, what is wrong with you?
Although why the fuck was she fighting with a violin string, and also, the video would have done better without the first person parts.
Otherwise, the video was breddy gud.
End of the world 18. kvě. v 12.46 odp. 
Very good.
Wolfy  [autor] 28. dub. v 8.37 odp. 
v Cringeworthy material.
Xephos Cat 28. dub. v 2.23 odp. 
Music: great
Music video: wtf.
Partytimeninja4 27. dub. v 10.56 dop. 
Kitt Vessca 18. dub. v 5.48 odp. 
All I ept thinking is live action SAO
Toor Skoboviik 10. dub. v 12.24 dop. 
Great acting and filming!
Dr. Zull (Dr. Love) 4. dub. v 4.21 odp. 
Your version of the song is so epic!
GreyFear :) 31. bře. v 3.50 dop. 
The video made the hairs on my neck prick up. I never want to see that video again or i will get level 9 autism
Ghost 29. bře. v 11.40 dop. 
Doesn't work, unsubb'd
keyboardfool 25. bře. v 11.05 odp. 
Love it! Works great...rated up.
Aerekplus 11. bře. v 7.39 odp. 
For some reason it's still playing the same old music, I feel like All my mods aren't there like some are missing
music4life33 21. úno. v 9.07 odp. 
love this i could listen to this for hours
Anatoly Wasserman 19. úno. v 4.07 odp. 
Всем советую.
AbadopolGrimspree 12. úno. v 4.36 odp. 
Much respect for the mod"Love it."
LoXnEs4udo 9. úno. v 9.41 odp. 
Dimak_Games 9. úno. v 3.25 dop. 
netnord 4. úno. v 10.37 odp. 
>Literally listening to it whilst searching for skyrim mods
>finds this Oh my God yes
Jeronimi(Уехал) 4. úno. v 8.06 dop. 
Very good) 10/11.
Eva 38 27. led. v 9.51 dop. 
I LOVE IT 100/100 %100 I love your song
Sir Davide Raya 26. led. v 2.23 dop. 
dwight.bedwell 25. led. v 6.30 odp. 
I love it! 'Absolutely love it... It takes great love of something to honor it with song. Well done.
Greshnyk 12. led. v 8.38 dop. 
Просто прикольно
centrion 18. pro. 2014 v 11.34 dop. 
she's so epic she fights with a violin wand
Bisu 18. lis. 2014 v 4.38 odp. 
I love Lindsey but to be honest one does not simply change the original intro.
Still would recommend it =)
Nailus Hunter 11. lis. 2014 v 6.54 odp. 
i have a problem, it crash when y start the game
Giraffe_ :^) 7. lis. 2014 v 5.39 odp. 
Dovahkiin, dovahkiin, naal ok zin los vahriin
Frost 6. lis. 2014 v 11.05 dop. 
undeaduprise 2. lis. 2014 v 10.14 dop. 
Sounds like the cast of Glee got their hands on it.
Crimson - Arctic Ops 1. lis. 2014 v 5.15 odp. 
A non-voices version?
Spiffy Buttons 1. lis. 2014 v 2.26 odp. 
I don't think I'll add this to my game, but it was an amazing song. Peter's voice is wow.
#FD<62D2??2?!:KK6C:2?$A6C>2%2<<F 23. říj. 2014 v 7.22 dop. 
sounds gay and shit
Ralphie™ 22. říj. 2014 v 2.53 dop. 
I love how Lindsey is "Master Bard", haha.
Fivesyounger 6. říj. 2014 v 1.08 dop. 
I can understand the original pretty well. Plus, as sad as it may be, I have learnt most of it.
jmoriartycriminalconsultant 30. zář. 2014 v 4.23 odp. 
The best part is that you can actually sort of understand at least a few syllables of what they're saying, whereas in the original it's just "Da dadada da dadadadada" the whole time, and you can hardly understand a single syllable they're saying. In this, that isn't a problem!
SamiiSweetheart 29. zář. 2014 v 10.14 odp. 
THIS IS MY FAVORITE. They did so good and as a chorus nerd his voice is just...aaaagh! <3
Professor Layton 22. zář. 2014 v 1.39 odp. 
SUBBED! Love me some Lindsey Stirling!
jinsung10000 21. zář. 2014 v 8.38 dop. 
layton2012 19. zář. 2014 v 9.31 dop. 
she does ac3 as well
Skyrim Savvy 18. zář. 2014 v 5.25 odp. 
its lindsry sterling version. it changes everything. i actually like it better than vanilla........NICE. had no idea lindsey plays skyrim, but then iv only heard her on pandora, so it makes sence. she nneeds to have this on pandora.
Nightware6 11. zář. 2014 v 1.24 odp. 
ça c'est du bon son,mais en bande musicale se serait mieux
Krakenwagen 11. zář. 2014 v 1.17 odp.