The Lungaris - a Rabbit-like Race
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thomasrobbins Nov 22 @ 2:15pm 
I just have to say Love this so much epacaly with the cobination with the fences (Fox like race)
My Fox character married one of your lungaris, and they are adorable, unforunatly only lydia only showed to rifted to watch the wedding (Dam you lydia, i hate you so much........) i cant wait till i get the out of there breze home, and a way from lydia, all she realy dose is sit in my bed room and its creepy, she has her own room, (Not to mention she dosent sleep) so any way where was i....... oh yes i love this mod and hate lydia. thanks
Codo Nov 18 @ 8:21am 
I just can't wait until there's more NPC's around. I don't even care if they say anything new. I just like having more of them around, it gives the race a little more life. I could care less even about getting a whole quest-line or something, if I could just see a tiny little town of them or something? I'd flip mah shit. :| This mod is awesome. I love it. <3
Jeffrey Nov 16 @ 12:22pm 
I subbed to this more than a year ago but I never took the time to let you know how fantastic I thought this race was. This has been my most favorite, balanced race addition. I've made multiple Lungari's.
Gormathius Nightrider Nov 7 @ 3:32am 
AAAH IT'S RAMMOT! No, wait, false alarm.
Pheenok Nov 5 @ 5:33pm 
I was kinda disappointed that they didn't say something at the begining, when you make your character, like other races. I was really hoping to head "NEXT! The Rabbit!" or something, but was only left with silence. It just left a gap in the whole intro :( Otherwise, I REALLY love this race!
Darkstar1476 Nov 4 @ 7:32pm 
make a plant race
jaded_city Oct 29 @ 1:35am 
I'm working on a storie and I'm going to have one of my Lungaris in it I like this race
eliterogue99 Oct 9 @ 3:59pm 
Maybe a mice one? Or a shorter rabbit mod :3
DinoCore Oct 7 @ 10:24am 
If anyone wants them to jump higher then get the Khajiit Tweak mod and they jump high for all the races.
NateDogg Sep 17 @ 8:41pm 
Can you make a hamster or maybe a skeever race?
You dont have to, Just an idea :D
Sleeping Purple Sep 13 @ 5:34pm 
Bunny Sep 13 @ 6:47am 
hi, seem to be a problem with the heart fire dlc, when i just wedded she did not want to move into one of the houses in the dlc
Xai | てまき ざい Sep 8 @ 10:33am 
Hi, i'm having a bug with vampirism, ha[ppened to me once before, no visible signs of changing, can't feed, etc. i fixed it before with the setrace command but problem is with this, i can't get the setrace command to work with my lungaris character. What would be the correct syntax to use for someone of thisrace? p.s i just naturally assumed i couldn't see any vampirism because the mod didn't have graphics for it, but maybe I was wrong lol
ChronicAxis Sep 7 @ 2:53pm 
do the ears perk up when idle?
aidanmcwhirter Sep 6 @ 7:44pm 
Bugs Bunny!
bruins3721 Sep 6 @ 12:39pm 
can they hop?
Kurou Aug 31 @ 5:15am 
increased jump height would be cool, cuz they're rabbits
Please make them have a no hair option
Stuff n' Things Aug 17 @ 6:24am 
Suddenly my save stated that it relied on content that is no longer available. Upon loading, my character was a headless Nord, but the stats remained the same. Figured I should point this bug out
Doesn't show up in the race menu?
samurai87114 Jul 25 @ 1:38pm 
this mod is rly cool, i like it alot. but i was wondering that since hes a humanoid animal like creature and a hunter then shouldnt he have an automatic resistant to poison and diseases and maybe a better eyes for those dark skyrim nights lol.. it would make this mod absolutely perfect. but again this mod is rly cool still.
F|o|W Doctor Fox Jul 23 @ 3:00pm 
for some reason, my version has a khajiit tail, help!
jeremiah.brandvold Jul 23 @ 10:59am 
you should make them have a little bunny tail... :)
Girr 6652 Jul 20 @ 9:37pm 
Well done, these moddles look great. :-)
Akinaba Jul 20 @ 7:25am 
Awesome idea, awesome mod. Wish there be that race!
boothbiscuit Jul 15 @ 6:44pm 
When playing a character as this race I managed to notice that it goes with the Digitigrade Khajjit and Argonian Raptor feet mod. And just.. yes. Awesome. I'm one of those people who are rather picky about smaller things and I love that so much.
//not sure whether it was in regular mod, though. either way it's really cool
CammDaMan Jul 13 @ 5:36pm 
I love this race man. so simple and fun.
idcidontcare Jul 11 @ 8:16am 
Looks like Bunnymund from Rotg (Rise of the Guardians) I'll sub :D
WHA Co. Jul 7 @ 9:20am 
10/10 would still play only Khajiit.
s3. _BARK Jul 1 @ 1:35pm 
Awesome, simply awesome...
C6nsumingDarkn3ss Jun 9 @ 5:46pm 
I love it. They make me think about Cave Story's Mimiga,only more badass. [Like king.]
quesington May 25 @ 11:58pm 
Chuachita May 22 @ 1:01pm 
@samurai87114 Are you serious? Disease Resistance? Lol you obviously don't know what myxomatosis is then, because it's so common in rabbits (granted because we give it to em, but hey they catch it like the black plague). Mickyan amazing mod, I love rabbits and I like the faces, very well "crafted" XD
david42 May 21 @ 9:07pm 
Thank you for this wonderful mod, you did a great job on it. I like how you balanced it, rather then making it a 'cheet' mod.
amberomg11 May 14 @ 6:22pm 
they look more like kaijts if i spelled it right sorry if i spelled it wrong
Wolforan Apr 30 @ 10:45pm 
this looks great! take a look at the "Fennec"! :D
daemos Apr 28 @ 4:04pm 
This is the first race mod I've seen that dosen't suck.
samurai87114 Apr 27 @ 7:37pm 
and maybe poison and disease resistance lol.. plz
samurai87114 Apr 27 @ 7:31pm 
i rly like this race but i feel like they're missing nighteye.. maybe as a lesser power or something thats not a spell.. on/off at anytime of day lol. but overall its a rly cool race.
Q13E5 ︻デ═一 Apr 27 @ 6:48pm 
Wow. this is out of the ordinary. I like that.
Can you please upload a nexus version too. Please...
omarharriott Apr 17 @ 7:41am 
dosent work with dawnguard after lord harkon bites you everyone in the castle still thinks your mortal
Elfendrago Apr 16 @ 7:44pm 
Hello Mickyan i was wondering if it ws ok to make an addon for this race as a fat rabbit race that requires this race and my fat best race mod to use let me know if i can do this im also asking the creator of the valsaark race but havent heard anything from him yet
Messi Apr 8 @ 3:57pm 
See if some of your other mod (if you have any others) dont work with it
={W.P.G.M}= spencinator1 Apr 8 @ 3:53pm 
my computer keeps crashing when i try to start a new game with it in what do i do
Thuriboll Apr 6 @ 2:59am 
Sir Lagsalot (Zaku II) Mar 18 @ 3:23pm 
I'm such a nut for beast races, I'm even adding this to my mods
Deadly Dan Feb 26 @ 5:04pm 
please tell me
Deadly Dan Feb 26 @ 5:04pm 
how do i change it without reseting my stats
Minty Swirls Feb 24 @ 1:41pm 
Its the Easter Bunny from RotG! (lol or kangaroo)