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Satellite Reign
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[pXeL] Blamage 14 април в 9:33сут. 
I Love what you do, it looks all great but we need more puplicity and a Community Manager for the Homepage. More People must know that this game exist and will be GREAT ! (sry for my bad english)

Greetings from Germany
Tempai 10 април в 3:18сут. 
The Syndicate games have never been surpassed.
Veldoril 6 април в 11:33сут. 
Just take my money!
DarkMarc♪Look at it Go♪ 4 април в 5:00сут. 
Anyway chance we See Co-op multiplayer campaign ? it haven't reach the 1M Goal lol
Tim the Enchanter 27 март в 7:02сут. 
This game looks so amazing. I can't put my finger on it, regarding as to why, but this game looks just magical. Any idea when this may be released? I have been following it for a while, and I just don't want to wait an longer! Hey, it's a compliment...that's good!
St3@my Pickle 24 март в 2:58сут. 
lets get this early access going so i can give you my money! also lets hope you get enough to add the mp to it
♛T_RocK♛ 22 март в 3:27след. 
Looks great! Can't wait to play the game
I'm beside myself with anticipation for this game... Good luck, guys, and awesome work thus far! Just the trailer alone (short as it is) has me on the edge of my seat, and getting ready to sink into this one early. Thank you, for setting out to make something worthy of the syndicate universe, and so far, it sounds like you're hitting the nail on the head... I'm legitimately more excited for this than almost any other digital product I'll be purchasing in 2014!
servicecrew666 19 март в 12:36след. 
Syndicate is back - cant wait
Texez 17 март в 6:20след. 
Oh, heck yes.
Snake_93rus 15 март в 12:30след. 
Когда уже?!?!?!
flacker 15 март в 8:27сут. 
i can not wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Behemoth 14 март в 11:19след. 
I so ... effin' ... want this!
Agent_4Seven 14 март в 7:53сут. 
Looks great! Can't wait to play the game :)
napoleonic_sp007rz 14 март в 3:25сут. 
nice video, definitely has that syndicate vibe although the purpose of the video isn't really clear

any estimation on when will this available on steam?
Malus  [автор] 14 март в 1:06сут. 
Our latest dev diary is up, a very early pre-alpha preview video. :)
toph ツ 1 март в 7:58след. 
CyberGore1984 1 март в 5:59сут. 
вот это да, на сеге была крутейшая игруха, щас синдикат варс прохожу на соньку, и только сегодня нарыл эту инфу, щаслив как малолетний пацан блин, я хачу хачу хачу, куплю даже если цену залупят, порену, честно говорю, главно чтоб игруху зделали хотябы, и желательно чтоб была шедевром как прошлые, блин тогда вообще будет просто шикарно.
splintercellspy 25 февруари в 12:21сут. 
when damit
OzWally 19 февруари в 5:16след. 
No news since 15 November, 2013 - Malus?
SandShark 13 февруари в 9:23сут. 
I Want this now :D
Dumb Gringo 11 февруари в 4:21след. 
Выглядит потрясно!
graber.fx 10 февруари в 6:44сут. 
Finally good project. I was waiting for this for more than half of my life since first Syndicate game. I was eleven then, good times - many good, playable, hard games. Keep up guys, do it like old fashioned S & SW games, coz FPP from 2012 is S**T.
k.braker 9 февруари в 1:08след. 
neoman 4 февруари в 2:03след. 
jesus oh yes, ultraviolence, cyberpunk, and strategy. i want this
3vil3van 2 февруари в 5:43сут. 
I really agree with more blood and please release this game i loved sydicate wars.
AraC666 23 януари в 2:33след. 
a new machine 17 януари в 5:25след. 
you can also be in the beta and have a typesay in the backers forum and thier are other rewards there are several tiers found on the kickstarter page where you can buy in using paypal using the mainsite..
BoGG 16 януари в 9:57след. 
I just heard of this game.. I've been waiting for a real Syndicate game to come out and it seems I haven't been waiting for nothing. I'll be playing this as soon as it comes out :O
CHOO 16 януари в 10:17сут. 
can not wait for this game i loved sidicate wars there have not been many games like it, its all fps copy and paste games these days
Sideburns & Pills 14 януари в 6:40след. 
This looks awesome. I can't wait until it is officially released in the steam store.
boulti 12 януари в 9:21сут. 
original syndicate wars was a classic looking forward to this
Darkon343 9 януари в 12:03сут. 
Looking foward to this
IRazor 6 януари в 12:44сут. 
Yay! Waited so long for this game, Syndicate Wars rocks!
Sattelite Reign looks really good (I say as a gamer with 23 years gaming exp)
FENTON!!! 4 януари в 10:20след. 
This just went on my list of 'to buy' games. Especially considering (going by the background of the pledge video) it looks as though the devs are based out of Brisbane, Australia.
bigsml 4 януари в 3:17сут. 
Dont wait until its out, please consider to back it up now and recieve your game when its finished. As more funds are available as bigger and better the game will become. There is still one very important stretch goal to reach (imho) that will add more awesome factions and territories into the game. This wont happen if we just buy the finished game because the monney to create them is needed now. So make your monney count and pledge it now and hopefully we recieve more game for our monney
ml1975 3 януари в 12:27след. 
That's a dream!!! I hope the game will be soon out! I will buy it for sure!
Black Jack 2 януари в 11:02сут. 
can't wait!
Loading... 31 декември 2013 в 2:39след. 
Новый Special Weapon And Tactics???
JmR 29 декември 2013 в 12:42след. 
Looking good!
-=PTP=- Kampfhund 29 декември 2013 в 9:00сут. 
Kickstarter bezahlt.
Ghost 28 декември 2013 в 1:44сут. 
habibul' 21 декември 2013 в 7:53след. 
TokalaFoxy 20 декември 2013 в 3:35сут. 
This makes me happy in my pants >< I was 16 when i was playing Syndicate and to see it make a return is amazing news.
ρоѕιтяои_ 16 декември 2013 в 4:12след. 
grey2k 15 декември 2013 в 11:37след. 
Caesarion 13 декември 2013 в 7:49сут. 
Looks very interesting...Keep it up!
BessaBrick 4 декември 2013 в 11:02сут. 
i still have my original copy of syndicate wars ... count me in for this project .. good luck guys.
Foyle 30 ноември 2013 в 4:14сут. 
It looks good!
Harvister 23 ноември 2013 в 2:10след. 
yes thank you! you got my support :)