Portal 2
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Petutski 2月7日上午3:13 
Nice map. Great reuse of a cube over and over. Thanks!
daloboy 2015年3月21日上午10:20 
A very good layout! Looks more complicated then actualy is = GOOD. My solution , probably the entended one.
One of mine ? Thanks.
dire.fcs 2014年12月5日下午7:33 
This one was very good because we have to circle around a little bit, nice work.
p0rtalmaster 2014年7月7日下午11:52 
Not too shabby; never needed to do what wildgoosespeeder did.
stormsend 2014年5月3日上午6:06 
Good one. enjoyed solving. Not too hard. Thanks.
wildgoosespeeder 2013年12月12日下午10:08 
Read my profile before reading the rest of my comment!

Again, antline tricks in my profile screenshots. This will fix a lot of criss-crossing. I found myself sacrificing the cube a lot to solve this test.

Try my SP map?
Try my COOP map?
psn_markm1978 2013年10月31日下午8:05 
Not bad. On the last part, I had the cube placed on the lip of the vertical portal switch to get it to trigger the exit door. It was deceptively easier than I had first interpolated.
Prototype 2013年9月29日上午2:26 
Clever little map, some of the antlines could be better directed, apart from that no other problems. I'd give it easy/medium difficulty.
jenzpiper 2013年8月20日上午4:53 
jimke2 2013年8月17日下午9:39 
I will try it now, please try my maps
Memeieu 2013年8月12日上午4:55 
That was very complex!!! GREAT JOB! that is what I call a REAL test chamber!
P.S: Thx for commenting on my test!
Cool-T(h)iger 2013年8月10日上午10:17 
Now, it's a good map. I like it ;)
Luc 2013年8月10日上午8:37 
Hmmm, didnt like it, to be honest. (Hope you don't mind some constructive critism.) The only diificulty here is due to the poor 'intelligibility'; in other words, you have a bad overview of the map. (Best example is the button that spawns the cube; I had no idea it spawned a cube. Try facing buttons towards whatever it is they activate, so the player will see it.) Once you've walked around a bit, you'll easily figure out how to solve the level, but then it's still quite tedious to actually accomplish it. This map requires a lot of unnecessary walking, plus, if you make a mistake, you have to start all over, which isn't challenging but purely frustrating. Example: I managed to place a portal in the back, next to the two weighted buttons, but then accidently touched a fizzler. I had to redo the entire level, which is a bit of an extreme punishment.
Not trying to flame here though, just hoping to help. If you'll review some of my levels now and then, I'll return the favor.
Surnist 2013年8月10日上午7:58 
Nice level, i took 5 minutes to accomplish it! :)
Innocentive 2013年8月8日下午8:53 
That's another good chamber of yours. I'd also say it's medium diffculty. Here's my blind run .
𝗖𝗼𝗹𝘂𝗺𝗯𝘂𝘀 2013年8月8日下午1:37 
Hint: That cube's frustrating you? Get a new one.
𝗖𝗼𝗹𝘂𝗺𝗯𝘂𝘀 2013年8月8日下午1:35 
Not as challenging as it appeared.
Capracus 2013年7月19日下午10:00 
This is a great map more challenging than it appears. I'll definitely be trying out your other maps!
ANTHONY 2013年7月19日下午7:58 
your map is raelly fun
Die Potato ! [Altie] 2013年7月19日下午12:52 
downloaded :)
Functorial 2013年7月19日上午9:54 
nice job, and it's quite complicated.
Gouldron 2013年7月19日上午9:09 
It seems that i can't solve it. I'm almost at the end of the map. I just need to get the cube at the last button, but the fizzlers is blocking my way. Great map by the way, and it's pretty diffucult.
WhiteFox 2013年7月19日上午9:09 
Good job!
AD_79 2013年7月4日下午5:42 
One thing I think you should change: All those lights on the ceiling. They don't look all that great, and they just increase the amount of entities in the map. I suggest using them to highlight important things, like certain portal surfaces and other things.
AD_79 2013年7月3日下午2:53 
It is an improvement over your previous maps, I will say that.
GraveN 2013年7月3日上午7:45 
Very good chamber, my blind run here (13 minutes): http://youtu.be/ahKAeBE3xQ8 and run (3 minutes) http://youtu.be/3un0Cpk1afM