Тази игра е вече достъпна в Steam!

Благодарим Ви за помощта с избора тази игра да бъде чрез Steam. Още информация, включително и връзка към страницата в магазина, може да бъде намерена по-долу.

Diadra Empty
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Capt'n Hero 29 юли 2015 в 11:20 сутринта 
Daeladrenn 8 юли 2015 в 10:38 следобед 
I was hoping it would reach Steam and certainly enough it did. Now to wait patiently for the game to come to Steam entry so I can wishlist it.
Primavera 7 юли 2015 в 5:15 следобед 
So sad
BULBASAUR 15 май 2015 в 1:52 сутринта 
A year has passed, what is wrong with that game?
🍊𝓟𝓾𝓻𝒆𝓙𝓾𝓲𝓬𝒆𝒇𝓾𝓵🍊 8 април 2015 в 2:23 сутринта 
R.I.P Diadra Empty
kilimanjaro 1 април 2015 в 5:20 следобед 
1 year passed..
BULBASAUR 16 март 2015 в 3:47 следобед 
R u still preparing this game or what?
Darkneko and Vexy 9 март 2015 в 7:44 следобед 
Hi!My name is Christina Migliara and here my youtube channel where i vlog about video games and anime:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdPNUaZpUs_8cyNj_Fd4nYw. I am writing to you to ask if i can have review copy on your game? To promote your stuff
2kawaii4u 9 март 2015 в 3:22 сутринта 
wow. 1 year has pass
Chizu 2 март 2015 в 1:57 следобед 
The one game I wanted most from greenlight, radio silence~
The RA tumblr/twitter just seem to be the reblogging gundam pictures.
Sara 17 февруари 2015 в 4:09 следобед 
@Saga Saga: That isn't a conversation to be having here. Let's let people stay on topic. Just wanted to clear that up is all.
Saga Saga 17 февруари 2015 в 1:21 сутринта 
@Sara: My apologies. Guessing you're freelance now?
Sara 14 февруари 2015 в 9:40 сутринта 
@Saga Saga: Just for the record I no longer work for Rockin' Android.
King of Hearts 4 февруари 2015 в 9:01 следобед 
Greenlight is the revolutionary system that gets shovelware onto steam in weeks and Rockin' Android gems into steam in only two years.
What the...a ghost? 25 януари 2015 в 2:52 следобед 
Are this game and Cloudphobia EVER going to get on Steam?
Saga Saga 7 януари 2015 в 3:05 следобед 
I think it's getting pretty safe to assume this isn't coming to Steam anymore. Shame that.

Sara, GCubed, Anyone from Rockin' Android.... Please prove me wrong. It's not like it takes very long to write a quick update.
node357 4 януари 2015 в 6:11 сутринта 
looks like they abandoned steam
AcePleiades / CinjackB 1 януари 2015 в 9:45 следобед 
I'm still waiting for it!
node357 28 ноември 2014 в 1:57 сутринта 
What the...a ghost? 23 октомври 2014 в 2:39 следобед 
So where's the video game?
Chizu 9 октомври 2014 в 7:14 следобед 
Any updates on this?
wutoupal 27 юли 2014 в 6:25 сутринта 
Vengador_Toxiko 3 юли 2014 в 4:22 следобед 
No keys for Royale I pressume.
Chizu 2 юли 2014 в 1:48 следобед 
Hey, guiiiiiise. Not to be that guy, but I just wanted to ask about steam keys, and whether or not I will be able to get one when this finally hits steam. Just, I've already bought it twice as it is. Once on Amazon and then again on Desura. I just ask, after seeing some rather bum pained people in the Suguri forums :p
Chizu 2 юли 2014 в 11:23 сутринта 
Last few times I've used Windforce+Dragonscale
And lots of speeeed
Zetsuei 28 юни 2014 в 5:24 следобед 
Rockin' Android  [автор] 28 юни 2014 в 12:13 следобед 
Hi Everyone - we're currently working on things. I've got a question. What is your favorite weapon combination?
Zetsuei 26 юни 2014 в 6:05 сутринта 
when will it come out ??
DonPachi64 5 април 2014 в 12:19 сутринта 
Chizu 4 март 2014 в 4:23 следобед 
Finally, the game I've most wanted to see greenlit finally passed~
Now I am going to stand here and demand it appears on the store IMMEDIATELY :D
ACWraith 4 март 2014 в 2:08 следобед 
Yuzumerce 4 март 2014 в 10:40 сутринта 
wow awasome effect i'love this game :3
Gums 26 февруари 2014 в 6:09 следобед 
Like the roaming and radar concept in a shmup, hope it gets greenlit.
Arestris 26 февруари 2014 в 1:01 следобед 
Shut up and take my money! :)
I'm not gay but 20€ is 20€ 24 февруари 2014 в 11:00 сутринта 
Steam definitely needs more Shoot 'em Ups ... and especially more from the bullet hell type :P
Saga Saga 21 февруари 2014 в 8:00 сутринта 
Why is this still stuck in Greenlight? Get your shit together Steam.

Maybe try adding it to another bundle to increase it's visibility? Seems to help sometimes.
xGORExPOLICEx 20 февруари 2014 в 12:51 следобед 
C'mon STEAM, I NEED this game!
Fishman465 15 февруари 2014 в 5:20 следобед 
Let's try to spread the word some more then to various stg circles then. Not sure how the STG Weekly episode didn't boost this game's votes.
Draken 9 февруари 2014 в 2:00 следобед 
BULBASAUR 24 януари 2014 в 1:33 сутринта 
Im waiting for this GAME!!! STEAM!
Chizu 23 януари 2014 в 2:30 сутринта 
Damnit steam. :(
Stuff that was on greenlight barely even a week got through in the last batch, how are you skipping over this every time.
Voxxxish 21 януари 2014 в 4:25 сутринта 
i wait this game so haaaard :(
Hugh Jass 15 януари 2014 в 1:28 следобед 
Really looks like it has potential to be a great game, keep up the good work!
Chizu 8 януари 2014 в 1:10 сутринта 
Another batch of games and still this remains un-greenlit :(
Looking at what DOES get greenlit, this not getting through makes NO sense.
How do all these terrible looking mod-quality shooters and games that are not even out yet, keep getting lit, steam?
perolus 2 януари 2014 в 5:28 следобед 
What the hell this has still not been cleared? I played it back when it was new, and then again when desura released it. Shouldn't this be a no brainer? It's a very good game.
kilimanjaro 29 декември 2013 в 8:01 следобед 
amazing , really beatiful
NinjutStu 29 декември 2013 в 2:27 следобед 
Rockin' Android really did a great job on their other games and the steam integration for them. All of their greenlight items have been featured in bundles outside of Steam and really deserve to be available for purchase here.

Go vote, let's get more of these games on Steam.
staged_war1 24 декември 2013 в 1:45 сутринта 
How much longer do we have to wait???? Hurry up already :D