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BrotherHood Of Arms 21. touko 22.41 
ITS AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matihood1 9. touko 13.42 
I'm wondering why Valve removed paintability from overcoat and left only bowtie paintable. It looks worse now.
I'm_Awesome_Jason 22. helmi 22.21 
DireSandman 15. tammi 7.48 
How do i use it!!!
xX_RustyNeedles_Xx 12. tammi 4.54 
why cant i find the subscribe button?
Portiepoo 17. syys, 2013 11.01 
@Buddy The Communist

wow u sure showed Max!! put that frenchie in his place!!
Saint Rubenio 11. syys, 2013 9.48 
i wear it all the time with all the hats/secondary miscs. It looks great with anything (at least that's what i think :D)
Mr. Buddy 8. syys, 2013 19.24 
Disliked bacause max is a faggot
Festive bear cub 18. elo, 2013 18.21 
This is a great suit, I'm even wearing it now :D
sourcegamer 16. elo, 2013 21.07 
goes good w/ powdered practitioner
ghozombot 13. elo, 2013 20.21 

1rPenguinPingyChu™ 9. elo, 2013 12.57 
Deja vu! this will be added!
[L4S] FurytheIneptMedic 31. heinä, 2013 14.11 
Okay WANT.
Gabrielwoj 27. heinä, 2013 11.40 
Powdered Practitioner + Das Fantzipantzen = Great!
|DI| Nexture 21. heinä, 2013 4.22 
Please tell me this will be added to the store soon, and not just come from those crates..
Simply ♪ Invisifly2 20. heinä, 2013 20.11 
Yeah, if it painted the whole thing I could be on the red team wearing a slate vest (blue) which could confuse some people. While it would be awesome to be able to paint the whole thing, I can understand why they made it that way.
Mook 20. heinä, 2013 4.01 
404 18. heinä, 2013 12.56 
Fok jou, naaier.
Yellowoboe 17. heinä, 2013 13.56 
Good to know you're still as mature as ever 404.
Celer 16. heinä, 2013 21.57 
VDNH I think they did this is purpose because It might be hard to distinguish teammates or enemies. I certainly got saddened as well.
|RЯ| Waas. 16. heinä, 2013 9.39 
bought this nice misc... bought lime paint ...lime only paints the bowtie... I feel ripped-off... (hope it will be fixed)
Festive Lefty 15. heinä, 2013 17.23 
"That Medic's one hell of a butler"
HAH nice Black Butler reference (If that's what was intended)
404 15. heinä, 2013 17.09 
I got this item and deleted it instantly, because fuck MaxOfS2D.
매지컬☆리무 14. heinä, 2013 0.39 
Butler Medic. Thank GOD.
NEW PC BITCHES 13. heinä, 2013 12.47 
I need to get this the second it gets added
GrigLager 13. heinä, 2013 10.07 
How very 1st Doctorish of you. Nice job!
720 - blaze et 13. heinä, 2013 0.50 
rofl, nice.
минантаКвадрант 12. heinä, 2013 19.47 
Knusperfrosch (back on 28th) 11. heinä, 2013 13.56 
Congratulations on the coat being added! :)

I just wish Valve hadn't renamed all the new Medic items in the summer cooler crates with such abysmally stupid pseudo-German gibberish names. :-( What the hell, Valve? Is this a secret plan to sell more name tags and descrip tags?
S A D B O Y S 11. heinä, 2013 11.07 
Congrats on the item being added!
Cartoonmaster 11. heinä, 2013 0.31 
All of my yes, all of the time
PatchySouls 10. heinä, 2013 21.28 
Zephyr 10. heinä, 2013 21.14 
Best dress-shirt added i think.
SnowyHanson25 10. heinä, 2013 19.28 
I enjoy owning this item, goes well with the Powdered Practitioner
Festive maddocktor 10. heinä, 2013 17.49 
Nice congrats
☢hell's grinder☢ 10. heinä, 2013 17.29 
Nice Man Your Dream Came True And Now Its In One Of The Special Collers
JG 10. heinä, 2013 17.05 
SIR.MANNINGTON 10. heinä, 2013 16.34 
I am going to wear this with the powdered
pouch, shillow, and danket 10. heinä, 2013 15.27 
P. 10. heinä, 2013 15.24 
im so using this with the green paint.
August 10. heinä, 2013 15.19 
Absolutely classy as fuck.
Wenis Fly Trap 10. heinä, 2013 15.11 
AWFULL! medics arent dressed all fancy like..... they are usually in scrubs doing surgeories. Do you want your doctor to be wearing a full suit all fancy during a battle and operations?
Ninja Crab 10. heinä, 2013 14.21 
Pappmann 10. heinä, 2013 14.16 
fGringo 10. heinä, 2013 14.05 
holy crap, i love it
Soldado-Br 10. heinä, 2013 13.42 
How can valve like of this?...ah i'm kidding mates......i just don't like to play with medic
PC 10. heinä, 2013 13.13 
Velly Vice 10. heinä, 2013 13.12 
hmm, i wonder how this got enough votes but still not on first page of workshop
Velly Vice 10. heinä, 2013 13.02 
max finally getting self-made, wooooooooooooooo

but how about rebbacus???
Veleno 10. heinä, 2013 12.29 
This will look perfect together with the Powdered Practitioner.