The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Parks of Skyrim: Whiterun
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StarrBlackMoon 11 mrt 2014 om 8:04nm 
i'd get this mod but i already have quite a few mods as is. i would LOVE to see all the parks for all the DLC's put into one mod. THEN i would get em. like you, i love nature & i literally spend hours just wandering around on my character, picking up landmarks & exploring, hunting, fishing & gathering ingredients. the parks add a nice little spot in the cities that still give you the illusion of being in the wylde spaces. love the mods. beautifully done. but, yeah, like another person here, i'd like to see all the park mods for all DLC's put into one mod. :) thank you & well done
Nightwish Tarja Follower 10 mrt 2014 om 8:01vm 
I dont like the trees in skyrim even with the best mods it looks fake this game was made for 360
ImNotAnAss 17 nov 2013 om 2:04vm 
Hi :) my name is kyle and Im with a team called morroblivion, we are currently working on a mod called Skyblivion that aims to bring Oblivion to the Skyrim engine with all items,quests,armor/weapons,NPC's voices etc.
we are looking for modders to help us out with this massive project and since you have some experience with modding I thought that I'd try to contact you :)
Here is a link to my topic on the forums:

I hope to hear from you and if you wanna contact me I have a youtube channel: on which you can contact me. (there;s also a link to my twitter and fb)
Sassy 10 okt 2013 om 3:33vm 
Thank you for ALL the parks you've added! Can't wait to see what others you add and what else sparks your creativity! You've made the Skyrim world better for all that love lots and lots of beauty! Thank you so much! Nicely done! Ciao! *HUGS* ♥
Dovahkiin 6 okt 2013 om 1:39vm 
Can U make a collection with all the parks in it
Xed93 4 aug 2013 om 11:33nm 
Excellent work! Thank you for making my Skyrim even more beautiful!
pangallosr 26 jul 2013 om 7:10nm 
Really like the park idea and at first I was in awe. After awhile though it really dawned on me that all of the trees were the same, height and model, except for the central tree. It kind of makes it look a little odd.
Thumbs up anyway
12man  [auteur] 4 jul 2013 om 9:56vm 
thanks if your looking for other parks you should see the other park mods i've made
Sam Mobe 4 jul 2013 om 7:36vm 
great place to relax, beautiful park! i wish all forests in skyrim were like this.
funny that the park is actually bigger han whiterun itself.
tao2000 2 jul 2013 om 1:03vm 
No discernible fps drop. Nice job! I like parks.
12man  [auteur] 1 jul 2013 om 10:34vm 
thank you it should work fine im pretty sure you should also check out my latest parks of skyrim i did riften im working on falkreath right now, if you sub i hope you enjoy!
spartanspud 1 jul 2013 om 10:31vm 
Thanks, I have an i7 3770 3.5 GHz processor and a 2GB geforce 660ti DDR5 graphics card I don't mind if it drops to about 40 maybe even 35fps so do you think it will be fine because these things vary from system to system. From the screenshots it looks like it would be really nice though so good job whether or not it works for me.
12man  [auteur] 1 jul 2013 om 10:27vm 
if there is just tell me
12man  [auteur] 1 jul 2013 om 10:26vm 
there hasn't really been a performance drop for me and i hope there will not be for you
spartanspud 1 jul 2013 om 10:23vm 
Roughly what sort of performance drop is to be expected?
12man  [auteur] 1 jul 2013 om 7:13vm 
im working on riften right now