The Legend of Zelda - Fire, Ice and Light Arrows
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Grand Master Moogle 30 июл в 15:50 
could you make them craftable with glass arrows and fire salt, ice salt, or glow dust, but you'd need daedric smithing or something like that? just a thought....
JKalenad  [автор] 27 июн в 8:22 
There are a few mods that do it, but here's one on the workshop:
Hikaru 26 июн в 23:56 
What is the mod you used to make the humanoid npcs scream like that when they die?
danielle.gammon1992 31 янв в 15:04 
JKalenad  [автор] 31 янв в 14:45 
Well, then I guess it's a good idea not to pick them up then.
danielle.gammon1992 31 янв в 10:54 
turns out you can in fact pick up the blasts from light arrows, though if you then drop them you recieve the damage
[TWGV] Sour Potato 15 дек, 2013 в 18:28 
Prob installing
Beacause love legend of zelda
great mod
a13kurt 5 дек, 2013 в 12:00 
This is awesome!
Rabid Duck 6 окт, 2013 в 9:54 
JKalenad  [автор] 5 окт, 2013 в 22:05 
I would have to make a Dawnguard version of the mod, but it is certainly doable. In fact, I already did that in Relics of Hyrule. The issue is wrestling with Creation Kit to upload the Dawnguard version.
Rabid Duck 5 окт, 2013 в 21:16 
thanks for the help, BTW, on the light arrow explosion thingy, maybe you could hex the sunhallowed + ariels bow explosion to them?
JKalenad  [автор] 5 окт, 2013 в 14:49 
All I can say to help is to make sure you're typing
help "light arrow"
complete with quotes. Beyond that I have no ideas.
Rabid Duck 5 окт, 2013 в 14:24 
it either says unknown variant or doesnt show anything, I guess sunhallowed arrows will have to do for now
JKalenad  [автор] 5 окт, 2013 в 13:48 
Every fiber of my being wants to leave this mod exactly how it is, no matter how many people ask for more arrows. I don't want to make the mod a cheat.

For the console codes, use
help "light arrow"
and then
player.additem ####### 100 (or however many you want)
Rabid Duck 5 окт, 2013 в 11:41 
If you can do that I would be very grateful
Rabid Duck 5 окт, 2013 в 11:40 
Hey JKale, can you please add more arrows to the chests? one light arrow per month is pretty annoying, and I dont know the console codes for them
Link-X-Malon 26 сен, 2013 в 14:50 
JKalenad  [автор] 26 сен, 2013 в 13:57 
Probably not.
Link-X-Malon 25 сен, 2013 в 19:27 
Say, are you going to try and make zelda bombs?
JKalenad  [автор] 24 сен, 2013 в 13:44 
I really don't like the idea of nerfing the arrows (or else I would have already done so), because UberSmaug already did enchanted arrows perfectly in his Diamond Smithing mods. Plus, these Zelda arrows are so rare that they're meant to be a last resort. I wanted them to be separate from other enchanted arrows.
Finally, the light arrow has traditionally been an instant kill in the Zelda games.
As for costing magic, that would require scripting I don't have the patience for.
Q'Kumber 24 сен, 2013 в 4:53 
This is a nice mod, but I have one question. Could you be able to slightly nerf the arrows, (so it isn't an instant kill) and make it cost magic? I know you mention in the video it's overpowered by design, but I'd really appreciate if they were more balanced. Keep up the good work on mods!
tbonet5 20 авг, 2013 в 12:04 
to get god mode use tgm and your now a god in the game but if you stop playing skyrim and start the game you have to use tgm once more
kirby146 18 авг, 2013 в 19:03 
tbonet5 17 авг, 2013 в 4:10 
he need's to add more arrow's or i'll have to use gm aka god mode to have ,more
Permafrost 10 авг, 2013 в 15:47 
@Freiwirtschaft.Armin: You suck stfu, the guy made a cool mod for you and anybody else dont be a whiny bitch.
JKalenad  [автор] 31 июл, 2013 в 9:44 
I do know what color the Light Arrows are supposed to be. I do not have the skills or tools to make that explosion yellow. I might be able to find a different base game effect that is yellow.

It's not at all a high priority, because you were so rude about it.
Fedora 31 июл, 2013 в 4:24 
Why is the light arrow blue??? Play more Zelda, it's shining yellow.
simian6791 28 июл, 2013 в 16:37 
what is the id for the arrows
Ekerhovd Senpai 23 июл, 2013 в 6:37 
You should try to make a bow, like the Hero's Bow or the Fairy Bow
TheRealKazmir 5 июл, 2013 в 16:03 
I really like this one! Best zelda mods!
yesman19992 1 июл, 2013 в 20:31 
can u put more in the chests haha im getting bored at max lvl and i need some explosions in my life
mrporkchop2001 1 июл, 2013 в 9:51 
is there an item code for them
thomaslemonsantacroce 30 июн, 2013 в 19:35 
Wow man nice I like you`re idea, you should try retexturing a bow to look like a heros bow to go with it, that would be cool.
T-Star137 29 июн, 2013 в 18:30 
I'll just pretend when I get them eventually. Ah, memories...
JKalenad  [автор] 29 июн, 2013 в 17:49 
It does not require DLC. If it did I would be sure to mention it in the description.
And yeah, it would be utterly outside of my skills and patience to be so faithful to the original game as to grant the player the Fire Arrows by shooting the sun. All we can do is imagine it.
TheWebs3595 29 июн, 2013 в 17:03 
does it need a DLC
T-Star137 29 июн, 2013 в 16:28 
It would be awesome if you actually shot an arrow into the sun in order to get the arrows (kinda like using the sunhallowed arrows, but you get the items afterwards). That would require a ton of experience in modding though, and most likely require NVSE. But it would be freaking awesome.
JKalenad  [автор] 29 июн, 2013 в 13:02 
Oh, I couldn't make something that awesome. The cloak is from Cloaks of Skyrim, and the mask is from Face Masks of Skyrim. The armor is actually vanilla Glass Armor but with the aMidianBorn textures by CaBaL120.
I_Eat_Kittens 29 июн, 2013 в 12:31 
Nice armor and cloak in those pics, did you make that or is it someone else's mod?
buttkraken 28 июн, 2013 в 15:15 
JKalenad  [автор] 28 июн, 2013 в 15:13 
They ca'n't. You'll see what I mean when I finish the description.
buttkraken 28 июн, 2013 в 15:13 
How can they be crafted?