Left 4 Dead 2
Merle Dixon
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A J Maxxy 20 сен в 13:03 
Can you make one for Francis
Rick Grooveberth 5 июл в 13:40 
Yeah he actually looks like Francis, so ..
Syn 25 мая в 17:58 
He was also in the movie Tombstone
HellBender 21 апр в 15:36 
Rest in peace Merle
Samcity 17 апр в 12:43 
DodoWizard 16 мар в 8:34 
@TehnukulearDarker I'm pretty sure that's a medkit mod.
Dark1pl1er 10 фев в 16:23 
Does Merle have a baby on his back?
Furrymotief 8 фев в 18:40 
why would it be nick? Why not francis?
Algiz.GTF 10 янв в 3:47 

AFunnyTeddyBear 18 дек. 2015 в 17:42 
We will you miss you ya bastard
Jadedea 2 дек. 2015 в 13:35 
doesnt show with the darryl dixon. :(
46Usagi 27 ноя. 2015 в 14:50 
Can you put him on Coach?
dav.rys 14 ноя. 2015 в 1:38 
@Murkdum 11 ноя. 2015 в 15:49 
Down voting for one simple issue, it conflicts with Daril dyxon Nick model... (why do all moders only do models for Nick?)
MetalCrusheR 20 авг. 2015 в 17:04 
Damn near killed chinese kid.
XeNoFoX 30 июн. 2015 в 10:37 
@Below Yes, if they have the mod.
Rick Grimes 17 июн. 2015 в 0:32 
do these skins show up for others online?
XeNoFoX 26 мая. 2015 в 16:11 
It'd be better on Coach and Francis.
Lautrec 27 апр. 2015 в 5:40 
He's just perfect <3 ty but I need ask, can you do him on Francis ? Cause I'll love play him in the 2 teams.
Bereg 10 мар. 2015 в 13:10 
better on francis will
Contractor 18 янв. 2015 в 10:26 
Francis would make a good Merle Dixon.
SNYPE94 12 янв. 2015 в 21:46 
what's with the SPOILER
Donut Wizard 27 дек. 2014 в 1:54 
only thing that bugs me is the model glitches to default position (i.e. not natural looking) during intro cinematics:
Vaultboy 7 дек. 2014 в 1:22 
I just Saved your ass and i am gonna fucking take orders from you~Merle Dixon
Make Rick Grimes Please
Grey 2 дек. 2014 в 19:58 
@Splinks @HardyStyled. I ike everything about it but can you change the icon (where merle is facing to a side and greyscaled like you did with daryl that would be tops). Solid MOd otherwise
BATMAN 2 дек. 2014 в 2:39 
Or Bill - Merl)
BATMAN 30 ноя. 2014 в 4:32 
Francis - Merl with face animation, PLEASE :3
NitroShard 28 ноя. 2014 в 14:24 
can you make a knife on his hand from season 3
MLG PRO 24 ноя. 2014 в 5:42 
there is already a Rick character
Zyklon Breen 21 ноя. 2014 в 15:09 
For all those wishing for characters like Rick and Michonne: IT'S NOT GOING TO FUCKING HAPPEN. Unless someone makes an amalgamation of character models that RESEMBLES the character you have in mind, you're out of luck.
NixtonV 15 ноя. 2014 в 20:20 
All that's left is Rick and Michonne ^_^ Great work
RiceGumFan6969 4 ноя. 2014 в 15:47 
this model wasnt made by splinks and hardystyled
it was taken from survival instinct so there are no other models for the rest of the group
mat49milles 25 окт. 2014 в 9:29 
please you can create michonne for rochelle please
FabianGonza 6 окт. 2014 в 17:47 
Marty041 12 сен. 2014 в 7:45 
Wilosophy 1 сен. 2014 в 18:29 
Need Glenn and Rick
Krusty The Clown 30 авг. 2014 в 10:49 
omg, so amazingly good, great job guys!
Backie Gougename 25 авг. 2014 в 13:21 
you should do a version with the knife hand
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 5 авг. 2014 в 21:15 
Ivan "Rush B" Alexei 25 июл. 2014 в 6:58 
daryl dixons crossbow pls
Jackmo711 4 июл. 2014 в 20:26 
can u make it for coach
RiceGumFan6969 6 июн. 2014 в 18:38 
why the fuck did they kill off michael rooker
Creepypasta Gamer Scout 26 мая. 2014 в 16:44 
wtf the most funniest thing is that merle is carrying a medikit baby wtf
Tomx122 19 мая. 2014 в 21:25 
pogan a Rick como Coah y Michone como Rochelle
Hiippari 24 апр. 2014 в 10:06 
add daryl dixons crossbow pls
Al Chemist 22 апр. 2014 в 18:31 
Zyklon Breen 20 апр. 2014 в 6:46 
In response to "Sir Swaggedy-Ass The First", I was so HAPPY when Brian Blake dropped Merle. Merle was bigoted, assclownish, and (probably) inbred. Given, he had a shitty childhood, but STILL.
Siewo 11 апр. 2014 в 14:27 
want Hershel Greene for Coach!!!!
crow5005 3 апр. 2014 в 20:26 
suckerpunch girls please
nutty1tap 31 мар. 2014 в 13:48 
it's perfect