Yhteisö on antanut tälle pelille julkaisuluvan!

Yhteisö on osoittanut mielenkiintonsa tätä peliä kohtaan. Valve on ottanut yhteyttä kehittäjiin saadakseen pelille Steam-julkaisun.

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怪獣 | 7 ツ 19. huhti 19.14 
why the game is on store and this page doesn't link to the store? :D and i want to know when i can get the steam key of this game frome the indie bundle
prokeke 16. huhti 23.07 
I have this game on Desura. Very enjoyable game indeed. Congrats on getting greenlit, guys!
Cardinal Lord Holland 9. huhti 9.35 
Rix 3. huhti 13.51 
any plans on doing an enemy idle and attack animation?
CUVE_bodsey  [tekijä] 21. maalis 9.54 
@怪獣 | Số7 ツ I have no idea yet ! We'll make an annoucement as soon as we know
怪獣 | 7 ツ 21. maalis 9.29 
congrats and when will the game released
Chatumalito 20. maalis 18.26 
CUVE_bodsey  [tekijä] 20. maalis 3.00 
Thanks a lot to everyone who supported and voted ! Can't wait to have the game released :)
krazedlion 19. maalis 18.26 
Rix 19. maalis 13.38 
grats guys, instabuy!
Ignos 19. maalis 13.21 
congats on greenlight guys
unknowncity 14. maalis 17.27 
I had to wade into the public restroom of gaming that is Desura to try this game out. Please, let's greenlight this thing so that doesn't happen to anyone else.
Steemythepunk 13. maalis 10.04 
When this game is Greenlighted will people who got it in a bundle or otherwise paid for it in the past get a steam key?
aelxx 12. maalis 6.24 
Love it's graphics and dynamics, unlike all that 8-bit shit massively produced recently.
(((Sasha47Rus))) 7. maalis 21.31 
DangerGerbil 28. helmi 11.37 
Quest Run Video Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZ1pdupgmrQ

A great game, really deserves to be upvoted :)
Rafoga12 24. helmi 16.46 
F*cking Great!!
kmyc89 23. helmi 4.26 
Well, I shared on Google+ too.
0 MMR 27. tammi 22.21 
Come on nice game
JRikko 23. tammi 7.25 
I own in desura! Nice game come to steam!! Vote UP!
vijr 20. tammi 10.35 
Очень сложная тактическая игра. Играл на десуре. Чтобы пройти нужно попотеть, Must buy tactics game
kooow 15. tammi 14.12 
The graphics is adorable.
blablabla 15. tammi 1.02 
Nice game, well done CUVE, need it on Steam to buy it
Citroy 11. tammi 14.06 
nice game, but a coop mode make it perfect, for me
Ser 7. tammi 10.08 
The art looks good, and the game looks challenging.
jechtspc 6. tammi 15.00 
really nice game, looking forward to see it in steam!!!
ToRmeNT 6. tammi 9.27 
very good game hope it get brought to steam
fisilfox 19. joulu, 2013 1.49 
goodlack (greenlith)
Undefeated 15. joulu, 2013 0.30 
Looks great!!!
Chocolatereb 8. joulu, 2013 16.52 
I tryed it, it is a good game. I hope it is going to be on the store.
KeviNOlighT 7. joulu, 2013 15.16 
Is that a "Chavo del 8" in the 8ht image? Haha
legion66 5. joulu, 2013 9.18 
Looks great and addictive
marijanka 4. joulu, 2013 2.37 
very addictive :)
Colthars 2. joulu, 2013 14.42 
great!! cant wait to see it!!!!
kamillo55855 (GameMiner) 2. joulu, 2013 8.23 
Awasome game
Envy24 1. joulu, 2013 13.09 
I want this game!!
Pixel Killer 30. loka, 2013 10.57 
Very nice UI, got my vote.
Tristan 19. loka, 2013 4.44 
Good luck! ;-)
almost a bear 4. loka, 2013 18.22 
Really, really good!
Kyrrelin 27. syys, 2013 3.39 
Very nice graphic. But no story? Oh well, you still have my vote. Good luck. ;)
Firebird 25. syys, 2013 11.46 
Very impressive visuals!
Tikira07 23. syys, 2013 14.45 
Graphics are pulling me in!
Abo 23. syys, 2013 9.14 
Great game ! Nice art and concept, fun to play and just as difficult as it needs to be. Good luck guys !
Murasakibara Atushi 17. syys, 2013 5.07 
Bought it as soon as I was able to on Desura.

While its obviousl ynot my main game it is LOADS of fun!
kanthall 15. syys, 2013 12.50 
I've made a video about this game:
Smokey Pokey 7. syys, 2013 5.52 
looks great
Erik 2. syys, 2013 4.51 
This is looking pretty awesome. Here's to hoping that it will get released on Steam!
Mietwagen 27. elo, 2013 21.44 
Played this for hours today. It's fantastic. It's still in alpha, so they're still improving it, so what you see here is not the final product.
Chickenpox 27. elo, 2013 15.33 
need more movement and some animation added to them though