Portal 2
Puzzle Pack 0 - Simplicity
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SpielSatzFail 12 Φεβ 2016 στις 3:27μμ 
Missing the challenge here. Nice ideas a little wasted.
iThinkI'mInfected 26 Αυγ 2014 στις 5:32μμ 
Nice Video Games.
Petutski 17 Αυγ 2014 στις 7:10μμ 
Very nice... enjoyed!
ManiaKitty 26 Απρ 2014 στις 3:43μμ 
I really enjoyed this! Puzzles to open a door. Loved it!
skullbunnysen 17 Φεβ 2014 στις 3:10πμ 
That was really fun!
RK 23 Ιαν 2014 στις 11:53πμ 
Nice, it's like completing a series of mini-games
YoshiBobby  [Δημιουργός] 19 Σεπ 2013 στις 11:50πμ 
Yeah, the map is very buggy, but I've thought of many ways to fix it. I might put some ideas to action after the release of Puzzle Pack 8.
Wolf bytes 18 Σεπ 2013 στις 7:25μμ 
Ok, found it. Though the hole that the box is supposed to fall down, is not very clearly marked. Maybe indicate that there is a hole there somehow?
Avatar 10 Σεπ 2013 στις 9:57πμ 
Wolf bytes 4 Σεπ 2013 στις 6:25μμ 
What do I do for the last mini-test? It's unmarked on where I need to get the last cube.
ajar 4 Αυγ 2013 στις 7:25πμ 
simple is much closer to fun tnah complicated :)))
YoshiBobby  [Δημιουργός] 1 Αυγ 2013 στις 7:14μμ 
Hence the name. :D
Oscar91 1 Αυγ 2013 στις 6:24μμ 
too easy
YoshiBobby  [Δημιουργός] 8 Ιουλ 2013 στις 8:06μμ 
Page 10 of Top Rated All Time.
...I'm happy. c:
bartio 7 Ιουλ 2013 στις 4:04πμ 
YoshiBobby  [Δημιουργός] 3 Ιουλ 2013 στις 7:01πμ 
2,000 subs! (And I thought 200 was a big deal. x3 )
Spamfan 2 Ιουλ 2013 στις 7:01μμ 
I really liked the concept of solving each module one by one!
I also REALLY like the art you made for each testchamber advertising picture :) It reminds me of making Portal sketches a while ago waiting for Portal 2 to come out. Excellent job! :D
wildgoosespeeder 2 Ιουλ 2013 στις 5:06μμ 
Cleverly enable/disable the funnel.
YoshiBobby  [Δημιουργός] 2 Ιουλ 2013 στις 4:54μμ 
There are some parts that can't have a funnel in the way.
wildgoosespeeder 2 Ιουλ 2013 στις 3:14μμ 
Use a funnel that would align the cube on the button. Hammer-less solution works a little better and less crudely. ;)
YoshiBobby  [Δημιουργός] 2 Ιουλ 2013 στις 6:17πμ 
If I didn't use Hammer, wildgoosespeeder, the cubes would very easily fly off the button. There were also other things I had to touch up with Hammer.
Chazz the Elder 1 Ιουλ 2013 στις 11:59μμ 
Ant-lines to the exit would be confusing, but you might consider check boxes on the door to show how many puzzles are left to solve...
Lippy 1 Ιουλ 2013 στις 8:41μμ 
This is a cute bunch of fun little puzzles. Thanks for sharing ^^. Got an achievement out of this too XD
wildgoosespeeder 1 Ιουλ 2013 στις 4:32μμ 
A room of headaches, unintuitiveness, and unnecessary use of Hammer after exporting from the in-game editor.

Try my map? Many people think it is hard.
Anna 1 Ιουλ 2013 στις 8:47πμ 
I would have gone for a different layout on this map but the puzzles are stil cute and actually quite enjoyable. Thanks for creating :)
YoshiBobby  [Δημιουργός] 30 Ιουν 2013 στις 5:59μμ 
The new Puzzle Pack has been uploaded, and, as requested, not nearly as tidious as those accomponying it. (Puzzle Pack 1 & 2)
Avatar 30 Ιουν 2013 στις 3:38μμ 
Hey, good job! I enjoyed playing.
YoshiBobby  [Δημιουργός] 30 Ιουν 2013 στις 2:21μμ 
I just got the video working, PsychoBR, and you did great! ^^
By the way, at the part you didn't understand, the Fizzlers were continuously activating and deactivating, as that part of the test required timing.
Light 30 Ιουν 2013 στις 11:13πμ 
YoshiBobby  [Δημιουργός] 29 Ιουν 2013 στις 6:42μμ 
Subscriber count: 1,234. Huh.
YoshiBobby  [Δημιουργός] 29 Ιουν 2013 στις 12:42μμ 
(To PsychoBR)
I subscribed to my own map, launched the demo, but got an error message for the engine: "Bad inline model 1". :c
PsychoBR 29 Ιουν 2013 στις 11:52πμ 
Very funny! Thanks!
I recorded my gameplay (valve DEM file format): Download [dl.dropboxusercontent.com]. Comments inside video.

Turrets highly explosive. Handle with care
Tickk 29 Ιουν 2013 στις 8:57πμ 
took me 15 minutes to comple
Nice map :)
Punch Rockgroin 29 Ιουν 2013 στις 8:55πμ 
I thought it was an interesting idea, making you do these puzzles with very limited help from the portal gun.
YoshiBobby  [Δημιουργός] 29 Ιουν 2013 στις 4:41πμ 
1,000 Subscribers. [Insert Party Tooter here]
guwop 28 Ιουν 2013 στις 3:42μμ 
That was nice! Keep up the good work! Off to play the next 2!
Nube52 27 Ιουν 2013 στις 10:14μμ 
Did all the mini puzzles and left. That must be one massive and (and...and... and...and..) gate cotrollling that door. I thumbed up but it wass tad boring sorry. Try one of my variety: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198082574081/myworkshopfiles/
YoshiBobby  [Δημιουργός] 27 Ιουν 2013 στις 6:07μμ 
I can not express my gratitude to all of you, for making this a popular map, and for playing my small creation. C:
JayB52 27 Ιουν 2013 στις 5:51μμ 
Usually when I walk in and see too much to do, I exit real quick. This time I gave it a try. It was like playing a set of mall games and then walking out the exit. I give it a thumbs up.
YoshiBobby  [Δημιουργός] 27 Ιουν 2013 στις 3:28μμ 
393 visitors,
588 current out of 810 total subscribers,
434 ratings,
5 stars,
406 positive ratings,
28 negative ratings,
aaaaaaand 1 favorite in total. x3
=TLA= Titch2012 27 Ιουν 2013 στις 9:30πμ 
awsome thinking of the way that u put puzzles in the thinking game love it keep up the good work
Dylanm0909 27 Ιουν 2013 στις 7:26πμ 
puzzle maps are always nice to do
YoshiBobby  [Δημιουργός] 27 Ιουν 2013 στις 6:17πμ 
And now 5 stars, too! Thank you guys so much! ;-;
YoshiBobby  [Δημιουργός] 27 Ιουν 2013 στις 6:16πμ 
408. Wow.
Scoot 26 Ιουν 2013 στις 9:20μμ 
that was really fun
YoshiBobby  [Δημιουργός] 26 Ιουν 2013 στις 7:02μμ 
310 Subscribers already?! Holy Crap!!
YoshiBobby  [Δημιουργός] 26 Ιουν 2013 στις 3:50μμ 
But they can be destroyed. Just press the first pedestal button for each wall.
dds 26 Ιουν 2013 στις 3:05μμ 
There are a number of ways to end up completely stuck; cubes that can be neither moved nor destroyed.
Agnusso 26 Ιουν 2013 στις 1:21μμ 
Very Nice Map!
The plastic duck 26 Ιουν 2013 στις 11:49πμ