SpongeBob SquarePants Ragdoll Pack
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GamerGirl150 Sep 16 @ 4:01pm 
u know what someone should do....THEY SHOULD MAKE A ANIMATION WITH THESE IN AUDIO EPISODE FROM THE SHOW .3. hope someone does it
Chili Peppers Sep 11 @ 3:01pm 
as in they would be totaly awesome and give gmod potential
Chili Peppers Sep 11 @ 2:58pm 
sadly we may not see em up here... though they are a nececity
Derpy Sponge Sep 8 @ 3:55pm 
@jlireland You simply press the subscribe button.
firespine345 Sep 8 @ 3:10pm 
add the robots from bfbb, i REALLY want those, they were probably my favorite part of bfbb.
jackkoz17 Sep 7 @ 11:04am 
friskiecatjunk Sep 7 @ 7:11am 
fucking nice man
Tesscraft01 Sep 6 @ 1:49pm 
I cant find them any where in the menu I did get gmod over this summer but i cant find them
nathanator Sep 6 @ 11:39am 
help me my gmod wont launch and my mods wont install please help me
Chili Peppers Sep 4 @ 8:05pm 
i dont wish to bother but, can you ever upload the robots from bfbb/ the enemies from the movie tie in game in seperate addon pack or packs?
jlireland Sep 3 @ 5:14pm 
i dont know how to down load
garygunderwood Aug 31 @ 10:34pm 
lol what if it has a sponge?
BlackbirdXI Aug 31 @ 7:49am 
what would be amazing is a patrick playermodel
Chili Peppers Aug 27 @ 4:21pm 
i would like to make requests.... but you have already worked so hard on this alone! :)
Meowth Aug 22 @ 6:07pm 
I love how he made these look like the battle for bikini bottom textures, Battle for bikini bottom is an awesome game made by tnt, heavy iron, activision, and nickelodeon
WILLYb Aug 18 @ 8:19am 
where are they stand
Derpy Sponge Aug 16 @ 9:57pm 
(to prof.pickel) I know that! But I meant that I can't find the King Jellyfish.
(Plus my name later will be changed to fit my profile)
i like money Aug 15 @ 6:10pm 
lemur is gay xdddddddddd
Hatchy666 Aug 9 @ 9:07pm 
i couldnt find them
prof.pickel Aug 9 @ 4:21pm 
pechmay is a ragdoll its in spawn lists
prof.pickel Aug 9 @ 4:19pm 
it brings me back plzz make npcs tho
Derpy Sponge Aug 8 @ 1:17am 
Love it! But it does not have the King Jellyfish in the old one. But at least I have the SFM version of the old one. (Hope it works)
Mr.VoidyJack Aug 5 @ 3:11pm 
Apollo Justice Aug 3 @ 11:05am 
Where are they located?
kmatic Aug 2 @ 10:15am 
How bout you add the Survival of the idiots sandy
Dendygar Jul 29 @ 10:02pm 
Hey some of the models are errors.How do i fix them?
please fix patrick
ACE THE KILLER Jul 27 @ 9:19pm 
leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedle lee
Starfyrox103 Jul 27 @ 5:51pm 
My god. I loved the games that these models (probably) came from. (Creature from the Krusty Krab or Battle for Bikini Bottom)
jacobweston10 Jul 27 @ 9:35am 
how do you spawn them i subscribed to this and i cant find the ragdolls anywhere
squidward Jul 26 @ 2:58pm 
are these playermodels too
kmatic Jul 25 @ 11:57am 
How bout the Sandy from the episode "Survival of the idiots" making one
♚♛Ze Bacun Turd♚♛ Jul 24 @ 12:17am 
Are these just Ragdolls? Are there models too?
Dr. Weird Jul 23 @ 8:40pm 
Say, could there be a chance of uploading the enemies from the Spongebob Movie game?
John Tanner Jul 23 @ 7:15pm 
can you make the SpongeBob charaters npc's?
MagicHunter Jul 18 @ 10:51pm 
amazing how people get the models from old games happy they know how to
†Dorito$† Jul 13 @ 7:02pm 
MrLorgin Jul 12 @ 10:45pm 
Can you make a Jimmy Neutron Model Pack?
maan tgx Jul 12 @ 2:45am 
omg i feel like a kiddie again XD
The Fat Christmas Hoovy Jul 12 @ 2:05am 
Pretty Good
ZombieKiller9000Pro Jul 11 @ 6:21pm 
i dident get anything from it D:
murderman.qawasmeh Jul 6 @ 11:30am 
@NotYourAverageCat i think you have to go to spawnlists, look at the right, scroll down until you find addons, click the small "+" next to it and you should find it under there.
YayDay Jul 6 @ 4:31am 
Patrick's arms are really awkward to pose... could this possibly be fixed? Thanks
bennieboy6 Jul 2 @ 8:56am 
got the same problem
[cG] NotYourAverageKat Jul 2 @ 8:01am 
This didnt work for me. I couldnt find any of the things in this pack?
WHY NOT ZOIDBERG? Jul 1 @ 8:03pm 
*sees a krabby patty* *eats it*
WHY NOT ZOIDBERG? Jul 1 @ 8:03pm 
Salamancer Jun 29 @ 2:39pm 
i cant wait to light these fucking things on fire.
jeffstew Jun 25 @ 7:08pm 
*see's alaskan bull worm* *subscribes*
OSWALD Jun 21 @ 4:37pm 
worth subscribing