Earthbound tank theme.
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cowbell 2013年7月3日下午7:21 
I thought it would be the Tank theme from Mother.
Woozie  [作者] 2013年7月2日上午4:20 
@Serge Thank you! I guess I made it well balanced by boosting the 2 files with the exact same db.
Surge 2013年7月1日下午10:28 
It is better now that I try it again. I've been working on a custom concert add-on and have found not all .wav files are played the same. I think you've found a good balance.
Yew Sack 2013年7月1日上午1:09 
Just... wow.
Woozie  [作者] 2013年6月30日下午1:45 
@Serge Check the third patch note's date, wich was 22nd June.
Surge 2013年6月30日下午12:50 
@Woozie Maybe you've updated since I last tried it. I'll give it another shot and see if I notice any difference.
GrumblesTheAlleyGoon 2013年6月30日上午11:16 
Woozie  [作者] 2013年6月30日上午5:34 
@Serge How can the sound still be low, I've boosted the sound so much that my ears almost hurt.
Surge 2013年6月30日上午12:17 
Great song for a Tank theme! However, I think it could be a bit louder.
hit reg 2013年6月29日上午4:12 
@Woozie i prefer the orignal too
|Phpminor| 2013年6月27日下午10:36 
Woozie  [作者] 2013年6月26日上午5:21 
@[Loading User Name] Thanks for your feedback, but I only made this because it was requested, I only uploaded it here so other people can use it
antiquote 2013年6月25日下午5:56 
Earthbound... if only more knew it's geniousness
[Loading User Name] 2013年6月25日下午3:14 
i'd prefer the original music :/
Razin 2013年6月24日下午11:07 
can anyone make a mod which replaces the tank music to The trammps disco inferno.

Al Sharpton(Merry Christmas tho) 2013年6月24日下午7:17 
10/10. I love you.
Sunako Kirishiki 2013年6月22日下午5:24 
Now that is what i want to see!