Spare Map Pack - Part 2/3
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Brezlon 5月25日下午6:13 
The first map was annoying. The glass funhouse however totally rocked.
Longhinus1 5月9日下午11:30 
Dude Awesome...It took me and my friend about 20 minutes just to pass the lake with the numbers...So far BEST MAP EVER.
Hozitron 4月23日下午4:41 
this map was awesome, 12/10
CO2Emitter 4月20日上午2:40 
It's all about timing but I and my friend managed to solve it stoned.
Abdz 3月20日上午4:41 
honestly we've played through 2 of 3 now, best maps I've ever seen. First comment on a coop map pack after trying sooooo many, that's how impressive these map packs are
.:.FK.:.DiGGaBoON.:. 1月10日上午6:53 
Nice ;)
ForeverAlone 1月4日下午1:19 
dude these maps are the best
[ToT]Krutor 2013年10月31日上午7:04 
part 2 of our letsPlay on this good map:
[ToT]Krutor 2013年10月30日上午5:03 
very good map - here is our LetsPlay: (german, part 1of2)
Ryan James 2013年9月1日下午1:22 
Why is your "Part 3/3" map blocked? I can't subscribe to it, because it says "The item is either marked as hidden or you do not have permission to view it."
Demon Arisen 2013年8月30日上午11:46 
How do you leave the funnel chamber? You can get through the fizzler but not at the same time as your partner.. Does the partner have to reverse you in using the orange funnel? Because that's impossible..... Otherwise, great test! :)
R. Adioaktiv 2013年7月3日上午5:05 
The idea with the lightbridges is great. Thank you!
Braig46 2013年7月1日上午5:34 
Please try the test chamber I created :)
Robbinsm01 2013年6月29日上午4:18 

That Greek Guy  [作者] 2013年6月26日下午11:51 
God damnit. You are right. Im sorry. Im gonna take care of it and update it right now.
Justin Cretible 2013年6月26日下午9:01 
In the video the area where the cube is located does not contain an emancipation grill, allowing them to carry the cube out. When I play it, there is an emancipation grill there. Is the level glitched? I've been at it for an hour and I can't figure out how to get the stupid cube out :(
That Greek Guy  [作者] 2013年6月25日下午3:16 
Im really sorry everyone. I didn't think that hole was problematic and i couldn't fix it earlie but now it fixed. It all works correctly now. Sorry
derlbear 2013年6月25日上午11:20 
OK... we were able to solve it. We weren't able to shoot through the hole to get the cube, but found another way to shoot a portal out of that glass chamber. Is this really the way it should be done? And you should find a way to finish the maps properly. It disassembles the robots but then nothing happens.
BlueMonk 2013年6月25日上午11:18 
used som glitches then managed to finish the map. liked it anyway
derlbear 2013年6月25日上午10:56 
We neither. Is there any other way to get the cube? We were able to save it but can't get out of that glasschamber.
BlueMonk 2013年6月25日上午10:55 
Same as Tetto. not able to shoot portal through the little hole.
Tetto 2013年6月25日上午5:49 
Cant shoot portal trough the hole :/