Pokemon in Skyrim
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BloodFox 22 Dez às 3:27 
Vulpix/Ninetails. Zorua/Zoroark.
Do you get pokeballs?
Yigzat 29 Nov às 12:39 
you should add pokemon like,bidoof,rattata,ratacate,muk,yamask,embor,lapras and mawile
[Olympian] NerdyGinger 27 Nov às 9:26 
guys, most of the pokemon you want proably won't be added because the author just does retextures.
Akuma King 18 Nov às 7:48 
Oh, in the name of Arceus and Akatosh did I just find? This looks quite hilarious.
tarebear 12 Nov às 11:14 
Dat is a fail of Mewtwo, still cool mod though!
-{]THRA[}- Lord Kopaka 7 Nov às 16:19 
In celebration of Pokemon OR/AS this november, you should add groudon, kyogre, deoxys, rayquaza, blaziken, swampert, and sceptile. doesnt have to be mega or primal, would actually be cooler normal. well, maybe the 2 primals would be appropriate for skyrim.
One word! REQUIRED!!!!
MrBearBear06 31 Out às 17:30 
do you have a pokeball mod
SargeJr 24 Out às 21:17 
Seriously? Blazekin? -.-
It's Blaziken... -.-
ThreeSad{NoW} 20 Out às 14:08 
Simon Belmont {Crasher-Vania} 19 Out às 15:40 
I got this to kill team rocket, I hate dem' but I have searched the perimeter of Whiterun fully
Can you please try to add Arceus?
giant rapid fire heavy 10 Out às 15:35 
why is mew or anyothers not spawning?
giant rapid fire heavy 9 Out às 22:36 
ok I just looked at it and im like gawd damit cuase the rayquaza and others will be in the next update so just hang tight and they should be implemented in
giant rapid fire heavy 9 Out às 22:34 
gawd a I can find is growth mew pooch pika char scythe and that's all
TonyGoatMC 8 Out às 19:01 
Plz Add a Ho-Oh
Mr.Sandvich 7 Out às 21:58 
is there a way i can respawn my trainer clothes?
RinAnNo 19 Set às 1:34 
If you add Umbreon i will love you 5ever
gamingisepic736 18 Set às 7:33 
I cant buy pokemon from the pokemart
Josef Stalin 11 Set às 14:34 
AHAHAHAH OMFG THIS IS FACKING AMAZING, THE CREATIVITY M8, you shold get a medal or something xD
Navaara6 1 Set às 16:18 
Good try! I know how hard it is to create completely new models. So good job with the retextures! :)
evans912 1 Set às 15:52 
thats pretty cool
the portal pro 71 29 Ago às 19:45 
skeeverchu i choose you!!!!
Speci The Animatronic Cat 23 Ago às 10:30 
Skeever Pikachu...

*flys up and breaths fire*
where's magikarp?
öSHö 18 Ago às 14:31 
picachu make me cry
agent_80085 9 Ago às 10:56 
FIS THIS every time a respawn charizard i get a dragon soul im agianst this
MikeyG 8 Ago às 10:07 
this is the most disgusting thing i have ever seen
The Vejazzled Velociraptor 6 Ago às 10:56 
hey, i can't seem to find rayquaza. do you happen to know the player id so i can just spawm em? thanks
HardcoreGamerX 2 Ago às 8:36 
best pokemon mod ive ever seen........... HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! sure it is (not)
m76n 31 Jul às 20:05 
the modells are crap...
GpotatoGaming 30 Jul às 17:11 
how do you get them to return?
orimu3232 30 Jul às 0:58 
this is definitely pokemon XD
tepig360 27 Jul às 16:34 
ok found team rocket hq and the cave
tepig360 26 Jul às 11:44 
he gliches ALOT!
tepig360 26 Jul às 11:43 
I randomly encountered Charizard when i wasnear the house you added
rubberbandboy 25 Jul às 20:42 
please add legendary pokemon
tepig360 25 Jul às 14:43 
i really wish it would work properly because it seems really cool
tepig360 25 Jul às 14:42 
and the house
tepig360 25 Jul às 14:39 
It wont work the only thing that will work is summoning pikachu
2 Para-UK 23 Jul às 12:26 
plz answer my question
2 Para-UK 23 Jul às 10:39 
where do you find rayquaza?
dylan64285 22 Jul às 11:29 
just a thought you could make a daedric banish spell for the pokemon and make the texture in the shape of a pokeball to catch them, and script it to add the pokemon to your inventory
hawkeyeii2003 17 Jul às 22:02 
I want kickboxing banana
gaysianlollol 13 Jul às 12:58 
urm k then
dlaekdnlt123 8 Jul às 21:54 
this is hilarious
metalauke 7 Jul às 13:17 
SilentHero 6 Jul às 18:02 
lmao that pikachu. xD
darkzero 6 Jul às 9:30 
all i can say is WTF