Pokemon in Skyrim
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dlaekdnlt123 7月8日 21時54分 
this is hilarious
metalauke 7月7日 13時17分 
SilentHero 7月6日 18時02分 
lmao that pikachu. xD
darkzero 7月6日 9時30分 
all i can say is WTF
Sogeking 7月6日 8時58分 
put in furfrou
Mr. Derp 7月5日 14時24分 
...is that a yellow skeever?
matthewrsadler 7月4日 12時04分 
King Chaos 6月28日 23時30分 
I wanna be the very best
dun un un oo
like no one every was
do noo noo noo
i will travel accross the land. searching dar and wide!
doo noo noo noo
to catch them is my real test to train them is my caaaaause!
Navaara6 6月28日 5時54分 
That us actually hilarious! Good job!
NyanWaffle 6月28日 3時50分 
what the.... lol
Raichulegend 6月27日 22時02分 
wicpenn 6月26日 19時20分 
So are the new ones out yet or wut
jerryds 6月25日 7時07分 
When i saw that pikachu i said,"What in Fucking Bloooody HELL IS THAT?!"
wicpenn 6月24日 13時10分 
Oh jeesus that pikachu
BaiXiaoZhu 6月23日 16時00分 
The Pikachu has given me nightmares.
Dinolord97 6月22日 16時56分 
T.L.H Blade 6月22日 14時34分 
i must do a series with this!
drewmathews118 6月22日 11時18分 
drewmathews118 6月22日 11時18分 
add bulbasaur
Captain_Mayday 6月20日 1時17分 
it would be nice if someone made a pokemon mod customized from scratch so pikachu and the other pokemon look beter and act and are pokemon
Captain_Mayday 6月20日 1時15分 
Pikachu is a skeever his honor is now damage :( pikachu is my favorite
TheGamerOfTexas 6月19日 23時15分 
well its this the "best" worst mod really just now that great pikachu is a skeever yellow its now good sorry but congrats on BEST WORST MOD EVER MADE
DJSuperGenius  [作成者] 6月19日 22時54分 
BEST worst mod Mr. The Gamer of Texas, the BEST of the worst, so the top of the list you're on i guess.
randomguu 6月18日 11時41分 
Captain_Mayday 6月16日 22時53分 
charlazard is flying around the fort nere the western watchtower
TheGamerOfTexas 6月15日 19時06分 
ummmm....auther u know gamespot put this as the worst mod of 2013
Duplicateyeti86 6月14日 18時04分 
Honestly I thought this mod was meh. Great concept, and no bugs, it just lacked something. Like, Scyther was kinda bad. Poochyena should have been a wolf instead. Also maybe you could have made Gastly from a wisp. Or Ariados/Galvantula with a frostbite spider. Golurk with a centurion. Still a fun mod, but I finished everything a little quickly. Also Pikachu kinda sucked on my end. Maybe boost him a little.
dnjswls930 6月12日 18時49分 
LupinIsGreat 6月11日 8時59分 
Meloetta plz, shes my favorite pokemon!
Leosknight 6月10日 23時50分 
This mods going to take alot of work, and more than likely all steam users are going to have to download it from the Nexus (note: because of the size this mod is going to be) anyway i'll try it out, wish you the best of luck on this mod, Oh, could you add Absol, Arcanine, or Gardevoir? it doesn't matter if you do or not its just those are some of my Favorite Pokemon, any way keep up the good work, will all be cheering you on. :)
Deadgarv 6月8日 17時23分 
Houndoom....maybe ButterFree???
dortiz2009 6月8日 9時07分 
what about a female version of the trainer clothes? itd be great for lydia and female players. also, garchomp?
Wishmasters98 6月6日 13時14分 
I love it. I like the Blazikens armor. You best. :D
DaZoroark 6月4日 5時29分 
I want a charmander... [I like the cute little guy...]
Scarflard 5月29日 8時22分 
the lack of piplup is insulting
slendyundy 5月18日 18時24分 
you should add primeape
[AGGC] Captain Jack Harkness 5月18日 9時07分 
You should add the Regi trio, if you can that is.
BlueWolf 5月17日 14時52分 
this has a virus do not suscribe!! :(
kailewis 5月16日 13時13分 
how do you summon the pokemon. They wont summon for me
RinnyKins 5月15日 1時23分 
where do you find your house where there's pikachu? I can't find it in the map, Pls reply and thanks.
jlcftrucking 5月14日 18時19分 
it should play pokemon battle music when you get in a fight
ODD BOMB 5月11日 16時31分 
pls put the megas in and make it easy and put the x and y mage too
Drem Hahnu 5月11日 2時26分 
Actually, if you think about, it is as if our magical childhood has come to life before our eyes. Little did we know that in reality, its quite creepy. Charizard and Rapidash are very nifty. Rayquaza was just great( I couldn't stop laughing!) That Pikachu though....
Drem Hahnu 5月10日 11時49分 
Lucario would be great
mr. magu 5月10日 8時47分 
not the best looking
Miles prower 5月8日 13時03分 
can you add gardevoir and gallade?
The narwhal 5月5日 11時35分 
The only thing i like about it is the shield..
Stanky34 5月4日 15時31分 
Where do you find the Charizard
RayZeSheep 5月4日 13時04分 
this looks....intresting......yeah thats.....a word for it
granted you have limited models but by the looks of them all you did was colour change 'em and add a somewhat useable spell. the shield looks nice but re-readlast 2 points
I am trying not to sound harsh as i have tried modding myself.
CARRY ON PLEASE I really want to see the end product but for now not adding in
poltergoose420 5月4日 12時28分 
dude, this looks amazing!!!