Pokemon in Skyrim
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Awsome303 17 avr à 9h13 
sorry about my other commet that was my little sister typing
Awsome303 17 avr à 9h13 
add all the starters
Bladed Star 14 avr à 14h40 
Lmao, this is horrible.
*[I-C]Prosser87 13 avr à 2h28 
this is crappy
HoranEmil The Kawaii 11 avr à 13h02 
this is sheit...
TWiX_BlacKBoneE/\/\ 9 avr à 10h35 
laggy charizard
The Scouts Aprentice 7 avr à 16h33 
you need to make a version two were you get a starter and it levels up and evolves and use sprites to make them
Bleach-God 6 avr à 14h36 
How bout instead of holding a ball of some dark magic, you hold a pokeball
+ evee and Vaporeon
Gmod4554 4 avr à 20h43 
P.s.s Dude u should update and use your own modles besides all that i love IT
willholbrook99 2 avr à 13h21 
*sees mod* NEEEEEED
connorlaneer 1 avr à 20h06 
WE NEED ABRA!!! (P.S. and his evolutions plz =))
Lions_Roar 1 avr à 13h11 
jdsdog1 27 mar à 8h28 
jdsdog1 27 mar à 8h28 
amethystrose2004 there are a certain amount of mods you can download try deleting one the exit skyrim then go in your data files and wait
Whitney's Miltank 22 mar à 17h17 
I want the eevee evolutions
amethystrose2004 22 mar à 10h52 
Mine won't download and I'm subscribed to it.
pjiannon 21 mar à 18h34 
If there is no Mew, I will rage all over skyrim, ride a dragon, and kill everyone. Mew plz. Now.
MorningLightMountain 20 mar à 18h07 
So on the Gamespot weekly series top five mods they have featured this Mod twice so congratulations on that at least. However in their round-up of mods of the year they actually voted this as the worst mod of the year.


It's an idea which shows promise but the execution is horribly flawed. The Pokemon are just re textured creatures have no distinct moves and some are just horrible such as Blazekin or Scyther. A lot that I saw just don't really seem to work such as Gyrados. The two team Rocket dens were just filled with really easy mooks. You could have had random encounters with rival trainers or made distinct NPCs which look like Jessie or James, given the mooks comments which they make regarding Pokemon etc.
[kf]dinobirdboy 16 mar à 19h23 
it wont download for me help please
Assassin Link 16 mar à 13h31 
id like a snivy and his evolutions and maybe eevee and can you make a chance of finding a shiny
FaiL 15 mar à 1h25 
how do you withdraw pokemon?
ILUSION676onPS3 14 mar à 17h47 
you made skyrim stupid with this fuckin mod
ILUSION676onPS3 14 mar à 17h46 
this is fuckin bullshit mod
ILUSION676onPS3 14 mar à 17h46 
Oflavor 13 mar à 21h44 
where is rayquaza
fearslasher4321 13 mar à 18h57 
where is gyrados
Awsome303 9 mar à 13h49 
sorry misplaced a h on message
Awsome303 9 mar à 13h48 
you should change the sarting in your house then your mom gives you a letter called oaks hmessage and it will give you a quest and you have to go to oaks house go inside and talk to him and he will give you a key to unlock a quest to get the any gen you the creator wants and you unlock grass chest, water chest or fire chest and you will pick a starter and take your poke gear tm sword and poke shield and then whatever. a.k.a the key should have one use.I hope you like my suggestion
beckerr71421 8 mar à 4h01 
it is great
hi_xd 6 mar à 16h52 
the coolest mod EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EleventhBiscuit 6 mar à 16h18 
You need to make like town and make the jarls gym leaders and have you go to professer oak and get the three starters (old and new), get all the badges and battle the elite four and have a poke center if you could do that this would be my favorite mod ever.
Tactical Bacon 28 fév à 20h50 
please add moar
your average sandwich 25 fév à 13h22 
we need a human follower or a rival! please :(
Mikasa Ackerman 23 fév à 16h43 
Could you possibly add the regi trio? (Which im sure sounds next to impossible
mcoocenii 23 fév à 8h18 
and i agree with JERK!siah Needs more Bulbasaur.
mcoocenii 23 fév à 8h17 
the pokemon i want is niki manaj, OOPS i mean jynx
Walactor 16 fév à 15h44 
Excuse me, did someone just say that magikarp is useless? -_-
JERK!siah 15 fév à 6h57 
Needs more Bulbasaur.
crazzybannana 10 fév à 19h21 
does this mod replace existing models or are they new creatures in the game all together
Spis - The Spider Lord 10 fév à 18h11 
Tank U 4 dis mawd pokerim any1 (LOL)
ζαδα 5 fév à 14h33 
Why didnt you make the models cartoon-ish? :(
Dragon Protector 1 fév à 20h33 
does this replace anything?
jakewazhere11 30 jan à 16h11 
we need missingno
FFKing1140 28 jan à 19h25 
@Herobrine, why would you want to? that thing is useless
Thatkid#LaysSoLow 28 jan à 13h55 
Is espeon in the mod?
or leafon or umbreon
Milktman 28 jan à 11h38 
where do you find magikarp
matt.baker64 28 jan à 10h48 
Ok, can you mod it to where Pikachu used thunder bolt or atleast sparks?
Tactical Bacon 23 jan à 17h13 
is there shiney's?
killerpanda 23 jan à 15h24 
You should add that one Pokemon where at its last evolve he has a huge tree on his back and he's like a turtle!
Light Thunder NL 23 jan à 1h36 
where's magicarp