Russian translation
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Queso 9月30日上午11:48 
Surprise motherfuckeR, did you even read my comment, like, at all? Maybe you should go do that.
zwevende neger, you stupid cunt.
I love how you complain about Russians not attempting to speak English, but you don't attempt to speak Russian, quite hypocritical of you. Also, no, I can't speak Russian, but I speak German and my second language is English, that's two more than you (Shitty grammar and gibberish doesn't count as English.) And no, it's not all about Russia, but neither is it all about America, try and comprehend that other people in the world are different than you and are allowed to be different if they want, not everyone has to conform to your American-Nazi regime.
XxXxBober228xXxX 9月29日上午5:40 
Mr.Finn✌ 9月12日上午7:19 
Stahlherz 9月11日下午7:34 
mmmmmm, These comments
[PKKA]Tovarish ToNy 9月7日下午5:56 
Hey comrade author, Can I type in Russian with this installed?
HAHA 8月23日下午12:50 
I think these americans here should be clear on thing- English was not created by american.
Young Phelps 8月18日下午12:23 
zwevende neger u stupid cunt.
u mother is a fucking whore like your shitty country
zwevende neger 8月11日上午6:07 
queso u stupit cunt.
at least they try to speak english u braindead pig. can u speak russian. u are one of the stupidest people i have ever heard. not evereone needs to speak ur fucking language its not al about ur fucking piece of shit country
♠ХьЮсТоН♠ 8月9日上午2:17 
queso shut up american bitch go eat you burgers!
Scotti 8月1日上午5:30 
Or just don't understand you at all.
Scotti 8月1日上午5:30 
Usualy i don't mind the Russian players, but when they keep yelling on the mic such as on a English server, then it's a other story.
brototype 8月1日上午2:35 
Soon you'll all have to learn Russian. US-ass-licking-fags/
TingTank #RIP ADADAD 7月30日上午11:42 
So many hate Russians because they can't play most of the games well with proper english communication. Dota,CS:GO. CYKA CYKA
Queso 7月30日上午11:25 
"fucking russians learn english aint that hard" If it 'aint so hard', why don't you go learn to speak it properly? You know? Capitalization, commas, apostrophes and just general grammar.
Аркадий Паровозо 7月30日上午2:05 
Автор ты дебил! Там можно поменять язык в настройках!
Marilyn Manson 7月28日上午6:12 
fucking russians learn english aint that hard
Chelsea 7月28日上午4:57 
она же и так на русском
Romanoff 7月28日上午12:38 
Guys... What is it?! Why you hateing Russia?
sethmajorman234 7月26日下午3:07 
man people are so nice to russians.
Hilfswilliger 7月26日上午10:29 
I don't get the point of this addon. It's possible to change game language to the Russian with full audio.
Colt 7月26日上午8:18 
Gagarin the best, fuck the USA , fuck the moon program
Mr_Sneak 7月26日上午7:44 
USA - gavno. Russia - is the best country in the world
Dogs Riley 7月26日上午5:47 
Why so many people hate Russia?
Queso 7月26日上午2:42 
Wow, so much anti-Russian racism in the comments.
Blakluma 7月25日下午7:04 
Wait, they never had a russian translation?......
[LUX] Garmo 7月25日下午6:23 
USA USA USA USA! We beat you to the moon, to jets, to everything :)
­ 7月24日下午1:03 
fuck russia.
Eye Of Justice 7月24日上午8:50 
Officer Nice You are idiot
Bk247 7月24日上午6:46 
Officer Nice 7月24日上午12:23 
Too bad I don't speak Russian!
[►]Midnight Mλn[►] 7月21日上午1:56 
серега 7月20日上午12:55 
в эту игру играют
German Plumber 7月16日上午5:58 
А есть мод на то что бы поменять эту ущербную озвучку русских?
belthazorix 6月29日上午10:32 
Замечательная модификация.
Trim 6月27日上午5:29 
ilia131a5d1 6月9日上午1:09 
о боже отлично!!!
Red Mercury 5月19日下午4:55 
Fluttershy ʸᵃʸ 5月13日下午8:45 
А где буквы "Ё" ?
Спасибо. Просто спасибо)
ilia131a5d1 4月25日上午4:20 
у меня дисковой ППШ уже сложно было его открывать
Afonia  [作者] 4月24日上午11:40 
Перевод обновлен, если не обновилось автоматом, удали и скачай заново.
Mark 4月24日上午4:00 
Афоня. Пора перевод обновлять.
ilia131a5d1 3月10日上午5:48 
ну клас сётаки
ilia131a5d1 3月10日上午5:48 
я такое видел уже и снова вижу
clok93 2月16日上午8:27 
добавляйтесь поиграем вместе=)
Afonia  [作者] 2013年11月7日上午4:10 
Насчет этого пиши разработчикам, русификатор затрагивает только текст.
SingeruS 2013年10月2日上午12:58 
Todeskralle 2013年9月19日下午10:17 
English coming through
DarthHolmes 2013年8月19日下午3:00 
Там и понимать-то нечего. Я скачал англофикатор через стим и мне норм.
Hexproof Sammich 2013年8月13日上午10:14 
really? "does this come in english?" dude, its a f*cking russian translation!