Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Russian translation
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Afonia  [créateur] 13 mar à 4h27 
Dante Adams
Только на клиентской.
Dante λdams 12 mar à 20h16 
Работает только на клиентской стороне? Я сам думаю, что должно, но хочется быть уверенным.
Derpy Russian Pyro 28 fév à 11h32 
I agree with stormtrooper... cuase they rule :3
Smetannik 15 fév à 5h26 
да в натуре хуле вы тут амбразуру разеваете англосаксы епт,эфир засоряете. не нравится русификатор - валите нахуй
[TN] BoRoDa !i! (WIN 10) 29 jan à 11h34 
Пидарасы, устроили срач под РУСИФИКАТОРОМ! Совсем уже поехали!
Stormtrooper 20 déc 2014 à 21h54 
I find, the fact that a game based completely of of comabt around Stalingrad didnt have Russian version released with it extremely comical
masteboy 11 déc 2014 à 7h01 
The hugest losses were suffered by the Soviet Union and Germany. Only their soldiers battled as it befits true soldiers. Only the Soviet and German soldiers were resistant and hardy. Anlichane in 1941 got away from France, and threw the French army with which without any work Hitler coped. Americans were so indecisive that opened the second front only in 1944 when the German army was extremely exhausted by fights on the Soviet land, but despite it persistently constrained an impact of American-English troops till 1945 until troops of the Soviet Union approached Berlin. Conclusions are that - As fighters Amerikantsy and British and French in the majority weaklings. What a difference troops of the Soviet Union and Germany
KILLER_STEN 9 déc 2014 à 17h27 
Помогите. играю затем вылазит rogame.exe не отвечает, жму закрыть программу потом вылазит RedOrchestra 2 Crash Report и так каждый раз. что делать?
Falloutboy 22 nov 2014 à 8h21 
obama idiots LOL
Cpt. Dujic 20 nov 2014 à 5h36 
Oxice, you earned a mega chicken burger, congratz. Now go take your insults and english to hell faschist.
Doctor 19 nov 2014 à 19h32 
NM 16 nov 2014 à 5h54 
Lev LADS 15 nov 2014 à 12h02 
@OxidePC: give em' a break, they just wana play a bloody game, and engoy some freetime, not learn a second bloody language, and furthermore, take your fascism elswhere you fascist pig-dog you. ☭ Смерть фашистским ублюдкам!
Athunik 15 nov 2014 à 4h16 
Russians are complete retards or something. First of all, every english speaking person is not a fucking American. Second, nobody gives a fuck about some moonrune language. Nobody gives a fuck about your Putin and we are not faschists if we dont like your kind around here.
@PistolRex: Trying to learn seven more letters.. wow.. I know all your moonrunes, but that doesn't mean that I speak your language, you dumb fuck.
Tom 10 nov 2014 à 12h51 
da, learn english, not that hard. if learning language so easy then learn russian. no never mind, would not want to blow up your head, trying to learn seven more letters, you mudak americans could not handle it.
Tom 10 nov 2014 à 12h37 
Clippy #0hours 27 oct 2014 à 12h24 
hey hey hey guys...
There are still plenty of us here who are not discrimatory towards other countries!
If you read something discrimatory against your country, don't insult their country back. It just turns you into one of them. Just disagree with them. I know its not a satistfying however...
Vladimir Putin 27 oct 2014 à 8h32 
обама черная тупая обезьяна ! и чмо и так далее ! я всё сказал !
Moonman 30 sept 2014 à 11h48 
Surprise motherfuckeR, did you even read my comment, like, at all? Maybe you should go do that.
zwevende neger, you stupid cunt.
I love how you complain about Russians not attempting to speak English, but you don't attempt to speak Russian, quite hypocritical of you. Also, no, I can't speak Russian, but I speak German and my second language is English, that's two more than you (Shitty grammar and gibberish doesn't count as English.) And no, it's not all about Russia, but neither is it all about America, try and comprehend that other people in the world are different than you and are allowed to be different if they want, not everyone has to conform to your American-Nazi regime.
КРОШ-ЛЮЦИФЕР 29 sept 2014 à 5h40 
Mr.Finn✌ 12 sept 2014 à 7h19 
Stahlherz 11 sept 2014 à 19h34 
mmmmmm, These comments
[PKKA]Tovarish ToNy 7 sept 2014 à 17h56 
Hey comrade author, Can I type in Russian with this installed?
Niconiconi 23 août 2014 à 12h50 
I think these americans here should be clear on thing- English was not created by american.
Young Phelps 18 août 2014 à 12h23 
zwevende neger u stupid cunt.
u mother is a fucking whore like your shitty country
zwevende neger 11 août 2014 à 6h07 
queso u stupit cunt.
at least they try to speak english u braindead pig. can u speak russian. u are one of the stupidest people i have ever heard. not evereone needs to speak ur fucking language its not al about ur fucking piece of shit country
YouTube 9 août 2014 à 2h17 
queso shut up american bitch go eat you burgers!
Scotti 1 août 2014 à 5h30 
Or just don't understand you at all.
Scotti 1 août 2014 à 5h30 
Usualy i don't mind the Russian players, but when they keep yelling on the mic such as on a English server, then it's a other story.
Skirmish 1 août 2014 à 2h35 
Soon you'll all have to learn Russian. US-ass-licking-fags/
TingTanK 30 juil 2014 à 11h42 
So many hate Russians because they can't play most of the games well with proper english communication. Dota,CS:GO. CYKA CYKA
Moonman 30 juil 2014 à 11h25 
"fucking russians learn english aint that hard" If it 'aint so hard', why don't you go learn to speak it properly? You know? Capitalization, commas, apostrophes and just general grammar.
Юрий 30 juil 2014 à 2h05 
Автор ты дебил! Там можно поменять язык в настройках!
Marilyn Manson 28 juil 2014 à 6h12 
fucking russians learn english aint that hard
Chelsea 28 juil 2014 à 4h57 
она же и так на русском
Romanoff 28 juil 2014 à 0h38 
Guys... What is it?! Why you hateing Russia?
sethmajorman234 26 juil 2014 à 15h07 
man people are so nice to russians.
Hilfswilliger 26 juil 2014 à 10h29 
I don't get the point of this addon. It's possible to change game language to the Russian with full audio.
Gringo 26 juil 2014 à 8h18 
Gagarin the best, fuck the USA , fuck the moon program
John Constantine 26 juil 2014 à 7h44 
USA - gavno. Russia - is the best country in the world
always_mind 26 juil 2014 à 5h47 
Why so many people hate Russia?
Moonman 26 juil 2014 à 2h42 
Wow, so much anti-Russian racism in the comments.
Blakluma 25 juil 2014 à 19h04 
Wait, they never had a russian translation?......
[63e] Garmo 25 juil 2014 à 18h23 
USA USA USA USA! We beat you to the moon, to jets, to everything :)
Eye Of Justice 24 juil 2014 à 8h50 
Officer Nice You are idiot
Skyreach 24 juil 2014 à 6h46 
Officer Nice 24 juil 2014 à 0h23 
Too bad I don't speak Russian!
[►]Midnight Mλn[►] 21 juil 2014 à 1h56 
STARCHINA 20 juil 2014 à 0h55 
в эту игру играют
فلاد كدح والكلب 16 juil 2014 à 5h58 
А есть мод на то что бы поменять эту ущербную озвучку русских?