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One Finger Death Punch
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Kurry O'possum 5 juin 2014 à 5h55 
So.. it's not a punch at all? You should call this game "Death Poke!"
HProduction 23 mar 2014 à 8h20 
What do you mean as steam keys? The game isn't on steam. is it?
Silver Dollar Games  [créateur] 9 mar 2014 à 17h33 
@ShakerGER you can use the left and right arrow keys, B and N, S and D.
ShakerGER 8 mar 2014 à 15h38 
What are ALL of the PC keys? I don't want to paly with the mouse
Stalker 8 mar 2014 à 10h10 
Thank you so much, great work, awesome game, cheers!!!!!
UHR 5 mar 2014 à 9h32 
Silver Dollar Games just sent me Steam key for their game through Steam chat, all in case if bundle provider doesn´t have ´em yet. Now that was a good surprise, and an awesome show of respect for their suporters and customers.

Thank You, once again!

Keep up the good work.
Silver Dollar Games  [créateur] 5 mar 2014 à 9h14 
Groupees keys are up and you can get them at Groupees. Thank you for your patients.
Nasty Hero 5 mar 2014 à 8h14 
Hey, no worries, 2-3 days isn't a big delay at all, glad you're keeping your side of the deal :)
Silver Dollar Games  [créateur] 4 mar 2014 à 19h22 
@UHR Groupees will be getting keys shortly. I'm hoping for tomorrow morning. Sorry about the delay. This is our first Steam release and there's so much to take in. It's difficult to cover everything like this within the first 24 hours but we'll try harder in the future.

Also I'm not sure what's happening with the threads, I didn't delete anything. Which thread do you need help with it, or which one got deleted? I can start a new one for you and get this fixed right away.
UHR 4 mar 2014 à 11h14 
Silver Dollar Games; It wouldnt happen without us, bundle buyers, and yet You show Your gratitude by delaying to give us Steam keys that we bought!
Not nice!

PS: Deleting threads is also very fan unfriendly...
Nasty Hero 4 mar 2014 à 4h47 
Can Groupees purchasers expect a Steam key? If yes, then when?
Silver Dollar Games  [créateur] 3 mar 2014 à 11h02 
It's live on Steam! Thank you all very much for your support. This would not have happened without you.
Pagan_PL 1 mar 2014 à 3h19 
Never mind - I bought full digital album. Awesome! :)
Pagan_PL 28 fév 2014 à 12h21 
Fantastic game! Just fantastic! Any chance to "upload" music? That tracks are awesome!
Hackdeen 24 fév 2014 à 14h57 
I bought this for my 360. Get this on Steam and its a definite buy.
Epic Zombie 16 fév 2014 à 8h25 
COOL! best 2 button game EVER!
-{Geo}- Cegorach 14 fév 2014 à 9h42 
It's thank to you for creating so fun game, and we will wait as much as needed.
Silver Dollar Games  [créateur] 13 fév 2014 à 15h28 
We're working on Steam achievements and leaderboards at the moment. It's much more difficult than we imagined. However I hope we can figure it out and make this game a reality on Steam. Again, thank you all so much for your comments and I hope you can play it soon.
tokisto 13 fév 2014 à 14h11 
Best kung-fu fighter game ever! Easy to pick, hard to master and too addictive...
kin 10 fév 2014 à 23h34 
Greenlit for how long and not out yet?
NiteNite 5 fév 2014 à 16h43 
such a sweet game from the demo please get the full game out so's you's can TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!
✪ JoJo 24 jan 2014 à 11h56 
hmmm... Five Finger Death Punch?
Shigenji 23 jan 2014 à 23h55 
I dont get why I cant remap buttons in the demo, mouse buttons on laptop arnt that fast to press.
horrorshow 22 jan 2014 à 6h04 
any news when it will finally come to steam? I can't wait to play it here again
Ineffable Anathema 20 jan 2014 à 4h44 
I got this in a bundle. This game is FREAKING AWESOME .
Josabooba 16 jan 2014 à 9h24 
Very similar to the old arcade Kung-Fu Master or perhaps even Vigilante a little, but you annoyed me making mention of Double Dragon .
K0RTEX♠ 15 jan 2014 à 8h08 
Freaking awesome, I'll pay 1-5€ for this amazind game!! I'm waiting for it
NinjaPlz52 14 jan 2014 à 14h21 
I would easily spend $1-5 for a polished version of this!
Great Balls Of Fire™ 14 jan 2014 à 9h01 
Shut up and take my money !!!!! This is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!
Waffles 11 jan 2014 à 12h25 
Will you guys hurry the hell up I'm still throwing money at the monitor
lKi lR o lXl 7 jan 2014 à 12h47 
GeneralZappelin 4 jan 2014 à 2h48 
But where is the Five Finger Death Punch Soundtrack
RJ Berger 3 jan 2014 à 22h09 
when will release full game have released demo only
G. 30 déc 2013 à 9h50 
Arma_San 26 déc 2013 à 8h09 
trigger...finger happy game!
YWU SLONUKA DAMBO 19 déc 2013 à 7h43 
забавно )
Mr.luo 17 déc 2013 à 11h29 
Super Game!!! I love it.
peter&thepigeon 12 déc 2013 à 7h06 
Congrats Guys!! I have this game on XBLIG and DESURA!!!!

I hope you bring Controller Support soon. It just feels superior on XBLIG. The weighted punches don't feel right with a mouse click...
Braids 9 déc 2013 à 0h38 
Finally. Congratulations , you guys deserved
Balthier 8 déc 2013 à 6h14 
awesome that this is greenlit are you thinking about adding cards add any point?
Sentynel 8 déc 2013 à 5h30 
I prefere Five Finger Death Punch !
le_polynesien 7 déc 2013 à 9h13 
I'm playing with two fingers...
Is it a shame or a cheat ?
Your game is awsome.
Glad to have it on Steam soon.
Fough 6 déc 2013 à 8h43 
Oh yeah, I'm so glad you made it! We made it in this batch too! :D
WIY 6 déc 2013 à 5h22 
S6027 5 déc 2013 à 19h51 
Congrats , Thanks for the demo. Will give it a try ;) Its looks awesome !!!!
Goremand 5 déc 2013 à 15h46 
Well deserved!
Azrael 5 déc 2013 à 15h06 
Silver Dollar Games  [créateur] 5 déc 2013 à 7h44 
Thank you to everyone for all of your support. I know One Finger Death Punch is a smaller indie game, but I really hope the community on Steam will find some joy in it. Again I must thank you all because without you this would never had happened. Now my brother and I are going to add/fix some of the things you guys have mentioned in the discussions and hopefully add some awesome Steam achievements to the game.
-{Geo}- Cegorach 5 déc 2013 à 6h20 
ヒグマル 4 déc 2013 à 17h18