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ahbaby503 Nov 5 @ 10:02am 
okay allos i undestand but all i had to do was restart my computer and its working fine now
King Edward Station Nov 4 @ 9:58pm 
Hello, this is IT, have you tried turning it off and on again?
Anachronistic ALLOS  [author] Nov 4 @ 9:56pm 
Well, please stop filling up my comments section complaining about it, as I am not the person to come to for help about it. I make maps, but I'm not anyone's IT Support.
ahbaby503 Nov 4 @ 8:35pm 
it finshed reinstalling and it still crashed why this game this is one of my favorite games
ahbaby503 Nov 4 @ 8:04pm 
i am now whaving problems installing it why do i feel like the universe does not want me to play portal 2 because ot was working just fine a day ago
ahbaby503 Nov 4 @ 6:57pm 
i unstalled it and now i'm renstalling it
Anachronistic ALLOS  [author] Nov 4 @ 6:54pm 
Well, I'm not a Portal 2 technician or IT Support. I'd have googled for the answer as well if I was in your position.
ahbaby503 Nov 4 @ 6:43pm 
wow thanks i did that already didn't help
Anachronistic ALLOS  [author] Nov 4 @ 6:41pm 
Google it.
ahbaby503 Nov 4 @ 6:38pm 
allos i can't get portal 2 to get past the main menu without crashing anu clue what to do
ahbaby503 Nov 2 @ 9:10pm 
the one part i like about old apeture is when the big seal opens and there is just a tiny door
ahbaby503 Nov 2 @ 9:07pm 
i never liked old apeture my favorite chapter was the escape and my second favorite is the part where he kills you
Anachronistic ALLOS  [author] Nov 2 @ 8:50pm 
Valve tends to break things. They also broke the rock textures used in Old Aperture.

And yes, I ended my Portal 2 Workshop reign with the best joke ever.
ahbaby503 Nov 2 @ 8:37pm 
half life 3 really
ahbaby503 Nov 2 @ 7:53pm 
i will so what made this happen why did it crap out on you
Anachronistic ALLOS  [author] Nov 2 @ 7:41pm 
Those were indeed my good finale maps. Confirmation: Episode One and Two were my final maps posted to the workshop. I ended my time on the P2 Workshop with a bang. If you haven't seen those ones, you should play them. A bit of legit, yet easy testing involved, but the atmosphere and ending make up for that.
ahbaby503 Nov 2 @ 7:17pm 
hey at least you make a few good maps before your publisher deicide to crap out on you like the wheatly battle and the escape apeture and thats all i can think of on the top of my head
ahbaby503 Nov 2 @ 7:15pm 
i think the scp map is one of your best
Anachronistic ALLOS  [author] Nov 2 @ 7:14pm 
It's happened, and frankly I can't believe it either. Some people will just gush over absolutely anything.
ahbaby503 Nov 2 @ 7:13pm 
i am back it was okay but i can't see anyone loving it
ahbaby503 Nov 2 @ 6:59pm 
i will play be right back
Anachronistic ALLOS  [author] Nov 2 @ 6:57pm 
It's called Mad Test Room; it is what it is, me learning how to use the Portal 2 Authoring Tools, AKA Hammer. This is what it looks like in the early stages of learning how to use it.

ahbaby503 Nov 2 @ 6:57pm 
hey but scp was good
ahbaby503 Nov 2 @ 6:56pm 
what was your very first map
Anachronistic ALLOS  [author] Nov 2 @ 6:56pm 
You're still not the most ridiculous case I've seen; I've seen people loving the crud out of my very first map, which was just me learning the engine.
ahbaby503 Nov 2 @ 6:54pm 
i can at least agree with that
Anachronistic ALLOS  [author] Nov 2 @ 6:53pm 
Also please try to condense all your thoughts into less comments. You're clogging my inbox by putting one message over three comments. My later maps are better, but this is most certainly not one of my better or later maps.
Anachronistic ALLOS  [author] Nov 2 @ 6:53pm 
I wrote what this series was intended to be several comments ago, guy.
ahbaby503 Nov 2 @ 6:52pm 
i still think you are a amazing map maker
Anachronistic ALLOS  [author] Nov 2 @ 6:52pm 
Fixing the program is a complicated thing, man. The highest technical prowess I have is stopping my computer from automatically updating to Windows 10. Furthermore, I stopped making Portal 2 maps for the workshop like 15 months ago, now. I posted a finale map and everything right before the tool stopped working.
ahbaby503 Nov 2 @ 6:50pm 
just one more question what was this map suppost to be about if you have given it any thougut did you have any ideas you knw before you cancelled
ahbaby503 Nov 2 @ 6:48pm 
and allos you said you can make maps good thats a understatment ive never seen better maps than yours so i just can't see you stop making maps you are a portal 2 map genius
ahbaby503 Nov 2 @ 6:45pm 
can't you just look up how to fix publisher and this what i am about to say is a joke so yeah why don't you call steam support
Anachronistic ALLOS  [author] Nov 2 @ 6:39pm 
[1] The tool is the only thing that lets you post non-PeTI Editor (That's the in-game editor) maps to the workshop, i.e., made directly with the Hammer editor. It still can be opened, but if I try to post a map, it doesn't work.

[2] I'm not a program guru, guy. I may know how to make Portal 2 levels, but fixing the tool for publishing them is several leagues above me, ergo, way out of my range of ability. Percussive maintenance isn't going to fix this, and other people have had the issue as well.

[3] There is no other publishing tool; the Portal 2 Publishing Tool, which is a program in Portal 2's files, is the only program usable to post Portal 2 Hammer-made maps to the workshop. There is no other option, unless you want me to start making standard chambers with the PeTI Editor.
ahbaby503 Nov 2 @ 1:15pm 
three question one what do you mean by it is broken (2) can you do anything at all to fix it i mean there has to be some way to fix it its not unfixible like is it only you whho has the problems or everybody and finally (3) can't use just use a diffrent publishing tool
Anachronistic ALLOS  [author] Nov 1 @ 9:44pm 
No. It's not like applying scotch tape to a ripped piece of paper, mate. It's the entire program used to post Portal 2 .bsp map files to the Steam Workshop.
ahbaby503 Nov 1 @ 9:06pm 
well can't you fix it
Anachronistic ALLOS  [author] Nov 1 @ 8:51pm 
Again, my publishing tool is broken. Even if I rebooted this series, I wouldn't be able to post it to the workshop.

The story was to follow a tag-team adventure of two characters, in two different multiverses at once. But that's too convoluted of an idea, and would be a bit disorienting.
ahbaby503 Nov 1 @ 8:22pm 
this is actually my favorite map
ahbaby503 Nov 1 @ 8:20pm 
i mean the first episode ended with a giant cliffhanger
ahbaby503 Nov 1 @ 8:19pm 
can you try to start it from scratch
Anachronistic ALLOS  [author] Nov 1 @ 8:10pm 
It wasn't going anywhere, anyways. Unlike any of my other maps, this didn't have any beforehand planning on it. And I couldn't post any more Portal 2 maps to the workshop because my Publishing Tool is broken.

So I'll just send my right-hand Aperture associate to attend your funeral.
ahbaby503 Nov 1 @ 7:05pm 
please allos i love this series please make part 2 or i might die from saidness
dven1 Mar 24 @ 4:46am 
Nice map, well made and lit. Great visuals, too bad this is the end of the series. Thanks for your work.
superhugh Jan 26 @ 12:53pm 
Sheesh... WE get it we get it.
Anachronistic ALLOS  [author] Nov 17, 2015 @ 5:07pm 
This map series is discontinued, and even if it weren't, you don't want people repeatedly asking you for something that is no longer going to happen.
superhugh Nov 17, 2015 @ 1:15pm 
Come on Anachronistic you were kind of mean to Koltin the fox
Anachronistic ALLOS  [author] Sep 5, 2015 @ 4:05pm 
Part Never Getting A Sequel , more like.
Detective Conan Edogawa Sep 5, 2015 @ 12:02pm 
Part 1
TheDiamondDalek Aug 13, 2015 @ 12:00pm 
*V3Ryan finds a secret path*

Plot twist .-.