Portal 2
GloomShine #28 (The Machine)
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ruberad 8月7日 22時08分 
yup, that jumping is way too hard
Petutski 2014年4月24日 13時26分 
Excellent map. But not logically hard... just mouse jumping hard... which is not my first preference. I guess I can chalk it up to some jumping training!
paul 2013年9月13日 13時20分 
Thank you for your maps. I like all of them.
I would not call this one hard though. Medium/easy maybe. But it is nice anyway :)
gloomshine  [作成者] 2013年6月26日 23時55分 
Thx for playing them. Hope you enjoyed. =)
shieldsy 2013年6月25日 23時10分 
That's all 28 plus The Patriot. Thanks!
metadavid 2013年6月17日 2時03分 
Thanks Gloomshine. Glad to see you have put a few more maps up in the last weeks!!
That was a bit tricky in places - probably medium hard. Awesome